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  1. I've used the method Ryan mentions for years. Works great and is simple - one of my favorite words!
  2. You have to leave California, Perry.
  3. I did the same; totally agree!
  4. MarkMc no doubt would do it with cabinets.
  5. @MarkMcMark, your red arrow in the second pic is pointing to the "rotation" section, not the "origin offset" section. Good info BTW.
  6. May have to ping him, Doug, to get him to respond. @Renerabbitt
  7. This is done in my area. Not always the best approach, but sometimes necessary to please the client. As "tinyhouseguy" posted, the water can be collected but you have to be "creative."
  8. That's my usual work flow.!
  9. Gremlins! They just show their ugly heads when they think you are stressed to the max! If it is any consolation, you are not alone in fighting them; I've had my share!