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  1. ACADuser


    Thanks, Joey I was afraid that was the answer. Graeme, I don't think that will work for me.
  2. ACADuser


    Is there an automatic way to make a floor truss like a gable end truss? The floor truss sits on the wall and is built with vertical web members similar to a gable end truss.
  3. ACADuser

    Dimensions not recognizing wall widths

    My auto exterior shows wall widths. I often use interior dims to suppress the wall width. But you can select the dim & turn that on/off
  4. ACADuser

    BTU Rating

    Wow, big government. It is always embedded in the model number but that may be a rounded off number.
  5. ACADuser

    Closing the roof/ceiling gap

    I just had the same issue. Deleted the roof & attic walls & rebuilt the roof & gables were OK again. I lowered the floor below by 4" which may have been the culprit. Not sure though.
  6. ACADuser

    Walls framing into Open Below Floor ?

    FYI Thank you for contacting Technical Support Services. Unfortunately, we do not have a setting right now that stops this from occurring. I will pass this along to our development department to look into further and possibly resolve in a future version of the software. I would continue to manually adjust those framing members that are too tall. Best regards, Technical Support Analyst
  7. I think I asked this before but can't remember the answer. The wall surrounding the Open Below room frame down into the floor area where I have a floor truss. Is there a setting that stops this extended wall? I have in the past just modified the framing in the wall detail but would like a better solution. Thanks
  8. ACADuser

    Macro Question-Consolidating macros

    Just to be clear, using the "job_info" macro with all the global variables, do you need to execute it somehow? Or just having the macro in the macro list is enough to initialize the values?
  9. ACADuser

    Macro Question-Consolidating macros

    So if I understand the request you would have one json file for constants like this: # my job constants $wallInsulation = "R-19 Batt Fill" $wallFraming = 24 and so on And include the macros like this? "UserDefinedMacro": { "Name": "Railing Exterior", "Value": "42\" Guard Rail", "ShouldEval": false, "Context": "none", "RubyAPIVersion": 1 }, I know I do not have the syntax correct but I have seen all macros in one json file. Perhaps I miss understood the request.
  10. The width is a big deal for me. That's why I use Arial Narrow for standard text & Arial with Bold set for most titles. Arial Black is a bit much but could be used in titles.
  11. That was a polyline solid with arch, not a polyline arch. Just to be clear. Pick the edit button & hit F1 for more info. You will need to scroll down to see solids edit info.
  12. Not sure it was available in X11 but I think it was. X12 has improved the editing.
  13. Personally I'm an Arial Narrow & Arial Bold fan Also, Arial Black if I need it to really pop.
  14. I used poly solids, columns, 3rd floor room divider walls with open below set.