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  1. Ridge_Runner

    Scaling already created leader/text and annotations

    Maybe in this scenario, but the formatting for Rich Text is so much more versatile, as you probably already know. I use Rich Text for almost everything. However, I also realize Std. Text has its advantages in certain situations.
  2. Ridge_Runner

    Double Floor being created

    Didn't open the plan - clients almost here. Check your floor structure dbx. There may be two framing layers in the floor structure.
  3. Ridge_Runner

    Grain Direction on Cabinet Door

    I think this is the real struggle. The repeat on most textures doesn't vary enough unless you go to the trouble of trying to make a much larger tiled texture, which has its own struggles. I like to use ACME's simple program for making brick textures with different mortar colors. I like to use a larger sample, which looks much better when applied. But the size of the texture can get quite large, especially if you then add different maps to it. I have one sample I often use that is 10MB - but it looks good!
  4. Ridge_Runner

    Exterior wall extending past roof becoming an interior wall

    Unless you (the OP) wants/needs the material list quantity correct. Works good, though, for quirky wall situations where the 3D or elevations is all you are after and the wall just won't behave.
  5. Ridge_Runner

    Mortar colors

    Man, that is too bad! The ACME tool is great, especially for changing the mortar color.
  6. Ridge_Runner

    X12 Beta - Some DBX Entries Aren't Retained ???

    The times I noticed it were not necessarily the two you are having trouble with; they were usually in other dbx's. Guess it could have just been user error...maybe...possibly...who knows.
  7. Ridge_Runner

    X12 Beta - Some DBX Entries Aren't Retained ???

    I noticed this sometimes in X11 also. Just entered the number, tabbed, and moved on when it happened; it always seemed random.
  8. Ridge_Runner

    Perspective Crop tool still works in X12...

    Agree totally. I, too, use the crop tool like Chris, especially for exterior perspective shots. Yes, it sometimes drives me crazy, but it is still a functional tool to me. I think this type of thinking on CA's part is why some get frustrated with CA's "improvements" - sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't, as far as the user base goes.
  9. Ridge_Runner

    Cornice to raking ceilings

    You can use a 3D molding PL in elevation, but it won't miter correctly at the corner with a horizontal, adjacent crown. If you search the forum there have been discussions on this very topic and a "somewhat" workaround, but that involves a horizontal section at the end of the line at the miter...kind of. [edit] I think my statement above only works (with the horizontal line) on outside corners, not inside. I've slept since then.
  10. Ridge_Runner

    Top five hotkey setups! Name yours and why!

    Just a thought...Maybe we should move this discussion of keypads to another thread as it is probably not what the OP really was pursuing and it will surely go away from the original question very quickly. I, too, use a keypad but the technology exists, as Rene shows, to greatly improve on my simple device. I suggest this should be examined and discussed in a new thread. No offense intended to those who have asked so far.
  11. Ridge_Runner

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    My method also. Not a problem for me.
  12. Ridge_Runner

    Please Stop Being Counterproductive

    My sentiments exactly. Kudos to you and so many others on this forum willing to help all of us learn how to use this software more efficiently and how to deal with some of its quirks. You guys and gals who contribute here make this the best forum I have ever been a part of. Thanks. And as MarkMc (Mark) would say, "Fond of the magic key-F1, worth a try eh?"
  13. Ridge_Runner

    Top five hotkey setups! Name yours and why!

    I have a Genovation ControlPad CP24 programmed with the same - works great; much quicker using the left hand for the 10 key with the extra programmable buttons. Still use some hotkeys though - Ctrl G for center object is a favorite. I have Ctrl E set up on the keypad; that's another one I use extensively. I wish I had ordered the 48 key version keypad instead of the 24 key. Maybe next time.