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  1. That is what I was thinking. If it were hard coded then how would you exceed the limits if that was not the code of your area?
  2. Here a link to my suggestion for additional parameters to the stair DBX. If you agree, please click on the link and vote to support it. Thanks
  3. I am going to suggest in the suggestions forum the following: In the setup dialog: Min Tread Depth Max Tread Depth Min Rise Max Rise This would make the stair generator create a code compliant stair system at the get go, (assuming that is what you input), instead of tweaking the number of treads, tread depth and rise. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the default run (tread depth) to something other than 11? If I change it in the settings dbx, it goes back to 11 once I close the dialog box. Same thing for the default rise.
  5. Mick, Changed the included plan file. Thanks for pointing that out. Doug
  6. Hi Amy, Delete the pattern from the geometry and then re-apply it. By the way it is a good idea to create a signature for your posts so that others have some idea of what version of the software you are using, and what jurisdiction that you are in if a post may be subject to some answer that is building code related, or climate related. It is a good idea to include the hardware you use as well.
  7. Then there are the problems inside of the dormer.
  8. I am working on a new build cottage and in this design, there are dormers that are misbehaving (or maybe I just don't know how to use this feature) in that the auto return doesn't seem to work right. Both of these dormers have the exact same dormer roof settings. The dormer on the left is moved 1' behind the plane of the exterior wall, and the one on the right has the front wall of the dormer in the same plane as the exterior wall below. The other thing is a gable roof over a sunroom has a strange artifact in the window cut out. The bottom of the window does is not correct. The area behind the window is an open to below area on the second floor. Anyone have any thoughts about this? I have sent this to tech support as well, because I suspect the dormer issue is a bug. Rice Lake
  9. Just to join in, yes, I am experiencing the black screen during copy to layout, and if I refresh the layout portal. Sometimes it lasts quite a while and the odd time the program will abend.
  10. Michael, Thank you for your post. You were on the right track. The actual answer came from Vincent BennettTechnical Support AnalystChief Architect I put in a trouble ticket because I thought this was a bug of some sort. Vincent pointed out that the interior framing should have been moved to the main layer. That solved the problem. Thanks Vincent for pointing out the problem with the wall assembly definition.
  11. That solves one problem but then the stairs don't show in the first floor plan. The reason for making the railing wall defining is so that the room can be open to below.
  12. Worth a try. I will see how that goes.
  13. I know that the wall can be fixed by manually dragging the top of the basement wall up, but is there some automatic way to prevent this? Below Grade