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  1. just experimenting with Materials list but cant seam to send to layout. I am guessing i am missing something obvious. Also why does some tiles show by square foot and other by pieces. How can I change this.
  2. Thanks Solver. And thanks for all the help you provide on this forum.
  3. Also I noticed the 2mb file limit on the forum, i don't think it was there before. I have uploaded files but could not for my last post due to size. Is a file over 2mb not normal? Most of my .plan files are around 5 to 10mb.
  4. So i am trying to place molding around windows like in the pic. I have placed some corner boards and molding in both elevation view and plan view. The corner boards and molding placed in plan view show up in both elevation and plan view if placed in elevation view i don't see them in plan view. I am i missing something? Also i noticed the 2mb file limit on the forum, now my file 5.49mb so cant attach to this post. Is a file over 2mb not normal? Most of my .plan files are around 5 to 10mb when completed.
  5. So I am trying to replicate the molding in the pic. I watched a few videos. Tired the line to molding, adding belly band and experimented with the 3d poly line solid. None worked very well. Not sure witch to use? And best way to use it. Hoping to get some pointers. Also need cant figure it out why there is lines showing up between the porch and foundation wall underneath. I tired to upload the .plan file but looks like this form has limited the file size to 2mb, seams low, so here is link to the file. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhpXTRlIumIKhagn3sxPujk5B46neA?e=58tB7R
  6. true, ture, but getting permits through the mess that is most city's around here is art. they would not understand science, lol.
  7. Hopefully!, but some a lot of the time i feel its just faster to label things your self and let the lines be off a bit. Should probably post this in the wish list form.
  8. HI Thanks!!!. Totally missed that did not know what the 5.72 was for. And the map is form Contra Costa county CA, USA. I find it so strange that its all north. Thanks again.
  9. So just wasted 2 hrs on trying to get the quadrant bearing to match APN map. I but certain direction are backwards. On one side south when map shows north and west wen map shows east. Why? I can when i use the reverse direction in the line dialog it changes all of them so still incorrect some where. Also the lines don't connect guessing this is a problem with APN map. Just about to give up and use some text boxes. apn map.pdf Existing.plan
  10. ChopSaw love the user name! That what i was going for. I did most of it in auto roofs, pitch placement gables, then tried ridge heights, and it all went to heck. No other changes not sure how much other automated septs i can take. I if missed something let me know.
  11. wio Ok Thanks, soffit edge is edge of the roof plan? I was doing that. but will try again. I really like to improve my roofs in CA.
  12. So i have set all the settings like pitch base line etc. in the roof plains dialog to match but the roof plains will not join. It looks ok in views , so not a biggie for this project. But i would still like to understand why? File attached. Existing.plan
  13. Yes you should watch the video but Ridge_Runner is right!. There are some bugs in CA for sure. Have fun with the auto electrical outlets .
  14. Thanks !!! YOU KICK ASS!!