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  1. Doug_N


    Thanks for the reply. Good to get your perspective.
  2. Doug_N


    I do that with a layer called, strangely, construction lines. Just saying.
  3. Doug_N


  4. Doug_N


    A bit off topic but I don't know if this is worthy of starting a new topic. Why are you switching from Revit? I have a manufacturing suite because I also do industrial design, but not much of that anymore and I was thinking about switching the sweet to Revit. Not that I an abandoning CA at all. Just another weapon in the tool box.
  5. Doug_N

    Packaging Plans

    Great points guys, I was facing the same problem and couldn't figure it out. I assumed that I did something wrong with the upgrade.
  6. Doug_N

    Room Schedule

    And bug the developers to include it in the "Suggestions" part of the forum too. At least in my, sometimes not so humble, opinion
  7. Doug_N

    Room Schedule

    Thanks for the suggestion Michael and Robert. For now, I guess that is what I will use. And to you Perry (Drawzilla), I am sorry if I came across as being curt. Just going through a really grumpy phase right now.
  8. Doug_N

    Room Schedule

    I see this as a workaround and not as a solution. It kind of works if you only have new and existing, but doesn't allow for extended comments. Client Option, Client to Specify, Renovated west wall only etc.
  9. Doug_N

    Room Schedule

    What I am hoping to do is what is done for windows, doors and for that matter walls. Here is an example for windows. But for rooms, no such joy. Adding existing or proposed to the name of the room creates clutter in the drawing, and is not ideal. Adding text to each line in the schedule is cumbersome at best and if done with notes requires the addition of a note in each room.
  10. Doug_N

    Room Schedule

    Is there a way to add comments to a room schedule. I would like to include "existing" or "proposed" to any given room.
  11. Doug_N

    Garage Slab integration

    If you look at my solution there are 3 cross elevation data lines starting at 6" inside the garage, 4" out about 4' from the garage and 0" about 12' out from the garage, There are also 2 elevation lines at the edge of the property at 0" running parallel to the long dimension of the terrain perimeter. The cross-lines are only the pavement width long so they ramp the driveway and leave most of the terrain untouched. It works. Here is a plan file. Garage.plan. Notice the contour lines as well.
  12. Doug_N


    CA should hire you as a consultant Michael!
  13. Doug_N

    Garage Slab integration

    Here is a way to do a slab on grade, with a reasonable cross section, using only elevation date lines and a driveway. Garage.plan
  14. Doug_N

    Glass Partition Walls in Ottawa

    If you are looking for a contractor, then this is most likely the wrong place. Perhaps try kijiji?
  15. Doug_N

    Cad Detail In Layout

    You can use it, for example, to create really powerful cad details of construction details that would not normally be generated by auto framing. Things like flashing around a rain screen layer, or an insulation baffle near the eave of a roof section, or flashing at the bottom course of a brick veneer wall. The list is endless. Unlike blocks, cad details can be edited without unblocking.