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  1. joey_martin

    Create a concave space of this room

    Box bay window tool with raised floor and lowered ceiling.
  2. joey_martin

    Client presentation

    99% of the time, this is my initial presentation to my clients. As the design progresses, I use more of these.
  3. joey_martin

    Stair Issues

    I use this setting to get rid of the annoying stringers. The gap I don't notice so much, maybe the deck overhang is stopping it from getting against the wall. (?)
  4. joey_martin

    24" MONO SLAB

    Sometimes called a grade beam when they are that deep. May....M A better as a 2 pour grade beam, but would have to see a soil report and rebar requirements.
  5. joey_martin

    Auto Foundation delete finished floor

    Something is overriding the setting and without the plan file I am out of ideas, so my advise would be to go ahead and work the plan, you can always go back at the end when you know the foundation isn't going to change (other than a minor adjustment here or there) and delete the flooring.
  6. joey_martin


    Use the select all or shift select option to select the text only and change it. Having said that, I add the text to it's own layer (TEXT_DETAILS) so that I can control the color through the layer options.
  7. joey_martin

    Auto Foundation delete finished floor

    When it gives you the warning do you click OK or CANCEL?
  8. joey_martin


    Both the .dxf and .dwg will load into Chief.
  9. joey_martin

    one time builder

    Or pay the money to one of the very capable professionals here on the forum to assist you.
  10. joey_martin

    Auto Foundation delete finished floor

    You havent deleted the flooring in the plan defaults. Use the wrench at the top of the screen and set
  11. joey_martin

    Builder/Developer Services.

    I have a couple builders out there that I do plans for. They have engineers that send per their pages, or markup and I draft them.
  12. joey_martin

    Auto Foundation delete finished floor

    Yes. Once you change the default for that floor turn auto-built back on. It's the only way to work IMO...
  13. joey_martin

    Auto Foundation delete finished floor

    Change the default by deleting the finished floor when you set up the basement. Then re-build the basement. Any change you make to the foundation/basement after it has been built will turn off the auto re-build. As long as you are not too far into the process, change the default and re-build.
  14. joey_martin


    Just add the entire page to a CAD detail box in Chief and explode & delete. I have that same page, and many others, for I-Joists and open floor trusses for example. You don't need a CAD editor, Chief will let you do what you want.
  15. joey_martin


    If the detail is a .dwg or .dxf then yes. Simply explode the CAD block and have at it. There is a Simpson library though that may have something you need.