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  1. Thanks Rob. Very cool. I'm assuming that is an invisible wall? Is my idea of using invisible walls for the first question, the only way?
  2. No one has any input on this? Thanks.
  3. I’ve got a situation where an irregularly-shaped chimney pad will be forming a section of a room’s wall – first attachment. Obviously, this custom pad cannot act as a true wall which I need to be able to create the room definition. What are you doing in instances like these? Using invisible walls to fill in those areas to define the room? This house also has several walls that come to sharp points – second image. Is there a way to deform walls in Chief to take on this shape? If not, I can use poly-solids to get it to look right in 3D but what do I do in plan view to represent this shape? Thanks, Kevin
  4. My bad. Please see above. Thanks, Kevin
  5. You're right. I do not want to show the framing members. I just want a plane that represents the space without the drywall, floor surface, ceiling surface, and wall covering showing. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. This is how I want it to appear but without the wall coverings, wallboard, and floor surfaces. I believe the floor surface is already gone but appears to be there as the wall covering starts 3/4" above the subfloor. There isn't a way to omit the wall covering altogether via a layer?
  7. Hey Mick. As described above, I don't want to show the studs.
  8. Thank you, Eric. I don't want to see the studs in this elevation. In fact, I have not even generated any framing at this stage as the house is existing. I just want to get rid of the wall coverings, wallboard, floor and ceiling surfaces - automatically if possible.
  9. David - thanks for the reply. I am quite familiar with turning on/off layers. There doesn't seem to be a layer for wall coverings or drywall - I've tried main layers only. I was hoping to find a way to automate this without modifying my existing walls. The wall covering and wallboard should have a layer of its own.
  10. I’m creating a framing elevation for a shower niche and medicine cabinet rough-in. I want to show the framing members only without wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces. I am unfortunately unable to hide these layers. I also have a wall covering below a chair rail molding that won’t go away. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin
  11. Thanks again, Rob. I very much appreciate it!
  12. Thanks Renee. Are you proposing that I use different layouts and then combine them in a PDF when ready for print?
  13. I believe they are the same by default 1/100 mm and I've never changed this. I'm not sure I get it yet, but you're telling me that if I tick "Use Layout Line Scaling" and the layout box matches the plan view scale, all line weights will be consistent even though the scale from page to page in the layout may vary?