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  1. When all else fails, just auto build from scratch, manipulate the flared roof planes and the errors go away...............
  2. Yeah I tired that and no luck. I am going to hit this at a different route and rebuild the roof from scratch and see where I went wrong.
  3. Hey guys, I am doing a roof with flared eaves. How come my soffit is angled if I left the boxed eaves checked? I need it flat. Looks like the wall accounts for the flat soffit since it has a gap and all. Thanks....
  4. How about just modeling all three structures in one main file then doing a "save as" three times for each structure with their own annotations and settings?
  5. I like the idea's here. I can do one site plan but do a CAD detail of the garage plans to copy and paste on the main home file. Thanks guys. What sucks is the garages will match the home and give that grand look for the renderings if they were all in one file.
  6. separate plan files?
  7. How many of you include detached structures in one plan file. An example would be this Floridian Style home I am working. The home itself is custom and quite challenging but as you pull up the driveway there will be one 27X27 garage to the left and one 27x27 garage to the right. In the past I found that multiple foundations and roofs can sometimes go nuts if, say, the garages have mono slabs and the main home is stem walled and you auto-build them. This is the first 3 separate structure project I have worked.
  8. That is a very smart way, thanks Steve.
  9. it is everything you just mentioned.
  10. could you claify that? Sounds interesting.
  11. It appears they had AutoCad in mind when doing the design and set up extra layers to turn on and off between the groups. I get it, but boy is it easier with CA setup.
  12. winterdd


    Guys, I was emailed a plan file from a local builder needing me to clean up their model and do renderings for them. My question is why would this be missing (circled below). Would someone have had to delete them. I believe this came from X15 because when I saved it no warning came up about a previous version. Just trying to see how to revise this and switch between the framing and electrical and such. The home is fully modeled.
  13. haha, i noticed this little freak last year. I thought CA was rated G.