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  1. Doug_N

    Perspective Crop tool still works in X12...

    Thanks for the update Dermot. It is gratifying to see that CA are monitoring the forum and paying attention, jumping in when a simple post can clear up a ton of misunderstanding. Well done.
  2. Doug_N

    Sloped ceiling , interior wall ?

    Eric's suggestion is spot on. My suggestion for a ceiling plane may be over the top and not required.
  3. Doug_N

    Sloped ceiling , interior wall ?

    In general this can be accomplished by adding a ceiling plane. Do you have a Chief Architect floor plan for this house under way? If so, it would be good for you to post your plan file so far. Another thing you should do is create a signature for your posts that lets people know what version of Chief Architect you are using, what your hardware is like and what your operating system is.
  4. Doug_N

    Door & Window Headers - Question

    Michael, It changes the header now. That is the point. Issuing a warning would be a great feature.
  5. Doug_N

    Brick edge on patio

    Apply the brick material along a 3d moulding polyline?
  6. Doug_N

    Door & Window Headers - Question

    Joe, I am on board with your comments. The error message would be best, rather than a "silent" adjustment that you may be unaware of.
  7. Doug_N

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All Looking back on the past couple of years my little practice has contributed a lot to the region that I live in. I couldn't have done this without the help of a few people who have been amazing support. Thank you all. What a great community!
  8. Doug_N

    roof issue

    I put a flat ceiling under the roof, but gosh, it sure makes an ugly transition at the bay window.
  9. Why is this not available at the MMAH website? Why would do we have to resort to back door methods for finding it? This is what I am saying the ministry and the provincial government are really not paying attention to the seriousness of the need to be informed about the OBC and all of the supplemental parts found in Volume 2 of the compendium.
  10. Never mind, where you got that is obvious in the link. How did you discover it would be a better question.
  11. That is a really big help, thanks. Where did you get that?
  12. There were a number of public hearings on the issue. There was also a for part survey done by the MMAH that I participated in. The website is pretty much useless when it comes to information. Hopefully that will change. I am not talking about a change that will happen next year, but that direction is the goal.
  13. Graham, As far a being overly concerned the MMAH has made it clear that the mandate from the Ontario Government under Doug Ford has, as a goal the privatization of the administration of the building code, and one of the steps in doing this is to no longer offer interpretations of the technical aspects of the code as a service. It seems that the provincial government wants out of the building code business altogether. The OBOA (Ontario Building Officials Association) which represents Chief Building Officials, Plans Examiners and Building Inspectors is very concerned about this direction. They, in fact, are worried about Part 11 of the code as well because of the direction the provincial government is taking. I don't know if you have a copy of the Building Code Compendium, but I have a 5-year subscription and I do not have the changes yet for the revised code coming out January 1 2020. How am I supposed to design buildings for next year? This just illustrates what a low priority the Ontario Building Code is for the province. Doug
  14. I am a BCIN small building designer here in Ontario, and I am quite concerned about the Provincial Government's announcement that they will be moving to harmonize the Ontario Building Code with the National Building Code. For one thing, the Ontario Building Code has a part 11 that deals with existing older buildings that when renovated will not match the style, wall thicknesses and so on of the existing building. The Part 11 compliance alternatives are all that allow for any renovation in older buildings, especially when it comes to the minimum size of windows, basement insulation and fire separations. Especially in buildings over 30 years old, compliance may simply not be possible. The addition of a second furnace for an accessory apartment, for example, can be extremely difficult to darn well impossible in so older Toronto homes. For those of you who work in other provinces than Ontario, does your Province have a separate building code? Do you design to the NBC? Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Doug_N

    Wal above courtyard sticcking out

    I took a different approach, noticing that the order of layers was different in the curved wall than the straight wall. I reversed the straight wall and bingo. Upper section disappeared.