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  1. Hello, Is the X10 license still available?
  2. Hello, Is the X12 license still available?
  3. Hello, Is the X10 license still available?
  4. I don't know what the specific skus mean - it is listed as x10 but don't know if they have restrictions of which skus can be upgraded. Thanks
  5. Sorry one more question, the ssa is about $600 and that gives you free upgrades for a year. So would it matter if I bought an x12 or x13 license used if I'm buying the SSA from directly?
  6. Hello, I'd like ot purchase a used copy of Chief Architect x13 on chieftalk through the forum. Do I reach out to sales and get any forms necessary or should the seller? Thanks.
  7. Any rumors on what will be improved in x14?
  8. I'm not sure how decent your current processor is but if you are willing to wait with a fairly decent one the CPU 3D Ray Trace is essentially the same picture however it takes an hour to two hours to process - about 35 cycles for outdoor and 50 for indoor - whereas the video card will do it in about 1 minute. It is a shame the 3D function doesn't take advantage of the numa processing as far as I can tell on a decent video card without RT tech.
  9. Sorry - I just got my first response - not sure if anyone has done this before. Do we call CA and they do the transfer?
  10. Hello, That sounds fair to me. You can message me and I'll give you my email address. I thought you couldn't transfer SSA?