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  1. divreig

    Change Lable Text Size

    Thanks!!!! I could not figure it out. I went back a forth through the help and forms. Is there a way to edit a just a single label Text size?
  2. divreig

    Change Lable Text Size

    Anyone know how to change label text size? I am working on a large building and the layout scaling is 1/32". The labels are too small and cant be read. I cant find options for text size all the label panel, all it has that box that says use default, that I can check and uncheck. But don't know where to edit this default size or the individual label text size.
  3. divreig

    Customize Window Number in callout

    yes existing and demolished windows in the schedule would do the job!
  4. divreig

    Customize Window Number in callout

    I will check out x12. I downloaded the bata, but was did not know if I wanted to pay for it when final is released. I Just got X 11 in November.
  5. Is there any way to customize window label callout. The automatic callouts made when you use a the window schedule? I do a lot of Remodel work and would like to change the number, the one with in the callout when the . And add possible add info like existing or proposed or demolished.
  6. Thanks will take another look at it.
  7. thank you I understand what you are saying. but the software puts the description box in bottom of the call out. essentially it's taking the information out of the wrong box. Looks like a technical issue on my end I will reinstall and try it
  8. Thanks for your response. That's what I thought was supposed to happen when the automatic button is checked. But in my case its the sheet description not sheet number. Perhaps I need to reinstall.
  9. I think I am missing something. I want the "Text Below Line" on my Elevation Camera Labels/callouts to show the sheet number. And make this the default. Does any one know how?