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  1. Just my opinion on the video. The rendering is spectacular, with a well chosen backdrop. Materials and placement of furniture are also spot on. My only quibble is that the pans are much too fast, not letting the viewer let the scene soak in. Overall idea is awesome.
  2. Gene is right, it is very difficult to diagnosis and suggest a fix
  3. Hi Glenn, I think that it is not intuitive that you have to define the rotation point with a temporary point insertion to do anything but rotate about some point that may not be obvious.
  4. I know that some people's opinions are less liked by most but a downvote on an opinion that is reasonably spelled out? Come one guys.
  5. I suspect the problem that you are running into is using short wall segments to get the foundation offset for the bumped-out wall details. CA does not deal with small wall offsets very well, so one alternate is to use slabs to mimic the solid concrete where required. In perspective, I used a different colour concrete so that the foundation edit could be more clearly seen
  6. Hi Michael. Please post the plan file so that people can see the problem and suggest a method or work around to achieve your desired design.
  7. Eric, just wondering, why doesn't CA support export to a IFC format? It would seem a natural from the 3d model once fully developed. Enyone know?
  8. What makes you think this? I have a college architectural student intern working in my office now that is using an educational version of CA. Traffic on this forum is certainly not down from what I can see. Quite the contrary. I don't know if there are any statistics that are available for this forum but I would be amazed to see a downturn. You can make an ICF model by making your own ICF wall type. I have an ICF project now that is going quite well. I don't know where you are going, but if you think some other software company will treat you better, well good luck with that.
  9. if you have your building already done with no terrain specified, and then import the dxf file, the terrain will automatically adjust to the existing building. Then when you open the terrain specification DBX you can adjust the difference between some point of interest and the first floor in the dialog.
  10. To change the preference of getting richtext or plain text for the leader, use the preference menu Then uncheck this box that will result in getting this when you click on the leader menu
  11. Hi Newell, I think this is exactly what you are looking for:
  12. If you want to see those in section you can do it by attaching a variable to the macro that identifies which stair you are talking about like this: Here I use the global variable $s1 to identify which stair set I am referring to, $s2 for the next stair set and so on. %$s1riser_total=num_treads+1% Risers Run %$s1run=tread_depth%" Rise %$s1rise=riser_height.round(2)%" Then in a text box next to the stairs in elevation you put %$1riser_total% Risers Run %$s1run%" Rise %$s1rise%" A bit of a kludge but it works.