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  1. That makes sense.. so now question is, can i go back to the default wall heights without deleting/redrawing and losing all of the windows and doors ive already added?
  2. I believe I am only selecting one wall in elevation view and adjusting the height. - see my video For whatever reason, they join and move as one
  3. I have a wall height that I need to match on this existing building. Is there a different/better way to change the height of individual walls? This building is very old with at least 3 additions done over the years, so there are many levels
  4. Drawing as-built plans I have a tall exterior wall made of 8"CMUs. I broke the wall vertically in a spot where there was an obvious addition done to this building years ago - the roof slopes differently and the exterior walls are different heights. In an elevation view, when I change the height of one wall, the other wall also moves and the two walls union back as one full wall again. My break is gone. Is there a setting, or default that keeps unioning these walls? It happens both if i click and drag to extend the height, and if i change the dimension manually. Sec
  5. The second floor is directly on top of that next level. The roof will drop considerably and is not accurate right now, i just didnt get to that part yet. Working on creating the as-built model for our work building to prep for an addition or 3 in other areas. Aside from the perimeter, nothing else has been worked on in there. Thanks for your help!
  6. Changing ceiling height changes moves the floor up, not the ceiling down Would like to keep the foundation locked - is this a setting somewhere that i'm missing? I am changing the ceiling height in one room on the 1st floor but it is raising my foundation footer instead. See screeshot