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  1. joey_martin

    Foundation Plan Display Plumbing

    Alan the dims won't snap to the ref layer, but if you use a point marker like I use in my example, they WILL snap to lines and center points and then I dimension to that.
  2. joey_martin

    Stoop in Foundation layer

    All great ideas....but go to the main floor and select the walls defining your stoop. Now open those walls and make them BEARING walls and you will see an option light up for a stem wall and footing appear. Select that and now you have foundation walls that you don't have to manually draw.
  3. joey_martin

    Foundation Plan Display Plumbing

    @dshall I use reference plans, I must have forgot to add the question mark to that... "Use the CAD FROM VIEW tool of your floor plan?" I don't recommend this method, was just trying to help him out.
  4. joey_martin

    Foundation Plan Display Plumbing

    Use the CAD FROM VIEW tool of your floor plan. Delete everything you don't want shown. Copy/Paste in Place on the foundation level. Now you have CAD objects you can dimension to.
  5. joey_martin

    Foundation Plan Display Plumbing

    The saved plan view I can't help you with, but I have a reference layer set up that has the interior walls and the plumbing fixtures turned on so that I can show them.
  6. joey_martin

    Default Drywall Color

    Colors don't have patterns.
  7. joey_martin

    Default Drywall Color

    I opened my interior wall. Selected the interior wall layer. Clicked on material. Opened the library.
  8. joey_martin

    Default Drywall Color

    Change it in the wall layer definitions
  9. joey_martin

    What tools

    Your click the "Get contents online" button and download a crapload of them.
  10. joey_martin


    But, even when I cut a hole, I just select the left over polyline, and make the line the same color as my background, and set the lineweight to 0. When you made the hole, did you tell it to DELETE THE ORIGINAL POLYLINE when it asked you to? You will need to let it delete that original so that you are only left with what you want.
  11. joey_martin


    I didn't cut a hole. Mine are 4 boxes that I quickly sized and joined together with the POLYLINE UNION tool. Maybe that's why you are getting a different result.
  12. joey_martin


    Drew a square and filled it with the hatch. Size accordingly.
  13. joey_martin

    Roof issues need fixed

    I would have 3 words for my client. Tear Off Re-Design
  14. joey_martin


    I simply drew my polyline along the wall and copy/pasted it along the other walls and then used the polyline join tool to create 1 box. Set the lie weight to 0 and made it the same color as the background.
  15. joey_martin


    I'm not sure what you have done, but this is a really basic CAD operation. Do you have the line type and color set to BY LAYER?