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  1. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    Thank you Eric!
  2. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    Thanks Mark. This looks like precisely what I need. I appreciate the file - will study tonight.
  3. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    Eric - are you using jambs or a frame to define the glass area with no sash on the window or have you removed the frame and altered the sash to define the frame? How did you get the offset window to "share" a common frame with the sidelight? This is what I have been unable to do. Kevin
  4. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    Looks good Gene. This is what I am hoping to do.
  5. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    It's set to "0". Still giving me problems. I think I can model it to more closely resemble the unit outside of Chief.
  6. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    Thanks Michael. I'll try importing as fixture and adjust the cut-out. Kevin
  7. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    Thanks Joe. I will take a look.
  8. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    Thanks Ryan. I have done everything you suggestion including the window level to 1. Just like in your example, I get a double frame between the door section and the offset window. I know that it doesn't have to be perfect, but I'd like to to more closely resemble what's there. Kevin
  9. kwhitt

    Store Front Windows/Door

    I've got a store front with commercial windows, door, and sidelights - see attached. I have tried mulling these units together with no success - creates a real mess with the wall layers. I could easily model this configuration in another app and bring into Chief as a symbol, but not sure what to bring it in as. If I opt for window type, I won't need casings, jambs, etc, added to the symbol. Further, my first attempts would not let me get away with the non-rectangular cut-out. What is the best way to go about this? Thanks, Kevin
  10. Thanks Michael. I have checked that the origins are the same in both programs and it still doesn't align correctly in Chief. X aligns just fine, but Y and Z are off. It really isn't a big deal to move though. Good to know that I can correct the 2D symbol using the offsets. Kevin
  11. Hi Mark. That is a good idea. I could choose a segment that fits neatly in the corner of a room. The 2D symbols not aligning with the 3D objects is a deal breaker for me to want to use this method in the future though... Thanks for you input. Kevin
  12. That's crazy. It still doesn't align in the 3D view. Have tried various import formats. I was able to move it by gauging distances in elevation view. Guess it will have to do for now. Appreciate the help.
  13. Michael - I can get the symbol built with the offset origin - first image, But when I place it in the plan view the origin is reset to center by the bounding box - second image. When I try to move to absolute 0,0,0 - it ignores the offset origin. What step am I missing here? Thanks!
  14. Thanks Michael. And when placing it in the plan, how do I ensure I click at 0,0?