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  1. SImpson door 7506 works. It was hiding from me all this time in the library.
  2. Can we somehow manipulate door lite count? Trying to get one vertical. Or do we have a manufacturer in the 3d library that has these? Thanks guys!
  3. HAHA, I have been thinking the same thing for years and just modify everything to suit.
  4. I feel your pain on this sometimes. Oddly enough alot of times I just reboot the PC and it works good again. I shouldn't be having this with my setup either.
  5. I believe ya man, I know you speak truth but I was hearing about a lot of bugs earlier on so I wanted to wait.
  6. Oh ok. I have been noticing lately that two years into my 3080 card it is starting to sound like a jet taking off when I do physically based so I was wondering how to take some of the stress off it.
  7. What does "cap live samples" do when checked?
  8. HA, I have become quite comfortable with X13 and have everything set just like I want it. Waiting until the last of December and ordering a new dell Alienware and upgrading then then.
  9. When does Chief plan to release X16? Isn't the beta version usually released this time of the year? Nothing more than curiousity as I plan to finally upgrade from X13 in January.
  10. Do you know why the layout files changes the brick lines? layout plan file
  11. I figured it out, uncheck stretch to fit and give the XY texture scale 40 and 40.
  12. I tried course but it widens/narrows with the window size and not uniform. The brick I used is called Tan Terra and does not have a course size. Example shown, surely the adjust material def manipulates this correct?
  13. Hey guys, is there a way to make the soldier course uniform instead of having the staggered pattern? I used the "adjust material def" but no luck. I made a pline solid and use it as a lintel then paint it with the brick type/color. I am sure whatever suggestion you have should work for the brick sill too.
  14. Well well, I had no idea. Thanks!
  15. It actually was unchecked.....what does that do when checking it?