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  1. Thanks that helped. It was a new project layout file reused and I did not look at enough sheets. It was on sheet 22.
  2. I have a copied layout file & somewhere in it is a link to the old plan file. How do you find that linked item to delete it? I remember Michael giving advice in the past but can not find that post.
  3. I almost never change from 1". Too lazy I guess.
  4. From Tech Support This is due to the thickness of the wall in relation to the nudge distance. As you know, walls will automatically connect to one another, but the distance in which a given wall will "reach out" to automatically connect is determined by the wall's thickness; thicker walls will automatically snap further than thinner walls will. As a result of this behavior, most walls will remain connected because the nudge distance (default 1") is sufficient to allow the walls to automatically connect (which is what we're actually seeing when the walls extend automatically when nudging, they're not "sticky", they're auto-reconnecting every nudge.). With that, there are ultimately two solutions to allow this behavior to work automatically in the manner we see it with other walls: 1) reduce the Snap grid size to something small enough to allow a 0" wall to automatically reconnect. In testing, this seems to be anything less than 1". The downside, of course, is that a snap grid of 1/2" is not entirely convenient to use. 2) increase the thickness of the room divider wall. Because Room dividers default to 0", it doesn't take a lot to overshoot them. Re-defining them to increase their thickness to even 1/8" will move them within the snap threshold of the 1" snap grid distance. A different trick to use is to select and drag the divider as you normally would to manually pull the wall to a new location, but before releasing the mouse button, tap the Tab key once. This activates an Input dialog, allowing you to enter the exact distance you want the wall to move, and because we're dragging the wall, not nudging it, wall connections will be maintained.
  5. I started a report with tech support.
  6. This does not happen with other walls. Arrow is set to 1" is the "auto connect threshold" a setting that I can change?
  7. See picture, When I use the arrow key to move the room divider south the wall disconnects from the other room dividers. Is that normal?
  8. Reading further I believe you will need to install a hand rail on that side.
  9. We've been wanting this for some time.
  10. If you have on one sheet a 1/4":1' and 1/2":1' and 1":1' how do you compensate for the the dashed lines? While you are creating the views you need to see the line types as they will appear on the drawing sheet. I've been sending to layout with "Use Layout Line Scaling" off & depending on scale of each detail for line weight & type.
  11. Well it's not quite correct. I'll live with this condition. Attached is the active set in the template file. Next is the Library Block Edit layer set. Very odd that some layers were added, one line weight was changed, and visibility was uncheck in some. The block that I was editing had only CAD, Default layer in it.
  12. I like answers thanks What if the block has layers that are not in the template. Guess they are just added
  13. OK I have about 15 layers that I made to use in cad blocks & the line weights are not always correct in all layer sets. I open the block to edit & some line weight are way out of wack, 25 or 18 when they need to be 3. I know it only trashes what I see in the edit window but I want WYSIWYG. So Chief gets these, unique to me, layers from somewhere. I'd like to know where. I'll spend so more time tomorrow to see if I can figure it out on my own. PS How about this example. I want to correct 3 or 4 similar blocks and each one I must edit the line weight to see what they look like before i save them. Sorry to be so picky.