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  1. yes but when build it its still at 16OC should it not change in the grayed number as well?
  2. Easily by bypassed but still wanted to know if I was doing something wrong or is this a bug in CA. I was about to build the framing for a wall with 24oc studs, normally I just uncheck use wall framing material in the farming dialog and change the spacing. But thought I should try adjusting the wall itself because that would be useful for other projects that might have different stud spacing in different walls. So opened the wall and seams that stud spacing is controlled by the plan materials. Copied the existing fur stud material and changed its name and the spacing. but when i go back the framing dialog it still has stud spacing at 16oc. I want to know if i am doing some incorrectly? exisitng.plan
  3. Working on a chamfered shower looks like the walls are poking through at angles. Cant seam to figure out how to get this to just cut them at 90. Looks strange. any one how to correct this? See attached pic. Proposed.plan
  4. Thanks to you both!! And Solver you are awesome!! The video was a step above and beyond! I owe you lots of beer.
  5. Ok so I am doing some thing wrong but cant figure this out. I am trying to do a curved ceiling and opening to match like in the attached pic but the ceiling will not curve as in the Creating a Curved Barrel Ceiling (chiefarchitect.com) tutorial. I have tried many different setting and cant get it to work. Untitled 2.plan
  6. So I have client sent me the pic attached. Wants to see it in the rendering. I know I have run these items or seen them in various training videos. Mainly mosaic tile cross pattern marble tile with black centers. Any idea on what these things or any thing similar are called in the library ? Or is there a better way to search for them? Or as just keep looking until you fined some thing lol. Untitled 1.plan
  7. You are correct i have used the incorrect term. Mulling is what i am going for. Solver you have helped me in the past you are so thanks again.
  8. Hi trying to recreate the store front in the pic. Not sure how to do Mulling. i have tried to remove the casing changing sizes etc. and other settings but no luck. Any one have ideas on doing the roof above the bay windows would be helpful. Also wondering if some one would like to add details like this in to existing models and what they would charge. existing2.plan
  9. I just order the Ipad pro to test it out. then a few days a new client sent me file someone canvased it was bad, really bad. The I pad is arrving soon will give it a shot but the results of the that file are not promising.
  10. So love isometric view, not just the view but the ability to dimension them and send to layout. I even called Chief a few year ago to see if it was possible. They said no but I just found the attached Isometric view in the help. I see dimensions in the pic but cant replicate. Every time I get in to the view all the dimension tools are grayed out. Not sure what I am missing.
  11. just experimenting with Materials list but cant seam to send to layout. I am guessing i am missing something obvious. Also why does some tiles show by square foot and other by pieces. How can I change this.
  12. Thanks Solver. And thanks for all the help you provide on this forum.