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  1. ACADuser

    Group change symbol name

    I can select each one at a time to create a group of them but you can not rename them as a group.
  2. ACADuser

    Group change symbol name

    Match Properties is not available for symbols, I think, so I was selecting one & using "Select Similar" which captured too many other objects. I did a workaround by adding one to the catalog, renaming it & then swap all on the floor.
  3. ACADuser

    Group change symbol name

    I have a lot of furniture in this building & I decided to rename one symbol type. There are 21 or more of these identical items & I wanted to group select all of them which I can not seem to do automatically. And I wanted to add a prefix to the name of all 21 of them in one operation. Am I missing a method? or are symbols not fully supported like blocks?
  4. ACADuser

    DWG not importing properly

    As Chop alluded to, In Autocad export to a 3ds or dae file & then Import to Chief.
  5. ACADuser

    A couple amateur questions...

    Before you delete the thread make sure you get those links from David's post. They will be critical for your early days with Chief. Pay close attention to the Walls MAIN layer vs exterior layer. The "Wall Settings" within the wall DBX is likely ok as is but pay attention there too. The way walls butt together vertically & horizontally is important for 3D display. Welcome to the club.
  6. ACADuser

    Accessory Structure Question

    Commercial? I'll bet emergency lighting may be required.
  7. ACADuser

    Electrical Connections

    I use the left-hand rule. Mentally place your left hand on the starting electrical object. Point your thumb at yourself. The arc will follow the directions of your fingers.
  8. ACADuser

    loosing libs with upgrades

    You can update the core catalog. You can export the previous version user catalog & import it into the new one. For the others: [Back up your data if you try this I have copied the contents of the folders (see below) & pasted them into the new version. [Back up your data] Restart Chief.
  9. ACADuser

    Keystone jack symbols

    Here you go, but will still need some TLC.
  10. ACADuser

    Text Arrows Moving

    I've found that using "Attach Tail to Other Objects" ONLY is the best for me. (Nothing else checked) If you attach the head and label a foundation, the arrow may attach to the foundation & any edit to the wall can cause the head of the arrow to jump.
  11. ACADuser

    Video of yesterday's CAD Tools Webinar?

    I see a cad block "edit in the library" feature. Wondering how Chief handles the scaling when you replace the blocks in the plan with the new block of the same name?
  12. ACADuser

    Cat 5 plus 120V

    That was such fun I did another. Cat5+120v Split.calibz
  13. ACADuser

    Cat 5 plus 120V

    I know you need a special box to use this but I made one & here it is. My issue was pushing them close together the 2D plan view is messy. Cat5+120V.calibz
  14. ACADuser

    Required # of Parking Spaces

    Here in Tampa Florida, we have a city pre-project meeting which we request. We submit preliminary overview plans, just bare bones, Depending on the scope of the project the meeting will have 3 to 10 people from all the interested departments. In that meeting, they express their concerns. Parking and access to the public road would be one area discussed. I can tell you the meetings are stressful for me as I have not done many. But for the most part, the folks are helpful & professional. This will go a long way to make your official plan submittal closer to passing on the 2nd submittal. It never passes on the first. These codes are complicated at times but the meeting is very helpful. By all means, read the codes but ask the folks upfront that will grade your paper & it will save you a lot of time & headachs.
  15. ACADuser

    Change layers for Library Items?

    That's not what I wanted to hear. But thanks anyway.