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  1. I used a floor plan templet - change all the settings. Then I saved as a template. Still did not work
  2. I just download the X14. When it opens up a new template - The Electrical default is open first. How can it be changed to 1/4" scale working layer set for all templates? Chief Architect 14 user.
  3. I tried that several times. does not look real .
  4. I need a texture for rendering. White rock. The ones that I have tried looks like a checker pattern.
  5. I am retiring after 40 years of drafting work. Is there anyone in the Dallas Texas area that might want to have me refer you, my clients? Arvin Claycomb Claycomb's Drafting Service 502-264-2361
  6. x13 SOFTWAR I called technical support. There is a problem with Chief Architect X13. They are working it and will be adding to next update.
  7. When I flip the drawing by selecting on floors the framing appears on the plan as flipped, but the 3D overview shows that it has not been flipped. What can I do to get this to work.
  8. Need help on change location of Chief. My C: drive is running out of space
  9. I am available if you are still needing the plans redrawn.
  10. Work has stopped here in Texas. I am looking for plan work. Sample_Plans-2090827.pdf
  11. Work has stopped here in Texas. I looking for plan work. Sample_Plans-2090827.pdf