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  1. Ridge_Runner

    3D perspectives not working.... again

    Are you using "perspective crop" by any chance when you set up your perspective camera? I had something similar happening because I use perspective crop still, even though it has been technically discontinued (deprecated) by Chief. I worked with tech support and they arrived at the Perspective Crop being the problem and basically suggested "don't use it." They gave me a workaround I will list below, but you can do a search for "perspective crop" and will come with this thread: Perspective Crop tool still works in X12... By Chrisb222, February 15 in General Q & A Rate this topic Chrisb222 Posted February 15 Not a question, just an observation. I was pretty miffed when I read in the X12 update notes that the Perspective Crop tool had been removed, as I use this tool extensively for setting up 3D exterior views. The language in the notes was pretty clear that the "deprecated" tool was REMOVED, but it still exists in the customize toolbars dialog, in case anyone else wants to still use it. It works the same as it did in X11. (In my opinion the tool was NOT deprecated, I use it all the time.) Not sure why they would say it was REMOVED when it's still there..? From the update notes, emphasis mine: 1. Perspective Crop Mode In Chief Architect X8 through X11, Perspective Crop Mode allowed older functionality governing zooming in cameras from Version X7 and prior to be preserved in saved cameras in legacy plans migrated forward. This deprecated tool has been removed from the program in Version X12 .... Support's answer - hope this helps: Close Case Reply - Support Answer - Grant S Monday, Apr 20, 2020 - 02:40 PM PDT Mike, This seems to be related to a recently deprecated feature called Perspective Crop Mode. If you open these camera views and press the F6 hotkey (hotkey for Zoom - Fill Window), it should pull the view out of Perspective Crop Mode. With the view out of Perspective Crop Mode, make sure you save the view and then update the view on your layout page. All views on your layout can be updated by going to Tools > Layout > Update Layout Views > Update All Layout Views. Grant Chief Architect Technical Support
  2. Ridge_Runner

    Sloping walls, how to get roof to generate correctly

    I think that is the confusion with me - raked walls instead of sloped walls. The walls in the original post may indeed be raked, just hard to tell from that angle.
  3. Ridge_Runner

    Cad Details

    I start a new plan and name it, say, Wall Sections. I then go to CAD Detail and right click to start a new CAD Detail. I give the new CAD Detail a name - say 3/4" wall sections. I then change my defaults to use my 3/4" anno set (carry over from version X11) from the drop-down I have circled below. Once I am in my 3/4" defaults set, I draw my cad details. I may have one or more details in this new cad window depending how I want to save them for future retrieval. You will have to set up your own system based on your workflow and preferences. Chief has videos you can watch that will show you may of these things. Just go to the list and choose the ones you are interested in; lots of info in those. If I want a new warehouse plan, say footing sections, I just repeat the process with a new plan named 1/2" footing sections - or 3/4" or 1" - whatever scale I choose to do those in. The key is getting the defaults set up to start with. Joey has generously given you a good jump-start on those. Once you import his you will have much of the initial work done for CAD details.
  4. Ridge_Runner

    Cad Details

    That's what I do. Create them one time and copy them into your template plan and they will be there for all future plans you start. I do all of my CAD details in a "CAD Detail," not in model space. I also have warehouse plans where I keep most of my most commonly used details - wall sections, eave sections, porch sections, trim details, etc. From there I can either send the detail straight to layout, or copy the detail into the new plan CAD Detail window if I need to make a few changes for a one-off detail specific to that project. Quicker than typing this and very efficient.
  5. Ridge_Runner

    Cad Details

    You are using too large of a text size for 3/4" =1'-0" text. 4 1/2" text should be used for 1/4"=1'-0" scale text. I use: 4.5" for 1/4" scale 2.5" for 1/2" scale details 1.25" for 1" scale details For 3/4" details you should be using something like 1 7/8" text. I have all of my different default text sizes set up and let the layerset for my detail defaults control the text and arrow size and style. I find that works much better for me and I don't have to worry about the wrong text size. I draw all of my details at full (real) scale and set the size text default I want for the printed scale. I then send to layout at the printed scale like the video describes. That keeps all of my general text the same size when printed.
  6. Ridge_Runner

    Soundbar library?

    He was actually first, according to the time stamp.
  7. Ridge_Runner

    Room colors

    I got it; just didn't respond back any further.
  8. Ridge_Runner

    Sloping walls, how to get roof to generate correctly

    Are you wanting actual "sloped" walls, or just walls that are off-angle in a plan view? The pic above appears to have plumb walls but maybe on an odd angle, like Gene pointed out. If it is the roof baseline that is sloped, then yes, that can be done; several discussions in the past on the forum on that method.
  9. Ridge_Runner

    Room colors

    What looks odd to me is the hard, dividing line where the "gray" color stops half way thru the arched doorways. It happens on both of them. Also, the inside of the larger arch is the lighter color while the right side of the arch at the baseboard has the gray at a hard break half way. I expect a variation in colors and shadows, but not those hard break lines. Chad, better to attach the plan, with the same camera above saved, so others can take a look. Make sure to zip the file, if necessary, with all of the textures and colors included.
  10. Ridge_Runner


    OK, thanks. Just curious.
  11. Ridge_Runner

    Lintel not extending?

    My guess, and it's just a guess, is that it confuses CA. The program knows windows can have their own lintels so it just doesn't know what to do with that wider door lintel.
  12. Ridge_Runner

    Post & Railings

    The desert seems to always "pose" for a good picture!
  13. Ridge_Runner

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    Surely you know Murphy is still lurking around somewhere! Just kidding. I am approaching the same difficult decision. I have almost 25-years of printed CA dwgs that I have kept. Don't know if I will toss them, or get a new wife (married 47 years next month). A new wife probably will give me the same advice though.
  14. Ridge_Runner

    Packaging Plans

    It will work for either - #1 or #2.
  15. Ridge_Runner


    David, is that a Sketchup view?