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  1. Just drew this in ACAD, rather simple. You will need to do the materials. LED Light AB.calibz
  2. Good news I was able to open a 3D view & drag the window into the corner from each window & it worked.
  3. Shoot, I have two complex houses done in X14 & was nervous about updating to X15 at the end of the project. Thanks for the info.
  4. In the future I'll set the defaults but this time we planned on 42" door but the VA decided to use 48" so I had to adjust them in the plan after they were installed. The issue I have with that is I put the hinge side close to the side wall & when I change to 48" it expands from the center. Then I have to move all the doors away from the side wall bu 3". PITA Thanks for the tips.
  5. Unfortunately most of the doors were already placed as 42" door & I had to manually change to 48" & force to single. Only 68 of the doors were affected. It would be nice to have access to that variable. Thanks folks.
  6. That is what I was doing but is there no way to set the max single door width so Chief does that calc for me??
  7. Working on a commercial clinic & need 48" doors to be single, not double. Where is that default setting for double doors at? Thanks
  8. It appears that you can not turn off a layer within a block from outside or inside the block.
  9. The "Match Properties" tool need some upgrades! First on my list would be a SELECT button so the user can select objects to filter from, not the entire visible objects. Second would be all or most of the object properties. Like arrow heads, this is a PITA for me too! Also the default text height of the object so you could select all of the Rtext with 5" default text height.
  10. Create a 2nd floor.
  11. Thanks for chiming in. The link is very useful! The wall is interior to a balcony with about 20' of flat roof tributary load. The balcony is open with a roof. We are in a 150MPH impact zone here in Tampa. (Exposure B possible D) 12x8 window = 96 sf x 45 psf = 4320# / 2 = 2160# / 12' = 180 plf load on header/wall Roof trusses 16" oc w/ H10A clips w/ 285# (f2) capacity. 285 x 0.75 = 213.75 # capacity So the load is transferred into the roof diaphragm. That was my thinking, Headers are shown in red. I'm looking at the steel flitch headers now. Thanks again.
  12. Good advice, I'll take another look.
  13. That is what I'm doing. Used the wall editor to edit the top plate. Still working on it.