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  1. Thank you Steve Nester! This seams to have taken care of the problem. I just don't understand how this would ever have gotten changed in my template file because it's never been an issue for me before.
  2. Here is the plan. Northland-Fledge-Existing 2-4-22.plan
  3. I did check the build foundation settings. The only thing I found that may have influence was foundation wall defaults, platform intersections both set to automatic, and doesn't seam to change if set otherwise. This is when the problem happens though, when adding the foundation.
  4. I'm having trouble finding a setting to control how my exterior wall is placing itself to the sill plate vs. sitting on top of the subfloor. Something changed on my template file that I use. The floor system is inset from the exterior wall. I've tried looking through both wall, floor and framing system settings and can't seam to find the correct setting.
  5. Thanks, I will play around with this some more.
  6. Thanks I will play around with this some more.
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. There doesn't seam to be an easy answer without creating another problem. I think Micheal may have the simplest idea in showing with cad lines and adjusting if needed if the stairs are moved. You would think that the stairs dialog box would include a simple setting option to show stairs on floor above or floor below.
  8. I know this is an option, but then the stairs don't show on the main level.
  9. Tried this and it seamed to kinda work but will create problems with other things in 3D view, and in my case, the roof was creating a problem and I had to put a wall up against the house wall which created a double wall with my exterior door trim.
  10. Thanks, watched the video but the video seams to address a remodeling situation where you want to show the existing plan vs. new plan. I played around some with reference display, if I use reference display and only turn on the stairs, I don't get the railing to show up and then I can't use reference display again while working on the the plan to line up walls, etc. unless I then turn on all of those reference layers again.
  11. This won't work because now the stairs don't show on the main level.
  12. Wouldn't this be more of a temporary thing and also show all of the lower walls, etc? I want just the stairs to show and be a permanent part of my final upper level floor plan.
  13. Anyone know how to display an exterior main level stairs on the upper level?