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  1. I use a framing anno/layer set so that I can add dims where I want/need them to locate points along the framing plans.
  2. I have used Custom Concrete a couple times. They are pretty competitively priced even coming up this way. Local guy(s) is a bit less expensive, but when I need a foundation done on time I will gladly pay CC a bit more.
  3. @SNestor I haven't done a crawlspace in a while..almost all basements now. I have one builder up in Kokomo that still lays crawlspaces and uses either the solid or cored, whichever he can get his hands on.
  4. Top, not corner. Here in crawlspace land many builders still use the L-Block for the brick ledge.
  5. You don't in Chief Architect, but you can make the foundation wall a PONY WALL and set the depth of the top to 4" so that it simulates an L-Block. Also, Chief will automatically add your brick ledge and it will be very close to what you need if you set the wall definition up right. From there, detail the rest.
  6. Other than adding an overhang note on the roof plan....
  7. Dimensioning to roof planes while in plan view isn't all that common...I have never seen it in my 25 years.
  8. It's just reversing the wall layer, do your work and reverse them back. You are probably using an interior railing wall.
  9. Make the default foundation mono slab, then double click in the bathroom and look under the structure tab and uncheck the mono slab option and see if that gives you what you want. There will be some cleanup and some adjustments to those foundation rooms once you have them all set, but it should work.
  10. I would use the EDIT AREA (ALL FLOORS) tool to take the 8" section cut out first, then use the same tool to select the area to be moved and point to point move that section into place. Remember though, the AutoCAD stretch tool, from what I can remember works well, but it's only moving 2D lines, in Chief you are moving 3D parametric objects so there will likely be a little housecleaning to do.
  11. Don't "Pull the wall down" simply put the shed roof on it and the auto generated attic walls will go away.
  12. Click on the wall the roof planes are setting on and change the pitch there. Auto Roofs will still work using the walls.
  13. Open a test plan and try setting these and see if this helps. You are, in my opinion, wayyyyyy overthink this. I do a ton of construction plans each year and rarely need more than these. MDP X12 Default_Anno_Sets.cadefs MDP X12 Layer Sets.layers