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  1. Good morning! I am working on set of plans for an addition that have a split entry and trying to troubleshoot some wall issues. The single storey section sits directly on the 60" concrete foundation wall, and the storey-and-a-half section has a wood framed upper part using the 60" concrete wall as a pony wall (This section has a full basement under it). The blue wall that separates these sections seems to intersect through the foundation frost framing, creating a gap in the concrete wall and footing on exterior views. I have tried setting the exterior walls to frame-through at intersections but that doesn't seem to work. I also can't seem to get the separation between the foundation wall and upper wall to disappear. Typically, I can fool around with things until I get it right but this situation where different wall types/heights are meeting isn't coming around for me. If anyone has any advice or pointers, it would be much appreciated. Carriere Addition - new.plan
  2. Wondering if anyone on the forums is certified to design hydronic in-floor heating systems in Ontario, Canada. Thanks in advance!
  3. That makes sense. My thinking was as follows: For residential plans, my drawing sets rarely go past 15 pages, so maybe the best idea is just to put these detail pages somewhere in the 20's on a page, then I could move forward what I need. Then if the set ends up being 14 pages, when I print, I can just print pages 1-14, leaving out the extra stuff that's just there for copy and pasting. I just thought maybe there would be a way to put a group of object in a block, or save a certain "page set".
  4. Good evening everyone! Something that I have been curious about but unable to figure out myself is if I can save a particular layout set to use on future projects. Example: I have a page of deck details that I will often re-use (railing, fastening, nailing, stair details, etc). Often, I will just select all of the drawings on a previous plan, copy and then paste in place on the set I am currently working on. I know that in a plan file, I can just block things together and then save it to the library but not sure how I could do something similar in a layout file? It would be super easy if you could have 2 layouts open at the same time and just copy and paste as you go but that's not possible either. I have thought of saving these pages (deck detail page, ICF detail page, etc) on a layout page much farther than I would typically use, then I could just scroll through and grab what I need but would be nice to have a cache of certain items. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Good evening! I have to change some plans that have a LOT of sono tube (pier footings) for decks. It seems that I can only change the 'arc radius' of one at a time and not when selecting multiple. I've been on a bit of sabbatical but I feel like I have previously figured out a way to change all of the desired piers at one. It's just not coming back to me... Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  6. I haven't had to use the option for bay windows much in CA. One thing that I notice is that they display as 3 windows built into angled walls. How can one draw a one-piece bay window, like you would buy from a window supplier? Or is this not possible?
  7. Good morning! Just curious what everyone is using for doing heat loss and duct designs? I have done duct designs in CA but wondering if there is anything that allows an import from Chief to simplify the heat-loss portion.
  8. Looking for some tips on making the roof lines a little cleaner on the plan view. The dormers within the red box are where most of the concern is. I've done many connections where different pitches meet, etc. but just can't seem to find the right position for these. I have the rendered version looking alright but the lines are not in sync in plan view. The main roof is 8/12 while the dormers are 12/12 and on each side, the main roof is a dual plane. I have attached some images and the plan in question. *Edit: not allowing me to add the plan file atm.
  9. I am curious if there is a way to do sloped (out of plumb) walls in CA. I see there are some previous posts about this but they seem to be 8-10 years old. Wondering if they've added some way to do this or if there is a decent work-around. One design I am working on has 2 perpendicular walls meeting. They are tall window walls, so having the wall cut-ins like I have seen would not really work.
  10. I am trying to finish up a set of plans and when I turned on window and door labels on the elevations, it shows the labels for all windows and doors, even through walls, etc. I cannot figure out how to get it back to normal to show just the ones within the view. I can't find a setting to change this. Can anyone help?
  11. I am just working on a masonry garage design, and have been held up trying to figure out some details. One is for steel lintels that I am putting over the openings. The closest thing that you can use as a header type is a steel-box but I will be using steel angle. The header column shows the dimensions including the length of your lintel but only gives 1.5" on each side of the opening. Is anyone familiar with a way that I can change this to more? Otherwise, I will just remove that column and leave a note in the comments. Second issue: When you pull your cross sections from a CMU building, it shows your trusses sitting right on the block. For now I have manually drawn my plate in with an anchor but I was curious if there is a way to do this as well?
  12. Good find! I'm not sure how that happened though... I'll update if that fixes it once I'm back at my comouter!
  13. Usually, my material lists would show insulated wall area and glazed wall area, etc. under the general header. For some reason, I am not seeing it now. I like to put this information on one of my note pages. Any chance anyone has had this problem? Plan attached. 1141 Park Road.plan
  14. I did misread or misinterpret what you were asking. It would be a cabinet built in that shape. I more so just wanted to know if there was an easy way to represent it this way/shape as I have not messed around with customizing cabinetry in CA. It's good to know all of these different tricks from everyone, which is partly why I posted; such a great wealth of knowledge here! As some guessed, it's not an overly big deal as a designer from a cabinetry company can just take that info and make it happen. I just like to show things how people want them when I can. Many thanks! You guys rock!!
  15. It will most likely be built at a custom cabinetry shop. I was just curious if I could represent it accurately in the plans.