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  1. This is exactly the problem. After I turned on all layers and checked each of my 3 floors, I discovered a duplicate note schedule I must have placed on another floor when I was messing around to see how notes worked. Thought for sure it was a formatting issue. Thank you sir!
  2. Just the default that I didn't touch......%simple_schedule_number% Also using notes from all floors but haven't gotten past the 1st floor yet.
  3. Anyone know why I can't seam to change the label style of these notes? I just want a basic single digit number like 1 and not the comma between. I have searched everywhere and can't find where you format this. I even have another plan file open where it works correctly and can not track it down.
  4. I'm curious on how other users manage and update their main template drawing. I have a really hard time trying to manage my main drawing template file that I use for each new project. Whenever I do start a new project I use this file. While I am working on a project, I am always making little changes here and there to the defaults, etc during the drawing process that I want the same way on future new projects. I do not understand why Chief is not setup in a way that if you make a default change, etc. in one drawing, it is not a universal change that will be the same on all drawings you are currently working on (like program preferences is). It is only changed on that one specific drawing file. Bugs the crap out of me. This would be fine if you were just working on one drawing at a time from start to finish. But in reality, I usually have 12 projects going at different stages and it becomes impossible to get all the projects on the same settings. The way I have been doing it is to make the change to the current drawing I am working on, then open my template file and make the same change to it. It's time consuming. I am out of luck with the current projects that I have already started, but at least my template file is changed. Recommendations??? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm having trouble with the new X13 version of layout. I used to be able to resize a jpeg image box by holding the corner of the layout box, holding down the option key on Mac, and was able to resize the box and it would stay in proportion. Now the option key does not seam to work the same way. When holding down the corner of the box, the rectangle scews into a trapezoid and doesn't resize the image. I can't seam to find anything about this. Did something change with this process to resize in proportion???
  6. I sure hope that they increase the speed of the program. It is so slow on moderate and especially bigger projects. I also hope that they have improved stairways. I also think for future updates, they should look at adding some addition drawing styles like Sketchup has.
  7. Thanks again guys. I will continue to work on solving this.
  8. That's the problem. The PDF looks normal on the screen, but when printed on my home printer, the solid black background appears.
  9. Hi LevisL, I'm finally playing around with this again. I did download a PDF reader pro lite app and tried printing. Still getting the same thing happening. I was just wondering what adobe app you were using? I know there are some other app options available.
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to show an exterior deck stairway on both a lower level and a main level? Am I missing a setting or something or doesn't chief do this?
  11. I didn't even know this was a feature of Chief. This may be a great option and I will explore this. Is this something that you use? Thanks Eric
  12. I'm wondering about strategies to organize and find past home designs. I'm wanting to be able to search for potential plans that I've done in the past that may be options for future projects based on certain criteria. Similar to how you would reach for house plans on a house plan website. Search options would include the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, rambler or two story, slab or basement, architectural style, etc. I use a Mac computer and have experimented with tagging past project files but have only been able to figure out how to search using just one tag at a time. Like all the 2 bedroom designs, or all the farmhouse style plans. I would want to search for 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, rambler with a slab and farmhouse style. Anybody doing this type of thing? I also need to research more if it is possible to use multiple tags on Mac instead of just one at a time because this would be a great way to go.
  13. Thanks everyone. I may have to contact Tech support just to notify them again about this problem for their Mac users.
  14. Ok, thanks Joe. it just started happening about 2 weeks ago and has never been a problem with the iMac before this.
  15. Ok, thanks Joe. it just started happening about 2 weeks ago and has never been a problem with the iMac before this.