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  1. Thank you both for your replies, I like both suggestions and will give them both a try. Thanks again!
  2. Does anyone know how to get chiefs pocket doors to line up with the airspace in the center of the wall versus the stud wall? I havent had to use these kinds of disappearing walls in chief, usually I use the stacking ones. Also, I know it depends on the width of the opening of the door but whats the normal wall composition for these larger pocket doors? Is it standard 6" double framing with the airspace in the center according to the width of the door size? Sorry to all the master framers... Im a designer so not always an expert on the framing details.
  3. Hi Dermot, yes Chief has improved stairs bit by bit over the decades. I was just speaking of compared to chiefs other features like raytracing, PBR, real time raytrace its the oldest meaning least dynamic feature changes. You think of chiefs old school Pov Ray renderings compared to todays real time raytrace and its leaps and bounds, whereas the stair tool has stayed relatively similar. My favorite stair designer is in Archicad. Ive never seen a stair builder in any other software that you can create anything so easily with so many options and not have any design glitches. Dermot do you recommend anything for my stair railing issue with the pictures I posted? Someone recommended doing a railing separate from the stairs but is there any other options using the stair DBX to work with?
  4. Hi Mark, yeah I think thats the only option left for me to try. Ive selected and unselected every possible option but nothing looks decent. Im hoping in future chief releases they can do an overhaul on the stair/landing tool. In my opinion, its the oldest feature still hanging on in the software. Everything else seems to get updated every release or so this one is pretty much the same as it was back 14 years ago.
  5. Now the stair looks great but the railing looks crazy. Does anyone know how to deal with the landing railings not following the regular stair? No matter what I select on the stair it doesnt look correct.
  6. Thank you everyone for all the time and effort in helping me with this. I will give these soluations a try as it looks from the pictures and videos you have many solutions. Thanks again so much!
  7. Does anyone know how to get these two stairs to connect and become one single stair? Im trying to replace the shelf alongside the stair and just want to open the stairs up. Is this possible with chiefs stair tool without using polyline solids etc? I wanting to keep the straight edge and not round or curve the shape of the treads. By the way does anyone know what this stair style is called? Flared staircase?? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks Joey for the clarification, I appreciate your time and help!
  9. Thanks for the reply Joey. Can you explain the crop to fit tool a bit? I couldnt find the right tool to use to crop it so NKBA auto dimensions just work for that wall. Does anyone know how to get chief to recognize certain built in refrigerators in elevation view with the centerpoint lines using the NKBA auto elevation dimensions?
  10. Does anyone know the best way to do a elevation view for the island so I can dimension it but not the wall cabinets behind it? Does anyone know how to get chief to recognize certain built in refrigerators in elevation view with the centerpoint lines using the NKBA auto elevation dimensions? For some reason chief is recognizing it as only a cabinet. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Gene! I will have to go download an earlier plan and research the different layer sets they have because Nashville is from X13 and while I have X13 I dont have the computer to run it... Ive gotta go upgrade that soon. Thanks for the idea and help!
  12. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your replies. Im trying to understand how to achieve some of the results from Chiefs samples gallery. These two pictures are from Chief Architects website samples gallery, the "Nashville" working drawings example. 1. How do you get chief to recognize first and second floor framing seperately? In the layer sets it appears its either on or off as a layer? 2. In the Nashville 1 pic how do they get just some of the framing in the render to show but not all? Thanks for any help!
  13. Ive been trying to look into some of chiefs features that I dont often use like the layer sets and Orthographic framing overview camera (OFOC). Does anyone know if theres a way to create a layer set with the OFOC? I was trying to use it for roof framing on 1st and 2nd floors as well as floor framing. I thought it would be nice if you could seperate those floor layers using that camera but couldnt find a way to do that. So Im not sure if those layer options are available with that camera. Thanks for any advice!
  14. WOW! Thats one of the best deals Ive seen, thanks for the recommendation David!
  15. Thanks so much Mick and Kevin for the recommendations! I will check those out.