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  1. You are correct. That's the office machine with the NVidia Quadro RTX 5000 which I rarely use. I work from home where I can actually get something done these days. I only go to the office two days a week to meet with clients.
  2. Mark - It certainly is feature rich. Other than the standard renderer and the hardware lines disappearing in elevation view, I have not encountered any other issues - not to discount those problems. I really appreciate the new cabinet dialog box which allows me to build just about anything and the accuracy is such that I can use the output for shop drawings without a CAD detail from view. I just ordered a new computer with the RTX 3090 card, so looking forward to diving into PBR w/ RR. That said, I'd stick with the Standard Renderer if it performed like it did in X12.
  3. Okay, will wait to hear from tech support.
  4. Will do. Does Chief have an FTP server where I can upload large files? I'll send both the X12 and X13 if you want them.
  5. Hey Mick. Agreed. I opened a case with tech support. Will let everyone know what they say. I just noticed something else that's really strange. It appears the ceiling gets lighter while the floor gets darker - exactly the opposite of what should happen with down lights at the ceiling. Notice that the "banding" around the vaulted ceiling is washed out in the 2nd image (X13) and the carpet under the sectional sofa is dark (can barely notice the pattern). This is the opposite of what I'd expect with a room illuminated by down lights. Materials that contain image maps
  6. Here are a couple more comparisons between X12 and X13 from the same project.
  7. Hey Chop - not sure what's going on with the shadows. I could always get quick, decent results with the standard renderer - now not the case. I suspect the ambient occlusion is not working. That would go a long way to improving the images. I'm tempted to stick with X12 for now, but there are so many cool new features in X13. I am blown away by the control I have over cabinet door and drawer reveals, but I much prefer the results I was getting from X12. We do a lot of cabinetry!
  8. I forgot to mention that the ambient occlusion is maxed out at 100%. It's as if there is no ambient occlusion at all.
  9. I realize there will be differences between X12 and X13 when it comes to the rendering engine; however, the standard renderer in X13 looks awful compared to the results I got in X12. The new standard render looks completely washed out even when I decrease material brightness. I've also played around with ambient settings. It appears the shadows aren't dark enough and I don't see where I have any control over the darkness/brightness of shadows. There's also something strange happening with the cast shadows in the image below. The first image is X12 and the second is X13.
  10. It would be redundant as Dermot has already stated they are working on it. From Dermot in response to the original poster: "Regarding the missing lines for cabinet hardware, I believe that this is the result of a bug in X13. Upgrading your computer is very unlikely to have any affect on this. We are currently working on a fix for this and hope to have it available in the next update. For now, if you turn off color and then find you have some missing lines, they should come back if you use the Rebuild 3D tool. You should always report these kinds of problems to our technical su
  11. Thanks Mick. I tried several different searches all to no avail.
  12. Tech support told me nothing. I read it somewhere on this forum. It is my understanding from the thread that it has been reported. I am not the one who found the bug.
  13. I know this has been reported, but I can't find the post with the solution. Would someone mind commenting or pointing me to the correct thread? Thanks, Kevin