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  1. djhplanning

    Rotate portion of a floor plan

    Thanks for the help. I went with the... Edit Area to select what you want to rotate. Drag the selection away. Use the Rotate Handle to rotate. Point-to-Point to move. ...that Eric suggested.
  2. djhplanning

    Rotate portion of a floor plan

    Am I completely missing something, or how do you go about rotating a portion of a floor plan around a specific point? I currently have a floor plan with a potion extending at a 45 degree. I want to rotate that 45 degree portion to 90 degrees instead. After selecting everything that I want to rotate, I've found a tool called 'rotate/resize about current point' but don't seam to get this tool to do anything at all. I've also tried using 'transform/replicate object' tool but rotate is not an option here as it is grayed out and I can't select it. HELP!
  3. djhplanning

    CAD Technician/Draftsperson

    Looking for someone to do preliminary and final bid/construction drawings based on concept designs that I would provide. I would want drawings done on my sheet border and CAD standards or drawing look. If interested, send me a response with summary of your experience, and a sample of a final plan set you have done. Must have Chief version X11. I will review and contact you by phone to discuss in greater detail. Feel free to visit my website at to get a feel for the type of projects that we work on. I have attached a sample of one of my plan sets showing the look and the standard drawings I like to do for each project. Gritzmacher-Final Plan Set 5-2-19.pdf
  4. djhplanning

    Martin Design & Planning

    Joey, I am an independent designer from Pierz, Minnesota. I have 25 years of experience in the building industry as a designer, estimator, project manager, etc. I've had my own design business for about 6 years now. I have no employees right now. I work on a lot of unique lake homes around the Brainerd and Crosslake areas in Minnesota but also do projects through out the entire state, and am starting to do projects in other states as well. I saw your post and am wondering if you are available to take on some extra work that I have right now? I really like the look of your drawings, they are similar to my style of drawings. If you would be interested, I would like to talk with you more by phone. You could take a look at my website at to get a feel for the type of projects that I work on. Talk to you soon, Dan J. Heid
  5. djhplanning

    Door schedule tags

    Thanks Solver, A door tag is what Chief calls a label on the floor plan. I like to use a number for my windows (when I use Chiefs window schedule). If I don't use Chiefs window schedule, I just show a generic window size on the floor plan (i.e. 2'6"x4'-0"). For doors, I usually show the door label on the floor plan i.e. 2668 (2'-6" wide by 6'-8" high) and don't even use Chiefs door schedule. For a current project, I did need to use the door schedule because I needed to show an exterior out-swing French which will not go to a window schedule. I like to keep things simple and have sometimes used letters before for door labels. I don't like using the default D and W before the label because the symbol gets to big (because I like to keep all of my text, including labels the same 5" size). Apparently numbers is the only option for both window and door schedules.
  6. djhplanning

    Door schedule tags

    Thanks Joe, this worked to uncheck the sliding glass door off of the items to include. I would normally include exterior patio doors in the window schedule because they are normally supplied by the same window manufacture as the other windows. But in this case I also have an outswing French door in a different level of the house. It would be nice to also have that option for outswing French doors as well and not only for sliding glass doors.
  7. djhplanning

    Door schedule tags

    And how do I keep an exterior sliding glass door from showing up on the window schedule and also on the door schedule?
  8. djhplanning

    Door schedule tags

    Would anyone know if it is possible and how I would change the door tags on the door schedule to letters instead of numbers. My window schedule has numbers so I don't want to confuse things with numbers on the door schedule as well.
  9. djhplanning

    flush boxed eaves

    Thanks Chris, that would be an option. I try to minimize doing this because all the lines that are edited in layout this way will come back whenever the elevations are updated after a change.
  10. djhplanning

    flush boxed eaves

    Thanks Glen, that seamed to clear up the boxed eave on the deck side
  11. djhplanning

    flush boxed eaves

    Does anyone know how I can get a flush boxed eave on one end of the roof and no boxed eave on the other end of roof using the same roof plane? I suppose I could make 2 separate roof planes, but then on the 2d elevation views I would see a line where the 2 join. Suppose I could just use a white with no border to cover this line up. Also, there seams to be some type of bug in the program because sometimes I will set roof to flush boxed eaves and one end of roof will still have a boxed eave that extends to the fascia line instead of being flush like the other end of roof. I've attached a plan file with this situation. The area over the porch is the eave I want to match to the attached picture. The boxed flush eave program bug is on the deck side towards the angled deck railing. Richsmeier-Existing Conditions 6-10-19.plan
  12. djhplanning

    connect selected edges

    Im having trouble finding a tool that will reconnect cad lines back together after using the disconnect selected edges tool on bottom menu. I'm drawing a sidewalk perimeter. some straight lines and some spline lines. How do I connect a spline cad line and a straight cad line together instead of being two separate lines so I can convert it into a sidewalk?
  13. djhplanning

    cad detailing systems

    Wondering what kind of detailing systems some of you have come up with for creating CAD details of your own. I want to set up a system to cut down the time when creating a new detail. Want to make CAD details ranging from 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 3". I want all the dimensions and notes to be the same size when printed to scale. Also want consistent looking material hatches, lines widths, etc. when showing multiple scale details on the same page. How to create a neat organized look on my layout page. Any feedback on what you are doing is appreciated. I have attached a sample of one of my details. sample detail.pdf
  14. djhplanning

    drain tile cad

    Thanks for the response Robert. I ended up creating an invisible wall with a dashed footing called drain tile. I have it on the footing layer so it appears with my footings. I have the wall specified as a foundation wall so the footing is actually my drain tile. I have the footing sized 4" wide by 4" deep. Even though it is square, it will serve the purpose. Now I can just select this wall type and draw 1 time around the foundation and not hassle with drawing 2 separate lines and going back and changing all the spacings between the two to 4".
  15. djhplanning

    drain tile cad

    Does anyone have a method todraw a double, dashed cad line 4" apart to represent drain tile on the exterior of my foundation wall on foundation plans? I don't want anything special to show up when in 3D. The cad tools and line types are all 1 line only.