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  1. joey_martin


    That's just a regular full height cabinet turned 45 degrees.
  2. joey_martin

    Tile Patterns with manufacture tile

    I don't have X6 installed any longer, but how did you apply the tile? Spay can? New wall type? P-solid? Depending on how the tile was applied will change the answer. Also, are you talking about the actual material or the vector pattern?
  3. Draw the framing member outside the structure and it will create a general framing member. You can then place it on the floor framing layer and set the height.
  4. joey_martin

    Top five hotkey setups! Name yours and why!

    For flying through Electrical Plans: S = Switch O = outlet L = lights C = Connect Roof plans: 2 = Join the Roof Planes
  5. joey_martin

    Garage and House Angled Away From Each Other

    Use the edit area tool and select one or the other and set the rotation angle. Ideally, you want to have these sorts of design decisions made before you start building the model so that you can set the angle, or use temp construction lines to keep everything organized.
  6. joey_martin

    Save As Dilemma

    @DzinEye I'm still a little old school when it comes to hashing out ideas. I don't sit in front of Chief and do a ton of changes. I print the floor plan(s) and elevations and use a roll of tracing paper with the client to work out options. Changing Chief files over and over again is not something I am going to do. Old school still works for planning and talking with clients.
  7. joey_martin

    pole barn residence wall type

    ^^ what he said ^^ simply frame if with 6"x6" studs @ 96" o.c. and account for the purlins in the wall layers.
  8. joey_martin

    Roof & Exterior Question

    Pull the roof edge back a little and the "attic" wall should generate, or simple draw and attic wall in there. For multiple wall veneers, open the wall and make a copy call it Siding-4, B&B and change the siding. Now that wall is available whereever you need it. Those work on all versions back to v.9.5 that I know of.
  9. joey_martin

    Save As Dilemma

    Rob and others have ideas that work...seems wordy and overdone though. I simply hit SAVE AS and use _move 8 feet and go for it. I HATE...HATE....sub-folders and copies upon copies. I do a save as and as soon as the client realizes I was right, I simply delete the turd and move on without having to re-link a bunch of files. I have one simple..simple layout file per job...PERIOD! I can put a thousand different plans, elevations, details, etc...on that one single layout file and let Chief do all the work of "warehousing" everything. As long as my SAVE AS and layouts are in the same folder, I am golden. You can also add a page for the options and delete them when they don't get used.
  10. joey_martin

    Window Trim

    Click this button and Chief will make the jamb fit to whatever wall thickness you have.
  11. joey_martin

    Create a concave space of this room

    Box bay window tool with raised floor and lowered ceiling.
  12. joey_martin

    Client presentation

    99% of the time, this is my initial presentation to my clients. As the design progresses, I use more of these.
  13. joey_martin

    Stair Issues

    I use this setting to get rid of the annoying stringers. The gap I don't notice so much, maybe the deck overhang is stopping it from getting against the wall. (?)
  14. joey_martin

    24" MONO SLAB

    Sometimes called a grade beam when they are that deep. May....M A better as a 2 pour grade beam, but would have to see a soil report and rebar requirements.