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  1. Yep, I'm blind as a bat! LOL This is why my wife gets mad at me for not finding things right under my nose...Thanks
  2. How do I lower a deck 4inches. I need the deck to be lower than the inside finish floor. I created a room with railing, defined as deck and it still is at the same level as the finish floor of the house. This is typically not the way decks are framed. I have opened about ever dialog box I can find regarding this deck and nothing seems to allow me to lower the finish floor in relation to the house. I have found I can raise the ceiling. Not what I need....Please help
  3. I'm not following what you mean by changing the template. How do I do this?
  4. Is there any way to get the exterior soffits to NOT match the interior ceiling. I want the interior to be different than the default soffit material but it changes the soffit too. I run into this ALL the time regardless if it is vaulted or flat ceilings. I will say this screen porch roof has been manually adjusted down to fit the situation on this remodel project. In other words it is not matching any floor level. It is set on invisible walls because I had to create my own screen walls (not using half walls but all made with polyline solids). Again, because this finish floor deck has been also manually dropped to fit the situation needed. Not sure if this is my issue but this soffit issue has happened multiple times on other projects even when the floor levels and roof have not been adjusted. Thoughts? Really getting tired of spending the time to manually covering surfaces to hide things I do not like.
  5. Just regular brick...File is way to big to upload
  6. "In material definition and change the Material List Calculation on the Material List panel" this is done already and still shows linear ft. in the count column for some reason. When I double click the box in that column a drop down menu appears to allow me to choose different forms of measurements. Square Foot is not one of the options but all other ones are. Weird...
  7. Ok, I went to material definition and the wall I opened up in the DBX is already set to area. When I go to the Material list, the brick , in the count column is still in linear ft. because it says 43ft. which is precisely how long the wall is. I do notice in the say count column other materials show sq.ft.
  8. I'm trying to change the way my brick is calculated in materials and it is showing from linear ft. to sq.ft. Below is the directions from the "Launch Help" tab. The part in Red has no Sq.Ft. option when I follow these instructions. None of the other drop down list I have found have this option either. I am lost... Changing Count Units The material for a given object component will be counted either by piece; linear feet or meters; square feet or meters; or cubic yards or meters. The same method and unit used in the Count column will be used in the Extra column. When the Count is linear, area, or volume, you can choose a different unit of measurement: • Double-click in a cell in the Count column to select and edit it, then choose a unit of measurement from the drop-down list to the right of the selected cell.
  9. Perfect. This I what I'm trying to do but I did not use soffits I used doorways with no casing or jamb. The first time I used soffits. I will remove it all and redo the soffits.
  10. As I am doing the partition wall it does the same thing as if I use a half wall. It removes the portion of the wall that I am using with my door opening to create the soffit look. It is like CA is refusing to allow me to put any version of a half-wall directly in line with, in a doorway, or under soffit to create this look. I had it perfect earlier only using soffits, but two soffits had crown only on one side. Then I started messing with it and now it is all screwed up I guess.
  11. yep, I noticed that too earlier so I deleted one. helped a little
  12. Hmmm. It has for me in many situations in the past. As a matter of fact, it did automatically put the crown in one area on the soffit without my doing. CA seems to have a mind of its own. Anyway, If I use the partition wall will it allow me to add base molding? (not manually with 3d polyline hopefully:)
  13. Okay it worked but see the attachment, please