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  1. DH7777

    Crown molding not showing on soffits

    Perfect. This I what I'm trying to do but I did not use soffits I used doorways with no casing or jamb. The first time I used soffits. I will remove it all and redo the soffits.
  2. DH7777

    Crown molding not showing on soffits

    As I am doing the partition wall it does the same thing as if I use a half wall. It removes the portion of the wall that I am using with my door opening to create the soffit look. It is like CA is refusing to allow me to put any version of a half-wall directly in line with, in a doorway, or under soffit to create this look. I had it perfect earlier only using soffits, but two soffits had crown only on one side. Then I started messing with it and now it is all screwed up I guess.
  3. DH7777

    Crown molding not showing on soffits

    yep, I noticed that too earlier so I deleted one. helped a little
  4. DH7777

    Crown molding not showing on soffits

    Hmmm. It has for me in many situations in the past. As a matter of fact, it did automatically put the crown in one area on the soffit without my doing. CA seems to have a mind of its own. Anyway, If I use the partition wall will it allow me to add base molding? (not manually with 3d polyline hopefully:)
  5. DH7777

    Crown molding not showing on soffits

    Okay it worked but see the attachment, please
  6. DH7777

    Crown molding not showing on soffits

    Okay... and then remove jamb and casing if I want it drywall corners and edges?
  7. DH7777

    Crown molding not showing on soffits

    here is the plan.file 2275.plan
  8. Hello, I am not sure why this is happening. I placed soffits in three different spots which divide a large area into three areas. When I added crown this is what happened. I have tried invisible walls to force the room definitions (I have never had to do this before in the past when I placed a soffit CA knew to put the crown on the soffit) But still, the invisible wall idea did nothing. Also, if you notice the half walls behind the sink the invisible wall destroys that idea (it overrides the half wall) attached are two images of my issue.
  9. DH7777

    Browser Problem

    THANKYOU Solver!!!!
  10. DH7777

    Browser Problem

    can someone help me out here? I used to be able to see the items in my browser in color. I do not know what I changed in settings to make it only appear in a line form. Ideas? See attachment
  11. DH7777

    Adjusting the length of curtains

    How do you copy the curtain to your user library? I need step by step because it's not working for me. Please help
  12. DH7777

    Ray tracing error

    Yep that was it
  13. DH7777

    Ray tracing error

    I keep getting this error in the middle of ray tracing! It's driving me crazy because I have done absolutely nothing different on this project than any of my past ones. And I have gotten pretty good results in ray tracing. This error occurs every time I try to RT this drawing only. It can be varying passes before it stops but it usually stops mid-second pass. Help please, there should be no reason why this plan.file is corrupt. It is a small file and fresh but I don't want to start over. Attached is a screenshot
  14. DH7777

    Color and material eye dropper problem

    Ok great idea Thanks