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  1. Hi, I'm not sure why I'm getting this error.
  2. Hi, Can't seam to export my right and left elevations to AutoCAD. My front and rear elevation work. Thanks 23-160 Floor Plan opt. 3.zip
  3. Hi, Why does my texture look like a typical pattern?
  4. How can I can I reduce the base width of my sliding door?
  5. Yes, I got the floor plan to show up, but not the elevations.
  6. Does the front elevation show up for you when you export it?
  7. I deleted the left camera view, still can't see.
  8. When I export nothing shows up.
  9. Hi, I'm have trouble exporting my exterior elevations to AutoCAD?23-159 XXX.plan
  10. Try this one. 23-101 New Floor Plan.zip
  11. Here you go, thanks. 23-101 New Floor Plan.zip