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  1. Thanks Rob. You are 100% correct. I will never center my model at 0,0 again. This is actually the first time I attempted to center so no wonder I never encountered the issue before. Thanks again, Kevin
  2. I've just noticed this behavior today while starting a new project. Although my active dimension defaults are set to be nearest 1/16", Chief is rounding up to the nearest 1/8". In the first image you can see the dimension defaults. The second image shows what I'm running into - although the dimension line states 136 7/8", when opening a segment of equal length it clearly shows 136 13/16 (which is the goal). I've also attached the file. What setting might I be missing here? Thanks! CHF_7595 Newman Rd_01-29-23_AS-BUILT.plan
  3. Thanks again Doug. I really appreciate the help. I was looking at it for so long it's sometimes easy to miss something obvious. That 3rd shape was a polyline solid I used as a reference for the hole in case I needed to draw it again. Chief seems to have done a good job with these dormers. I have never had them perfect before and now I have 3 really good ones! Kevin
  4. Thanks again Doug. You are right. There's an extra roof hole that was causing the problem. I'll be sure to look out for this in the future.
  5. Thanks Eric. Really appreciate it!
  6. Eric - I'm not getting the same result. Are you copying everything at once including the roof hole or just the walls? Are you using reflect about or center object? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Doug. That did work for the exterior problems. Did you notice the wall problems on the interior? The right dormer when viewed from inside is perfect. The left, not so much. Thanks again, Kevin
  8. Thanks for taking a look. That is how I created the 2nd dormer in the first place.
  9. Thanks Eric. The file is only about 39MB and here's the link - I'd appreciate you taking a look. Kevin
  10. I have two dormers that are identical. One I was able to pull off perfectly. The second, although identical, has some artifacts that I cannot identify. I have checked the walls including attic walls, the roof planes, room moldings, etc. and I cannot find the problem, nor do I even know what those flat boards floating above my roof could possibly be. Has anyone run into this before and found a solution? Further, I don’t understand why Chief rebuilds both dormers differently although identical (as far as I can tell). I can upload the file to Dropbox if anyone has the time to take a look. Thanks, Kevin
  11. Thanks Rob. That's what I ended up doing. I thought there might be a tool for extracting from elevation view. Would be nice as this is usually how the engineer presents to me. Kevin