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  1. DH7777

    Mortar colors

    Can we change mortar colors on any brick material? If so how?
  2. I can't seem to get the two landing steps (winder steps) to show the stringers I also want the railing to connect around the 45degree corner. I followed the chief video on how to create the angled turn of steps with the option of manually placing two landing steps to go around the turn. That seemed to be the best option in my situation. but this is what I end up with. .
  3. DH7777

    Two texture views in one camera view

    Wow, It worked THANKS!
  4. Hello everyone! This one is an odd request so I will try my best to explain. I have a project I am working on and I would like to illustrate I would like to show a connecting part that stays in a solid color but placed in its proper position inside another part that is in a wireframe. In other words, I want to see the part inside another part so as to demonstrate how it fits. Am I making sense? Both parts were designed in Sketchup.
  5. DH7777

    stair well issue

    ok thanks
  6. DH7777

    stair well issue

  7. DH7777

    stair well issue

    Roger that
  8. DH7777

    stair well issue

    yes I did
  9. DH7777

    stair well issue

    Ok I fixed it but just dragging the drywall up or down to close in the sides which worked.(still don't know where my framing is) but in this next pic it shows the white ceiling wrapping up the floor. This I can't get rid of. Totally confused as to why this happens to me.
  10. DH7777

    stair well issue

    Hello, I consistently run into this issue. Notice my second floor is open to the stairwell. I used the open floor platform From second-floor working plan view....I also put an invisible wall at top of steps first so I can delete base molding before opening the floor or installing stairs. This always happens to me. Went back and repeated this process from first floor by using open ceiling platform... The same thing happens. Then I went and check to make sure all floor framing is on. It still shows zero framing! As a matter of fact, I turned all framing on and I have no framing showing up from ground-up which is weird. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I can delete the steps and it has no effect on this so I know the steps are irrelevant. Help please
  11. DH7777

    Stretching a plan

    Ah! Thanks
  12. DH7777

    Stretching a plan

    ok I see it. I was able to use the tool and select all floors and window around what needs to move but I froze because...how do I tell chief to move 5ft in a specified direction?
  13. DH7777

    Stretching a plan

    Hello, Is there a way to stretch a plan. I have a two-level house and I need to stretch both floors 5ft in one direction. Not sure how to approach this task. would like to do both floors at the same time so I don't have to go back and fix things. I'm used to windowing around objects in AutoCad and just stretching it. I can't find anything like this in Chief which is supprising. Any advice would be great on how this is done. I have attached the plan so you can see what I'm dealing with. In the plan on the main level floor plan view, you will see a line I drew through the house from front to back. (its in the living area by the garage. I need the house stretched 5ft making the living and loft above wider towards the garage. Garage and everything above the garage can't change just moved over along with the stretching. How do I do this? stretched plan.plan stretched plan.plan
  14. DH7777

    Drawing sheet background color adjustment

    nvm I found it
  15. Hello, Is there a way to adjust the drawing sheet background color in plan view while I'm working? I noticed a drawing sheet icon off to the side and clicked it and the color went from white to grey but I want to adjust it to black and set the dims and text colors to a different color as well. Got a headache and this bright white screen is killing my brain...