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  1. Thanks for your advice. I need a laptop though do to travel.
  2. Will these suffice? I am looking at these setups. Which is better? Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Gen9 - Gaming Laptop, 16" WQXGA 240Hz Display, Intel 24-Core i9-14900HX, RTX 4070, 64GB DDR5,4TB SSD, Backlit KB, Wi-Fi 6E, Windows 11 Pro, HP Omen Newest High-Performance i9 Gaming Laptop, 17.3" QHD 165Hz Display, Intel Core i9-13900HX, GeForce RTX 4080, 64GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, Webcam, RGB Backlit KB, Wi-Fi 6E, Windows 11 Pro
  3. Great! How are your results in PBR with this setup. My setup now does not support x15 or x16 now. My current GTX 1660Ti graphics is now being laughed at by x15 LOL! Our office computer work station has x15 and PBR works great. But when I open x15 on my laptop it looks horrible. That's why I am starting a new build. Maybe you will see your next build presented on this thread
  4. Buying and building a new laptop this week. If I start using x16 what is the best build. I am a big CPU RayTrace and PBR user. I am willing to put the money into this for best results. Please if anyone has a breakdown on "must haves" as far as power, speed, graphics and memory goes, I am open for suggestions! Hoping this thread can be the go-to for the answers many might need answered on this subject. I have only found hit or miss topics about this. They are either old post or post more focused on x15 (but very few, (might be the same requirements as x16 idk) But it would be great for everyone to throw out their "basic budget builds"..."perfectly fine builds"..."money no object builds" here on this thread! I want to see breakdown list honestly LOL! Thanks
  5. DH7777

    PBR issue

    No I'm not using any spherical backdrop just regular backdrops. They tend to be blurry in PBR but not when Ray Tracing. I also am not having plants disappear just images I might place outside a window. They are seen at all times until I use PBR, then they vanish and I only see the main backdrop through the windows, but again that is blurry.
  6. DH7777

    PBR issue

    I have noticed when I use PBR for interior views the outside is shown blurry through the windows. Also it refuses to show any images placed outside the window that I want seen from inside. It will ignore them and only show the backdrop I chose. In the attached screenshots the trees outside are heavily pixelated AND it is the backdrop I chose but I also added a image for additional backdrop effect but PBR ignores that added image. IF I use just normal Ray Trace...none of this happens. Just wondering what the deal is and is there a work around.
  7. Here is the plan.file. Note: I built this mainly for exterior elevations only and was not so concerned with true structural framing. So this is more of a shell. Change order to 5plex.zip
  8. We have a 4plex that we build a lot and I am task to create color renderings for the planning department when the y request them. The city planning department here is now wanting us to build this 4plex into a 5plex. So My company wants to remove one unit on one end, leave the two story in the middle and copy/mirror the other two units from the other side and place them where I removed the one unit. I am not sure how to do this quickly without finding myself just rebuilding the whole thing. Trying to figure out how I can make a block out of the two units I need to mirror and then fudge it into its new position. But If anyone has an idea of how you would attempt to make this change the fasted please let me know. Thanks! Attached are some pics of what I need to do. i will follow up with the plan.file next because it is not letting me upload it with these pics due to max 14mb limit
  9. Okay I changed the color and this worked. Still don't understand why it was invisible to the eye in Standard view when it already had a color. I changed it to a dark color then I eye dropped it back to the same color it was and it seamed to work. Must be a glitch.
  10. I did know I could do this! Thanks
  11. Ok let me try again here plan 3004-L-G.plan
  12. DH7777


    So sorry sir I just saw this. I have managed to build it to look correct but I am sure it is not correct structurally. But it accomplished what I needed it too. thanks though for the offer
  13. I have been struggling to fix my issues with this roof. Trying to get built for color renderings for our website. Attached are my notes and questions on screenshots taken. I also have tried to attach the plan.file but it will not load. Says its to large of a file. I put it in a compressed folder so hopefully it can be opened and viewed. Need help to what is going on here, If anyone can explain to me what I am doing wrong that would be very appreciated! I have tinkered back and forth moving valleys around, rejoining roof planes etc. and what ever I do it messes up my birdbox and boxed eaves. Currently it looks the way it needs too, minus the things I have noted on the attached screen shots. Is there a way to manually place gutters that are the default look? I'd rather understand what the issue is though. Thanks for any advice! plan 3004-L-G.zip
  14. DH7777


    I have x15 and plenty of space to have a dormer that I am currently working on and it is refusing to comply! Just like the older versions I have had, dormers are very difficult to work with. I hate them and CA needs to fix whatever it is that makes them not work. Automatic dormers my #**! LOL They are nightmares for me!