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  1. Designer1

    Wall legend?

    Hi Michael.... haha its me being lazy. I just upgraded to x12 last week so x13 should be coming out in the coming months so I just wrote that so I wont have to remember to change it again later. Im using x12 now. By the way.... Happy 2021!
  2. Designer1

    Wall legend?

    Thanks Glen and Dermot for the replies and help. I just upgraded to X12 Friday so Im learning so many new features and ways of doing things, so its taking a little longer to navigate around. I appreciate your time, thanks again.
  3. Designer1

    Wall legend?

    I noticed on chiefs sample working drawings they have the wall legend. I know in chief it creates automatic door and window schedules but does it also do the wall legends? I cant figure out how they made the wall legend look so good like the program generated it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. Designer1

    Window/Door Callouts?

    Hi Dermot, Thanks for the reply, I will go check that out!
  5. Designer1

    Window/Door Callouts?

    Thanks for the reply Chopsaw. Yeah the way its set up it is making it more confusing then I last remember it. I will try and go into plan defaults like you suggested and look around. I was trying to apply the callout defaults to certain items in the plan to see if that would work but it didnt turn out the way I wanted. Thanks again for the reply!
  6. Designer1

    Spiral Stair Design

    No your not the crazy old man haha! A lot of us have been complaining about the stair tool for over a decade. In my opinion, its one of the oldest most outdated tools still on chief. Im not sure why many other things have been updated yet stairs seems to be the old antique they like to leave on the shelf as is. I agree with all your complaints and opinions on it. Lets hope X13 finally gets an overhaul on the stair tool!
  7. Designer1

    Window/Door Callouts?

    I remember in past versions an easier way to put the different shaped window and door callouts into the defaults. I looked on X11 at the callout defaults but I am missing how to apply those shaped callouts to windows and doors. This process had to have changed a few versions back because I dont remember it being a complex process. I watched the training videos, looked at the help link but couldnt find what Im looking for. Thanks in advance!
  8. Designer1

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    EEK! Have any of you read the user agreements? Ill pass and wait for chief architect to integrate similar software into chief!
  9. Designer1

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Great thank you both for the clarification!
  10. Designer1

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Eric, when I click on the first link this is what I see... It says "try" for free. Im not seeing the freeware version everyone is talking about.
  11. Designer1

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    I just found this chief topic today and clicked on the substance player link but now it appears to be an adobe product that you have to buy as it say "try" for free. Does anyone know of another program or version that you spoke about earlier when this post started that is freeware?
  12. Designer1

    Auto NKBA dimensioning

    Thank you for the reply Dermot and also the recommended video. I was adjusting the dimension defaults just trying to figure out how to get them to look like the examples in the Chief plans PDF gallery, those sizes are exactly what Im looking for.
  13. Designer1

    Auto NKBA dimensioning

    Sorry for the late reply. I guess I shouldnt have even posted the picture because its just the default plan settings I havent changed anything. I just wanted to know what adjustments would I need to make in order for my elevation drawings to look clean and legible like the examples shown on Chiefs website gallery.