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  1. Still haven't figured out the trigger for this problem. But I did learn about this great tool, thank you! However, I did realize when using this to "select all similar" that the bay window area shows as a room even though I can't select it as such with the tab key. Maybe this is what is causing the issue? Not sure who to tag from Chief to suggest as the potential issue or if I have to fill out a new support ticket.
  2. Would changing it to an interior door in the "include in schedule as" work for your situation?
  3. On a PC, I can do it by holding the shift key and pressing enter to create a new line.
  4. Just today I started a new plan in X15 and the room labels are disappearing again! This plan has a box window. These window types (Box, Bow, Bay) must be what is causing the room label issue somehow.
  5. I briefly looked at using saved plan views, but I already use the active default sets drop down as my different plan views. It only takes one second to get to the floor I want with hotkeys - and then I don't need the project browser open all the time. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the advantage.
  6. Thanks, that is another way of fixing the issue. I was hoping there was another solution that would reflect actual framing. Most of the time I rejoin the roof planes to get rid of the main roof below the over-framed gable portion and that seems to fix it as well. But then I have to manually adjust the framing to show it accurately for the framing plan.
  7. I often have a similar problem with the valley protruding through the ceiling. I'm not sure why it does it or how to fix it. I have tried re-joining the roof planes. I want it to frame the main roof to the flat ceiling and the dormer to be built on the main roof deck, but to get it to frame that way it protrudes through my ceiling. I have attached the plan file.Interior Valley.plan
  8. I was having a problem with a gap showing in the perspectives where the sill plate should be. I had to change my wall types to make sure the framing box was checked on the main framing layer of the wall type. Maybe that is the issue you are having?
  9. Anyone with this room label issue have any bay or bow windows in their plans. I just realized both of the plans I have this problem with, have bay windows. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, just trying to come up with some correlation so I can send a bug report.
  10. It seems like it gets stuck on that particular command. It also does the same thing in reverse going from layout to plan.
  11. I have an issue after placing an item form my library into my plan view. Once I place the item and enter a new command (even the select object command), when I switch over to a layout, the "place cad block" command shows by default causing the layout to be covered by the ghost image it is trying to place. Is this a bug or did something get saved in a template that is causing the problem
  12. I had this happen to me again on a completely new plan started in X15. I thought maybe the issue was when pulling in a plan started in an earlier version, but it just happened after several new x15 plans had no issue. So much for that theory! I still have not been able to reproduce the steps that cause the labels to disappear. At least I'm not alone.
  13. I had thought this as well, but I still am unable to reproduce the results that leads to them disappearing. Once I can, then I will send in a bug report.
  14. Good thought Adam, but not my issue. I made sure to switch between default (anno) sets as well as turn on all layers to see if that was causing the issue. I was able to cycle through the undo button to get them back, but then I lose the work I've already done. (If I catch it within a reasonable amount of time.) It's easier to just multi-select rooms to check the box when I'm finished for the day.
  15. I've been trying to duplicate, but haven't found a consistency yet.