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  1. Ridge_Runner

    Schedule Management?

    I do what Kyle mentions. I do zoom in to the portion I want to send and just send the current screen to layout so I don't have to crop too much.
  2. Ridge_Runner

    3D Molding Line in 3 Axes

    Draw all three lines in plan view and convert to 3D polyline. Take a cross section toward the one you want vertical. Select the open end that needs to go vertical and move it until it is vertical. You will have to adjust to the correct height and check your horizontal lines also to make sure they are where you want them to be. 3D polylines are just finicky!
  3. Ridge_Runner

    Dimensions not working in CAD Detail

    Surely something changed. Any idea what? With that said, CA sometimes has a mind of its own and things change for whatever reason...personal experience. Not always DOE (dumb operator error).
  4. Ridge_Runner

    sending a single object to layout

    If there are cabinets on each side wall by the island, just adjust the layout view side borders so they don't show.
  5. Ridge_Runner

    3D Moulding (Polyline) Unusual Behavior

    Curt, I use just a regular molding line also for both the stone and the cap. I'm with Eric on the 3D molding line. I don't use it unless there is no way to use a regular molding line; too finicky!
  6. Ridge_Runner

    How to change the orientation of a floor plan

    I tried it one time several years ago like DJP. Haven't done it since either; caused me much grief at the time!
  7. Ridge_Runner

    This is interesting, anybody seen this?

    Looks like you need to update your signature, Scott. It says "Chief X-11 (alway the latest)".
  8. Ridge_Runner

    Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    @PamelaTProbably need to "tag" him to make sure he looks at this thread again. Just type "@" without the quotation marks and continuing typing his username until the list that appears shows the usernames you can scroll thru. Click on his and it will notify him. @Dermot
  9. Ridge_Runner

    Can this be modeled in Chief?

    I think that's the way I would approach it.
  10. Ridge_Runner

    Changing railing on a deck

    Double click on the railing walls you want to change (usually better to adjust the railing wall defaults before you draw any railing walls; you can then save them in your user library for reuse). The dialog box that opens up is where you set the items you wish to change. The "room" sets things like the height of the ceiling and any floor structure.
  11. Ridge_Runner

    What can cause walls not to grow up to roof planes?

    Do you have "Auto Rebuild Attic Walls" on? Found in Defaults/General Wall Defaults/Automatic Walls, toward the bottom. Should be "Defaults/Walls/General Wall Defaults/Automatic Walls, toward the bottom.
  12. Ridge_Runner

    Leica Disto X3 or X4

    @builtright3 Joe, if you will add a "call" @Bob_DeWitt_PE he might respond. Otherwise, he may not come back to this thread for whatever reason. Thanks, Mike
  13. @HibjurOnline Railing wall with "post to beam" checked as style. Use whatever "pillar" symbol you want for the newels. Set the room formed by the railing walls as "open below" if you don't want a floor. The roof will auto-build based on the roof parameters you set in the wall dialog boxes.
  14. Ridge_Runner

    Exporting Floor Plans for Use in PowerPoint

    Forgot to mention: I have a Saved Plan View (SPV) just for presentation views. That's what I use for my screen captures. Has only the info I need for marketing. You could do the same using Annosets (don't remember if X7 has those.) If not, just use a layerset modified to suit.
  15. Ridge_Runner

    Exporting Floor Plans for Use in PowerPoint

    Does a screen capture saved to either jpg or png format not work? I have done many Powerpoint presentations over the years using just picture files.