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  1. Just add a custom column in the schedule. Simple as that.
  2. FWIW Trusses wouldn't use X bracing, they would most likely require Strong-Backs.
  3. Grab one of the dim strings and hit delete. There should be a warning box that pops up letting you know that you are disabling that feature, simply hit YES. As for turning them off in your template, go to the dimension defaults and turn off auto refresh for that feature.
  4. I don't do a ton of slabs, and while this phenomenon isn't new per say, I have noticed it a lot more in X15 than in previous versions.
  5. Just export the plan as a DWG. Just a couple clicks.
  6. With the molding tool. There is one for 3D molding line, and one for 3D molding polyline.
  7. ZOOM. No model sharing unless via the Chief online viewer.
  8. I am a little to far south but @MZLehman is in your area and @Rosco2017 is in Fort Wayne
  9. You can create a wall break and thicken the wall in those locations for a quick way to create those. If for a remodel, I generally like to know how those are build though and model that way. Are the furred or extra framed walls, or larger framing members?
  10. Hey Indiana folks. I am going to be holding a meeting to pass along some information about AIBD and forming an Indiana chapter of AIBD. Even if you think there is nothing for you there, give me an hour. It will be a virtual meeting. Shoot me an email with Indiana AIBD in the header and I will add you to my list.
  11. Go to the plan file of the shop and take a 3D overview and export that view/model while in 3D. Now you can bring it into your other file as a symbol/fixture/object and place it on the site. When I have done this in the past I generally make a copy and delete everything so that I am only exporting/importing the shell of the other building. Here are 2 models I exported/imported into a single file to render on a site.
  12. You can pay someone to custom cut those doors....most likely twice....or simply have them swing out the leave the full door.