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  1. Hi Guys, Just wondering if x14 has addressed this missing piece of face mounted deck railing. Is the fastest solution to build it in solids, create a symbol and stick it on? Or perhaps find the closest auto generate railing, change that to a symbol, add face connections to that symbol then stick it on the face? In the past I've tried offsetting the railing, but found it creates more issues than it's worth. Thank you, Barry
  2. If window labels wrapped it would be great, but they bunch up when next to one another. I suppose macro is the next step, do we still have to create a line that connects the macro label?
  3. Hi All, I recall everyone talking about how to get the window size and window number on the plan and elevation using a macro. Contractors and window companies prefer to have window sizes in inches called out on the plan and elevation. I can do this using "specify label" --height and width macro, then in the window schedule turning off, "use call out for label" --in the label tab. But that then shuts off the window number callout. Is there a way to get both, the window number call out and width and height at each window on the plan and elevation? This would make it easy to see the size on the plan, but also cross reference it on the schedule where more information is listed. Thanks very much. Barry
  4. Hi all, I've never made sense of the Minimum Display Size control which is supposed to control the size of dimensions when you scroll in and out. This control can be found in the Preferences dbx under Appearance--last item in the box. See images. zero or 1 is supposed to stop dimensions from changing size, then you can increase the size with a higher number. Dimensions still scramble when I use a 1 or zero in the size. . I'm working on something small and it would be great if the dimensions wouldn't scramble. Anyone ever figure this out? Thank you, Barry
  5. Thanks Graeme! I think I have searched all of them. Hard to keep up with it all--I find the library organization and search is the weakest part of Chief. There seems to be everything but a clean simple modern handle. It takes less time to build a house than search through all the disparate catalogs.
  6. Hi all, I don't see a simple handle like this in the library: 7" to 9" vertical and horizontal. Is there one out there or is this something that would be easier to make. Thank you, zowie
  7. Hi All, I've reset all my options to stock: stock templates, stock toolbars, but the tool bar still scrambles a few times a week. Anyone else have this issue. I'm thinking of reloading the program. I'm not sure if it occurs when toolbars are locked. I'll have to reset and lock it, sometimes I unlock it to add something. But I've never locked it in the past and it hasn't bee an issue. I've been using chief for about 15yrs, I do about 50 projects a year, never had this issue before. Thank you, Barry
  8. Thank you, Mark! It takes a village...to find things in the library.