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  1. Been that way for as long as I can remember. For sure in X12. I do just what you mentioned on a per-cabinet basis for those that do not show up at first.
  2. Same here. Make sure you "run the numbers" before you bite for a plotter. Printing your own color print sets won't be cheap, especially after you factor in the the value of your time. I used plotters/printers for years, but only printed color for my own use. I get good quality B/W prints from blueprintsprinting.com. Mine usually come out of Florida, but they have offices around the country. 75 cents a sheet for 24x36 B/W plus tax and shipping. S/H around $13.50 total for std shipping delivered to me; pretty quick turn-around. You can get quick turn-around for considerably more S/H costs if needed.
  3. Thanks, Anders. I would have guessed many more! Nice BMer too!
  4. Anything I guess would be just that - a guess. I do know there are some really nice symbols on 3D Warehouse but they are extremely large for use in CA.
  5. Nice bike! Bet it has a "gazillion" polygons!
  6. 3D Warehouse has the EVO, but without the lid. May take a little modifying. It also has several similar to the Memphis that you could modify without too much trouble.
  7. No, they work in CAD details. Just used them today as a matter of fact. If your notes/schedule have a "quantity" column they will register into the count also.
  8. Sure don't understand the negative vote!
  9. Don't mean to muddy the waters here, but I am using a Corsair gaming mouse also and noticing mouse problems. Only I am not yet on X13. I have it downloaded but not in the work flow; finishing my current project load on X12. My problem is the mouse will seem to cause a "double click" when I have only made a left click. It started just a few weeks ago. It does interfere with my workflow as I am regularly having to hit escape to back out of those unintended actions. I am wondering if it might be attributed to a WIN 10 update recently; those will sometimes cause things to happen on my system that I can't explain any other way.
  10. They won't attach on another floor/level. Single click on the copied dimension on the floor they were copied to. The "diamonds" that attach to the markers can be moved to the place you want the dimension to go. Unfortunately, you will have to do this for all of them. Usually easier to just re-dimension IMHO.
  11. Sounds like a good suggestion for the "Suggestion Forum," Moe. I would vote for it!
  12. Diane, is that first picture (the colored photo) the actual house, or just one similar to the one you are working on? The actual house in the photo has several more windows on the side which helps tremendously. That may be what Mark was looking at as well.
  13. Nah, who needs it! Just whip out my trusty Stanley or Lufkin tape measure and "guesstimate it!" That's why they call it "rough framing!"
  14. Maybe it should read, "Please! Please! Please!" Oh yeah, we already said that!
  15. This is usually what I have to do in these situations.
  16. Best to include a "call" to him. Like @Alaskan_Son
  17. Maybe Rene will chime in if he has any input. @RenerabbittHe gets way over my head real quick!
  18. How did you discover this "secret handshake" Mark?