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  1. Any suggestions on how I can create this dental at the soffit? (see attachment) Thanks Abe Lopez X13
  2. Trying to find this door in half the size, suggestions?
  3. 18123 Floor plan.plan18123 Floor plan.plan
  4. Hello, Any idea on how to create a silo roof? See attachments.
  5. How can I close this circular roof? Thanks
  6. What is the best way to add a guardrail on top of sloping wall?
  7. Windows and window trim..
  8. No, I want it to appear like a one piece bay window..
  9. Trying to match this bay window in the attached picture.
  10. What is the best way to accomplish this roof overhang? Thanks Abe x10
  11. Hi, I need help on this dormer. I have exploded the dormer and stretched the walls but can't get it to infill.... Thanks Abe X10 18130_FLOOR_PLAN.plan
  12. Why do I see pixel in my rendering once I export to a Jpeg? (I use the ray trace then I export)
  13. Yes, I have the latest update. When I send my exterior elevation to my layout it looks different. Then when I print a PDF It really looks screwed up. (see attachments) Thanks
  14. Yes, roof is checked.