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  1. ACADuser

    Missing Toolbar?

    OK it's back. Turned display on & off The restarted Chief & it's ok now.
  2. ACADuser

    Missing Toolbar?

    The toolbar shows up on the Toolbar dialog.
  3. ACADuser

    Missing Toolbar?

    I migrated my X11 to X12 but my "Custom Electrical Toolbar" did not make the trip. Can I manually copy the custom toolbar? My other toolbars did make the migration.
  4. ACADuser

    Importing DWG detail files

    Odd that this has not come up before. I hope I can remember this the next time I need to import paper space objects. As I said I do very little in Paper space.
  5. ACADuser

    Importing DWG detail files

    Sorry I missed this Michael. Re-reading this morning I see what you were talking about. The paper space block was imported into Chief & not inserted with the model space objects. This file has the paper space block as 1/36 scale so you always have to scale it up. I always had the "Purge Unused Blocks" checked. Thanks for the education, Michael.
  6. ACADuser

    Importing DWG detail files

    Wow Mick, Thanks I never realized anything in CAD paper space was imported.
  7. ACADuser

    Importing DWG detail files

    Darn, I meant to say moved text to Model Space. Nothing is in Paper Space in that DWG.
  8. ACADuser

    Importing DWG detail files

    That is up to the creator what techniques they use. Personally I don't like Paperspace Text. I do all my work in model space & I want to be able to read the text & position it in model space. Just saying some use Paperspace to annotate (Chief's Layout space if you are doing it in Chief)
  9. ACADuser

    Importing DWG detail files

    Often done that way when you use the model space objects in multiple layouts with different text. I did not see any reason to do it with the sampple provided.
  10. ACADuser

    Importing DWG detail files

    Opening in CAD some of the text is in paper Space & will not import. Attached is a CAD I modified with all the text moved to model space. In CAD use the command Chspace while in pape space & you can move it back o Model Space. water_heater_seismic_reinforcing Modelspace.dwg
  11. ACADuser

    Remodel Plans

    I often get calls for remodel plans in the Tampa & Brandon Florida area & I don't do that type of work anymore. Is there anyone in this area that would like the referrals?
  12. ACADuser

    24" MONO SLAB

    My take on the foundation. An engineer has the final word. 24 POUR.pdf
  13. Wow, this takes me back. In Florida, we had county wide codes until the late nineties. At that time I was a plumbing contractor and you were punished when you work's in a neighboring county. I called it the "Good Old Boy Network". It was such a relief when Florida adopted a State Code for all trades. You did have to pass a State test but it was worth the effort. It leveled the playing field. Good luck in your quest.
  14. ACADuser

    Framing Question Trusses & Rafters

    Thanks Gene, I've been doing it manually bit figured someone may have figured out a way to do more with the roof framing tool.
  15. I have a plan with trusses & want to build Deadwood at top of truss & ledgers at the bottom of the truss. See attached I can not use "Hang Floor Platform" on the wall at this time. So do I need to add the framing member that attaches to the CMU wall by hand or is there a way to auto-generate? Below is what is generated when I use "Build Roof Framing". I suppose I could drag the rafters down to the ledger position. BTW I can not post the plan at this time. Thanks