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  1. SSA was never $199. Back when it came out in X1 the "cheapest" it ever was $395. I have never heard so many colleagues and designers say such wonderful things about chief prior to this subscription change. Now all of them, have moved on and started looking and working with other software. In my opinion, chief got greedy and tried to force everyones hand with this new pricing model and in the end will loose more business. The arrogance and lack of consideration for its users is unbelievable, we, the users, are the reason they stayed in business all these years.
  2. I feel like this new model is forcing ssa or your out. I don't patrón companies that don't honor and respect the reason why their in business, which is always the customer. I'm using chief till it's no longer good then dumping it for something else. If I don't feel respected by a company they don't get my money. Yes Revit is a subscription based model but then again revit can build complete skyscrapers and is a total design solution software not just light commercial and residential. Whats more, people are dealing with high prices for food, gas and everything else. The last thing chief users needed was the feeling of a forced hand to pay the increased fees. Good Bye Chief!
  3. I finally found the textures I was talking about. They actually werent tile but labeled vinyl laminate in chiefs main library. When you use them they look like they could be used in renderings as tiles. Just glad I finally found them, it was driving me crazy, I knew they were in here somewhere.
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies and suggestions, I appreciate it. I will check out bedrosians and the all natural stone website... I noticed your in Silicon Valley like me Marckus thats how you know all the familiar stores. Im still just wondering where the tiles went from chiefs library, I know they are in here somewhere. Thanks again!
  5. Does anyone know where in the chief library is the modern spanish style tile floors? Im talking about the ones that are popular right now usually in black and white or blue and white. I just saw them the other day in the library somewhere and now Ive looked everywhere and cant find them. I even tried specific searches in the library search with no success finding them. Ive spent 45 minutes and still came up with no results. So now Ive decided to post and ask. Thanks in advance!
  6. Ditto, ditto, ditto! I love the chief family! Thank you everyone!
  7. Thank you everyone for the advice. I will try those recommendations and continue making adjustments to try and get the best results. Thank you for all your time.
  8. One other issue I was having with stairs/railings was I usually have remnants of the railing with doorway to open the space to below. Problem with that is you can see the additional railing in the way. Normally I just make that invisible but the drawback with that is it then takes away the rise board at the top stair and you can see through the floor. Is there a better way to get better results for this? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thank you Ryan and Dermot for the replies. Ryan, I double checked the wall and it was the same surface but because I had to break the stair in order for it to end at the wall on the left it left the railing funky at the right. So I used the suggestion of Dermot and it worked! Dermot, thanks so much for that tip, it worked! I was able to maintain the upper railing and get rid of the rail at wall on the first treads. Do you know why the newel doesnt show up on the second part of the stairs? When I open that section of the stairs, in the dbx it shows it having a newel??
  10. Does anyone know if you can gain more control of how stairs behave using the dbx? Heres a picture of a problematic stair. I had to line break the stair so I could extend it to the wall on the left. In doing that it broke up the wall railing on the right so it looks bananas. I turned off the stair railing at on the right, which is ok for the first flight but on the second theres no railing at all. ugh. Is there a way to seperately select railings on different segments of stair? Also even with railings both on, I dont understand why at the landing there is no support newel even though those werent turned off. Im just looking for a way to get the stair I want through the stair dbx and not using work arounds... is this possible?
  11. Thanks Dave, more of your fantastic symbols and textures! I joined Chieftutor years and years ago and have never been disappointed with not even one symbol or texture. I highly recommend all of chieftutors items... training videos, symbols and textures. I have yet to see higher quality symbols that are as easy to use in Chief plans and doesnt bog down rendering time!
  12. Thanks for the reply David. Thats what I figured I was going to need to do. So there was never anything like that in the libraries?
  13. I thought Chief had a library somewhere of cable net supports usually seen in retrofitted loft conversions where they take an old brick warehouse and make it residential and have it for structural support. I went through the libraries and couldnt find anything like that but thought Ive seen it before. Was I dreaming or was in the library before? Thanks in advance!
  14. I use to have two 22" flat screens then when I got the new computer I just got the single 32" curve screen. I thought it would be enough but now I miss having two screens. I really love the curve screen, when I look back at a flat screen it looks off to me. I looked into the 4k and the ultra wides but didnt know enough about them to make a decision at the time I needed to buy. Next time around Im going bigger is better. My only thing that I noticed is when you use the two separate monitors I was always having to double click to get the camera to go to what view I was in. I had one monitor on 2d the other on 3d. Question for those who have the ultra wide and large screens.... whats the difference between a huge 55" screen and lets say the same size but ultra wide? is there a benefit to either? Is it easier having one big screen with separate windows for views or two seperate monitors? Now I figure is the best time for me to get the facts while the conversation is up and running!
  15. Thanks Dermot for the additional information. Yes, I always draw the stairs going up. Another thing I realized about "open to below" besides stair views is it also affects if you have a room that has a shelf ceiling. If on the floor above, you have open to below it wont allow the shelf ceiling room to have a ceiling on it. So what I ended up doing was do a room divider on the floor above tracing the room below and then unselect "open below" so the ceiling would be allowed. I know on 3d overviews you can select see floor below to see the floor below without using any layer sets with that, wish we could make adjustments without creating additional layers in my example on my first question. I will test out some layers for this plan to get the view Im looking for. Thanks again for the reply, I appreciate the help!