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  1. Thanks, Michael. Never thought about doing this. I'll take it!
  2. That was my first thought when I looked at this detail; either an anchor bolt, Simpson plate connector -- something. I'm sure the OP just didn't show the anchor.
  3. Both Rob and I are on PC's and have the problems.
  4. Glad to see they are working on this issue as it is still a problem for me.
  5. That's the way I've done it for years. Like Joey says, just do it and move on. Add a 3D light (like Joey says) if you need it for 3D images.
  6. Most slab foundations done in my area will use these as the form for the slab. A block guy is easier to find than a crew who can do the formed walls right!
  7. I guess I nodded off too...I never saw a posted plan either.
  8. Maybe CA is trying to get out of the server business. Requiring a link to a file vs. the file attached is probably less taxing on their system. Just guessing of course.
  9. Glenn, do you not have the "green dot" showing which posts have new comments?
  10. Maybe the scaling in display settings works different on the new machine and video card than your older machines? Just guessing. I know if I mess with the scaling on my machine all of my text in the plan goes crazy. Changing from 150 to 175 will goof up all of my text. Maybe the 3080 just works a little different. Hope you figure this out.
  11. Is it battery powered or does it require an extension cord? Rent or purchase? Couldn't resist.
  12. I do this all of the time on "pole barn" type structures.
  13. 300 dpi is what I use for PDF's using Bullzip's PDF driver to print to. CA's built-in print driver works good, but increases the file size much more than other print drivers do.
  14. I almost always have the 2nd window open in CA when the toolbars go crazy. I usually have several tabs already open and available as I work (plan views, camera views and sections or CAD details), but usually only two open views at a time; one on one monitor and another open on the 2nd monitor.
  15. For sure! How many times has "Update Tuesday" wrecked something on my system. Why does Windows 10 believe it knows how I want my desktop icons arranged better than me? I finally just quit putting them back where I wanted them (grouped logically, of course) and let Windows do what it wants to. Maybe Linux was a better idea.
  16. I've been running with Animations turned OFF for almost a month now and it doesn't seem to make any difference on my setup; the menus still go crazy at times. I still haven't been able to find the "trigger," but there must be one.
  17. You will have to "fiddle" with some breaks in the molding line in plan view to remove any area you don't want the sill; like porches. Break the line, click on the section you don't want the sill on, and in the far right of the edit toolbar will be a molding shape with an "X" thru it. Click that button and it will remove the molding on that section.
  18. I find it is easier to click just outside the exterior of the house and go to the edit toolbar and make a molding polyline for the exterior. I have a molding I made and put in my library of the cross section of the sloped brick sill I use. Apply it to the molding line and it works well for me. Adjust the offset in the molding panel until you get it where you want it vertically. Applying the brick material to it usually works OK.
  19. I set my exterior foundation block wall to the 1st item in the main layer to match the stud wall above. Set the foundation wall type to the same "Foundation to Exterior Layer" to match.
  20. Download the X12 Trial version and give it a spin and kick the tires. You can't save the file or print it from the trial (unless that has changed) but you can give it a go - otherwise fully functional.
  21. Check to make sure your model is close to the 0,0 origin point. This has come up before and sometimes the user had the model built too far away from the origin.
  22. I don't know; this has been one of my continuing struggles with CA - too many places to set defaults. Which one actually controls globally, and why? I haven't managed to find the answer, but it appears the Material Defaults control. I don't even know why we have a "Materials Default" when the defaults can be set elsewhere, which is the way I believe they should be. Set the roof default materials in the roof materials panel and they should "stick," regardless of what the Materials Defaults say. My 2 cents.