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  1. maybe if i used both a sofft and a polly .....
  2. that works for the shape, but the recessed can lights go up to the sloped ceiling, not to the soffit, 8-(
  3. Can anyone tell me how to get a soffit above cabinets that slopes up with the roof-ceiling. In other words, the bottom of the soffit is horizontal, level above the cabinets, but the top of the soffit is sloped with the ceiling... thanks in advance
  4. Thanks, thats what I figured,..It takes a little to figure out the height, and stacking, and any supports needed... I was jut hoping CA had something premade.
  5. I am trying to draw a shipping container house where there are 2 containers on top of 1 container and pilings. Really having a difficult time. Im trying to put layer one as the base container, layer 2 has 2 containers. I tried putting layer one with the main house of 2 containers,.. then build foundation of pilings, ...then tried to add the foundation container, where one side of each main house container sits on top of the foundation container.. From the end, it looks like a T. Has any one actually been able to draw a shipping container house? I tried using the CA models, but you dont have workable walls.