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  1. Thanks !!! YOU KICK ASS!!

  2. Thanks to you both. !!
  3. Thanks ! file attached existing roof only.skp
  4. I have imported the loading doc roof I did in sketch up the, the structure is 3852" wide . Chief imports the correct size, but then when i try to move it up to the correct height chief shrinks the imported roof structure to 3000". I did not find any limits on imports on the docs or help. Anyone ells had this problem? existing model.plan existing roof only.skp
  5. Thanks! I do have a fast computer but chief never wants to use up abundantly available resources so... Found "Linear " in terrain specific dialogs incase any one else runs across this.
  6. I imported a Import a surveyor DWG file. I followed the instruction in the tutorial (Import a Surveyor DWG file for a Site Plan or Terrain Perimeter (chiefarchitect.com) . And got some strange spikes hills. I have tired cleaning up the elevation data but no luck. There is simply no elevation data in the area that is that tall, not sure what is generate this. Pleas see the attached pic and surveyor map. 17045-Topo.pdf 17045-Topo-C.dwg existing terrian2.plan
  7. divreig

    Sawtooth Roof and Attic walls missing

    ok thanks will do
  8. divreig

    Sawtooth Roof and Attic walls missing

    Figured it out!! once i added the roof plane the wall become visible Thanks again to you both
  9. divreig

    Sawtooth Roof and Attic walls missing

    also thanks joey but walls not showing up.
  10. divreig

    Sawtooth Roof and Attic walls missing

    Hi Mark Thanks So much!! unfortunately not still having the same error walls not showing up. Made a hole in the roof with the skylight tool, opened it and checked the skylight box. then tried to draw walls in the attic and not luck they are not showing up .
  11. Hi i am trying to create a sawtooth roof . see the attached image. My thought was to created a walls in the attic floor similar to the "Creating a Dutch Hip Roof" tutorial. How ever when I create the wall in the attic it remains invisible, see the screen shot form chief. I am guessing this has something to do with fact i have a flat roof with paraphed walls. . Not sure how to proceed. Guessing i need to create a second floor and add it there? existing model.plan
  12. divreig

    Camera views looking narrow

    Thanks my default was set at 65. 45 is better!
  13. divreig

    Camera views looking narrow

    All my camera views look narrow. Things just look "off", narrow, and wrong, things like hallways are really bad. Reassessed lighting look oval no round. See the attached example, this is latterly a rebuild of my bedroom, i am looking at this hall way right now form approximately the camera position, in real life is just not so narrow. this hall way is 3.5' wide and about 12 deep. I have different setting but no luck.
  14. Yes but after i posted i just copied the plan files form HD to x12 and it worked fine. Still should have some sort of library to share between users or even for pmt. I am just to lazy for these details I normally don't do the interior design work and just want my rendering to look not so blah like the default templet.
  15. Where ? I looked in "D:\Users\tench\Documents\Chief Architect Premier X12 Data\Templates" no luck. There should be a library that would be nice.