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  1. Thank you Ryan. I really appreciate the help! That worked perfectly for what I was looking for.
  2. Hello All, I know this subject has been discussed but has CA Premier X13 improved the control of deck columns so the bases do not overhang the edge? For a concrete porch, it's easier to fix or show properly with drawing an additional slab. Just wasn't too sure best way to do it with a deck. I thought about doing the deck with no railings then manually adding the columns and beam but I'm not sure how to do the railing so it doesn't define the room. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Hello Everybody! I use CA X12 Premier. I was just curious to see how long it takes other people to do a set of plans with CA for a typical 2500 2-story house, 3-car garage, including foundation plan, first floor plan with window schedule, second floor plan with window schedule, basic roof plan, elevations, 2 building sections, and a basic electrical plan to meet code. A basic complete set to build from starting with a sketch from a client. No interior elevations, no other details. I think about 32 hours is a fair expectation. Thank you for your time and help!
  4. dbkb0227


    Hello! Is there a way to create a soffit to look like the pic? I've attached a Chief rendering also, to show how far I got. I need to fill in the empty space and have the soffit run even with the bottom of the fascia board. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. That was easy enough. Thanks for your help!!
  6. Hello! Is there a way to put the date on the Layout and it automatically changes each time you open it or make a change? Thanks for your help!
  7. Thanks for the help everybody. I don't think CA can do what i'm trying to achieve. The part that is hollowed out also has a bend in it. We need these parts to be accurate because we want to print them on a 3D printer. Any other suggestions on how I can make this work? Thanks again!
  8. Hello Everybody! Has anybody used chief architect to generate machine parts? I'm trying to do a 3D model where a solid 1/2" tube fits into a 3/4" x 1/8" thick hollow tube. Is this even achievable in Chief Architect and if so any suggestions on the easiest way to go about doing it? Thanks for all the help!!
  9. I thought it was a plotter problem too........and there's a good chance it is. I just can't figure out why a word doc with red text prints or "plots" perfectly but the PDF file or CA file will not print correctly.
  10. Here they are! Sorry about that..... Miller, Kelsey & Jordan Renovations CD's.layout Miller, Kelsey & Jordan Demo Plan CD's.plan
  11. I've attached the CA file and layout to see if anybody notices anything out of the ordinary! Thanks for the help!
  12. Yes the lines in the PDF are red. I create the PDF in CA under print / PDF creator. I believe I have Adobe Reader X on the computer. What confuses me is when I print the layout straight from CA, it has the same issue with the red lines.
  13. I did not save the word doc as a PDF. But I tried printing the layout straight from CA, without creating a PDF and I have the same issue.
  14. I printed a word document with red text from the same computer to the same plotter and it worked perfectly. So, I'm guessing it has something to do with CA and it's settings. Anybody have any other ideas? Thanks again!
  15. Ok.....I tried printing the layout straight from CA and still have the same result. I talked with CA support and they said they have never come across this issue. I will try HP support.......