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  1. Just like you would build it. Take an elevation view and apply them to the veneer. Look in the millwork catalog. can use the millwork for the exterior trim. Check the box for LINTEL and add that top piece, use the sill tab to simulate the...well...sill. You will most likely have to create the lintel piece as a molding line and save it to your user library. Make sure you check mark the RETURN box so that it returns to the brick and use the extend function to get it to go past the side pieces as it returns.
  2. I used an AMD machine for about a week a few years ago and had nothing by issues. I think this is an AMD issue and not a Chief issue. I have an off the shelf HP and don't have any issues with X13.
  3. Open the label area of the door and set all that info up so that it places them there, rotated, automatically.
  4. I have 2 jurisdictions that will no longer accept printed plans. Everything submitted electronically.
  5. Remember, this is a 3D software and even with layers objects...especially walls...can't occupy the same space, even if on a layer that is turned off. This is a pain, and some see it as a limitation of the program, but the inconvenience of having multiple plan files for multiple options is a small price to pay for the ease and speed of using this program. You can minimize the PITA factor by having an office standard for file management to handle all those plans and options. Having the ability to use one layout file is a big help, and you can use the CAD Detail area of the layout to
  6. Pole barns and shipping containers.....gee, thanks HGTV..
  7. Yes. That plan I left the terrain turned on rather than draw the fake terrain line.
  8. For walkout foundations you simply fix that lines above grade. Any of the methods above require some manual manipulation, choose the one that saves the most time. This saves me the most time.
  9. My guess is the railing is butting against the railing wall, or invisible wall, or what ever you are using to designate that room.
  10. Easy peasy....just a layer set with the WALL, FOUNDATION layer set to gray and dashed. I'm not sure why people struggle with this.
  11. Using Autoroofs this is a :20 second process
  12. With X13 there is a way to change smaller dimensions, along a dimension string, to show inches rather than feet-inches. Before you could only change the entire string. This may help with the clutter. Rather than having a 2'-2 1/4" in the long string, you can change just that dim to say 26 1/4", which may help you.
  13. Take a full overview camera screen shot. In plan view is the roof layer turned on?
  14. Are you looking via a FLOOR OVERVIEW camera or a FULL OVERVIEW camera? Has the roof been defined? Are the associated roof layer turned on in the camera view?