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  1. I sure hope that they increase the speed of the program. It is so slow on moderate and especially bigger projects. I also hope that they have improved stairways. I also think for future updates, they should look at adding some addition drawing styles like Sketchup has.
  2. Thanks again guys. I will continue to work on solving this.
  3. That's the problem. The PDF looks normal on the screen, but when printed on my home printer, the solid black background appears.
  4. Hi LevisL, I'm finally playing around with this again. I did download a PDF reader pro lite app and tried printing. Still getting the same thing happening. I was just wondering what adobe app you were using? I know there are some other app options available.
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to show an exterior deck stairway on both a lower level and a main level? Am I missing a setting or something or doesn't chief do this?
  6. I didn't even know this was a feature of Chief. This may be a great option and I will explore this. Is this something that you use? Thanks Eric
  7. I'm wondering about strategies to organize and find past home designs. I'm wanting to be able to search for potential plans that I've done in the past that may be options for future projects based on certain criteria. Similar to how you would reach for house plans on a house plan website. Search options would include the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, rambler or two story, slab or basement, architectural style, etc. I use a Mac computer and have experimented with tagging past project files but have only been able to figure out how to search using just one tag at a time. Like all
  8. Thanks everyone. I may have to contact Tech support just to notify them again about this problem for their Mac users.
  9. Ok, thanks Joe. it just started happening about 2 weeks ago and has never been a problem with the iMac before this.
  10. Ok, thanks Joe. it just started happening about 2 weeks ago and has never been a problem with the iMac before this.
  11. Opps, library browser
  12. Sorry Eric, I mean the icon toolbars, and I've also noticed the width of my library blower window changes from time to time as well.
  13. Sorry Joe, I mean the icon toolbars
  14. Anyone know what may cause the program to change the arrangement of my menus? It seams like every other time I am opening a plan to work in Chief I will have one of my menus in a different place than when I left it last. Then I have to move the menu to the normal place. It's happened in more than one of my plan files. Anyone have this ever happen to them and know what the problem may be or is this a technical issue that I should contact Chief technical support on?
  15. Does anyone do work in Wisconsin? Just completed a project design in Wisconsin for a new residence. I normally work in Minnesota and have designed the project using the 2020 Minnesota Residential Code which is based of course on the standard International Residential Code. It appears from some google searching that Wisconsin has not even adopted the IRC? It also appears that they use the old Uniform Dwelling Code that originally came out in 1980? I don't seam to be able to find anything about building or construction on the state or county websites. Any information or websites anyone cou