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  1. joey_martin

    print to layout quality

    Without knowing the process you are using, there is simply no way to answer your question. Clearly elevations sent to layout work incredibly well, we are just going to need to know what you are doing to pinpoint what went wrong.
  2. joey_martin

    Auto Elevation Marker Size

    Set the text size for those markers to be larger, make sure the box ix checked to auto size.
  3. joey_martin

    Roof Return - Framing Issue

    Is the return auto generated or drawn manually? If manually created, try re-snapping it to the attic wall and see if that fixes the issue.
  4. joey_martin


    Have you imported items from Sketchup or some other place? Have you imported PDF items? Something in you plan...most likely....has a high face count and is causing the slow down.
  5. joey_martin

    Hole in Floor Polyline Offset by Vertical Finish Thickness

    Yep. A hole in the structure would need to be framed so the plan view would give the framers the dims they need. You are wanting the drywall dimensioned in plan view?
  6. joey_martin

    Importing x12 user catalog into X11...can I go back!

    I have used X12 since the day it was put in my digital locker. The issue you are having, I'm 99.9% sure, is hardware related on your end. I don't have a custom built machine, just an off the shelf HP that I put an Nvidia graphics card in, so if there were issue with the software itself, I would have found them.
  7. joey_martin

    Hole in Floor Polyline Offset by Vertical Finish Thickness

    I think it's the wall you are aligning to. Just a hole in the floor everything is good.
  8. joey_martin

    Chief Not Loading

    I got a notification that I have windows updated waiting to be installed. Is you PC set to auto update?
  9. joey_martin

    stairs not showing on both floors

    Either a reference set, or as I do, simple CAD lines for reference.
  10. joey_martin

    Hole in Floor Polyline Offset by Vertical Finish Thickness

    Check the railing wall layers that the wall above is aligning to.
  11. joey_martin

    Septic Leach Line Detail ?

    Long shot but I can usually get by with putting this on my septic page. Don't handle many of these any longer.
  12. joey_martin

    Exterior Stair Question

    I generally just place a set back in the porch and add the stairs to spec...
  13. joey_martin

    Create room with only Interior Dimensions

    Turn on Auto INTERIOR dimensions
  14. joey_martin

    missing sill plate

    Select it and label it.
  15. joey_martin

    Interior Prairie Style door

    Easy enough to make on real quick There are also some in the Simpson Door catalog.