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  1. Just a guess but if you have the deck DBX in the structure tab and a roof checked, then the deck fence will try to extend itself towards the roof wherever there is a roof overhang over the deck. Uncheck the roof over the deck structural definition, if in fact that is causing the problem.
  2. Doug_N

    The tedium that is overframing

    Is this what you mean?
  3. Doug_N

    Programming in Ruby for CA

    To all the Ruby wizards out there, if I were to buy a book on programming in Ruby, what book should I start with? I am pretty much into doing site statistics using my own code along with a generous help from Joe Carrick. I am fascinated with just how far I can go into the secrets that makes CA work, and how I can further work on a data collection system that is tailored to what my client audience needs. This includes data on exterior wall areas, ratio of glass to wall area, room sizes that require windows by code, the relationship of the window to the floor area and so on. Any suggestions?
  4. Doug_N


    Steve, Wow that is pretty amazing. I suppose you could do the pickets only one molding, and the railing and rim joist as a second molding. That would eliminate the lines in vector view.
  5. Doug_N


    Here is the challenge that I have for doing deck railings where the code has proscribed this as one of the designs that a BCIN designer can use. There may be a simple way of doing this, but I have yet to discover it. This is especially true for irregular deck designs with octagon bump outs etc.
  6. Doug_N

    minimum wall length

    Often jogs to this narrow type occur in as built conditions in a renovation. There is no way to design around an existing site condition, especially if the build is adding to the building near to that condition. Another situation is where, because of the requirement for increased insulation in a new addition, you can't match wall thicknesses with existing walls that were built under a now obsolete building code.
  7. Doug_N

    Load Bearing Walls

    This isn't a question, or really anything to do with CA or software, but it is a great tool to explain load bearing walls, drop beams and flush beams to clients. This is a video from the guys at This Old House. I use it to explain how they work to clients.
  8. Doug_N

    Valley intersection over dormer needs fixed

    It seems that the problem that you are seeing can be masked by using a polyline solid, but that is just a chewing gum and bailing wire solution. There would be a weak spot in the roof structure at the root of the valley and this is the result of the geometry of the intersection of the recessed gable wall and the vaulted space. Here are some pictures that demonstrate the problem with the actual design.
  9. Doug_N

    Tree transparency with other plants

    You can "put the bushes behind" the tree by changing the draw order.
  10. Steve, great video. I have had than problem lots of times and solved it by deleting and stretching walls, but your solution is very elegant.
  11. By Layout Page your are referring to the layout file? Does that mean I should define the variables in the layout first, then use them in the plan file? filename.layout > page xxx %$lotarea=999% filename.plan > First Floor (plan view) [polyline shape] (label) %$lotarea= area.round(2)% Something like that?
  12. HI Ruby Geeks I am using two plan files for a layout, one of the house and one for a detached two story garage. In doing the site statistics I create ruby global variables for floor areas, exterior wall areas, ridge and eave heights for inclusion of a lot statistics analysis. I do the tables in a cad detail file in the house plan file, but I can't find a way to pass the values of the variables in the garage plan file to the cad detail sheet in the house plan file. Any ideas on how to do this, or a work around? Doug
  13. Doug_N

    Glass cabinet doors

    Are you in Vector view?
  14. Doug_N

    Saving live view scaling when re-linking

    If you are adding the leaders in the layout file you are in for a rough ride. One workflow that works well for doing situations is to create these types of drawings in a CAD detail page in the PLAN file. You can block these, and save them to your library and then you can link them to a layout file with no problems at all.
  15. Doug_N

    Auto Deck Framing Issue

    Oh yes, you have hit the nail on the head, thus avoiding thumb damage. Lol