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  1. stager386

    Materials and textures

    Thank you! I will try this! I have reworked the original model and did the pillows separately. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of the pattern lines on the generic pillow surface, as the fabric I apply goes on the surface in quarter sections.
  2. stager386

    Materials and textures

    I have fabric patterns that I have designed in Photoshop. The end result is a pattern square, that when applied to a larger canvas will have a seamless repeat. When I import the defined pattern to CA as a material, and apply it to a sofa, it may apply properly in regard to the repeat and size, but doesn't distribute properly onto various parts of the sofa, the way a seamstress would position it. I've tried importing the material as the pattern square, allowing it to repeat on the sofa, and I've tried importing it after allowing it to repeat onto a larger canvas. I have figured out how to size the material, but positioning it is problematic. Back pillows, for example, don't look right because the pattern isn't centered on each one as it would normally be. And it's all one item, so can't do pillows separately. Any suggestions?
  3. stager386

    Virtual Staging

    Thank you!!
  4. stager386

    Virtual Staging

    Thank you!
  5. stager386

    Virtual Staging

    That's exactly what I thought. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thank you so much!
  6. stager386

    Virtual Staging

    Is there any way to create virtual staging without building the space first? A client was asking me about using her photos of the vacant property, and filling them with furnishings virtually. I believe the only way I can do that is by creating the rooms first. Is that correct?
  7. stager386

    3 D Walkthrough

    Having trouble making a path for 3d walkthrough. Seems to be 2 very different ways of doing it. I can't get continuous path when i turn a corner. And I can't get the sunlight setting to be where I want it. Thoughts? The one walkthrough video is hard to follow and its out of date.
  8. stager386

    screen capture odd shape

    Gosh, thank you so much!
  9. stager386

    screen capture odd shape

    I am using X-11
  10. stager386

    screen capture odd shape

    Thank you!
  11. stager386

    screen capture odd shape

    It's 8' round. I have 7 round rugs close to the same size in different colors and patterns, so if you tell me how you do this, that would be great! Thank you!
  12. stager386

    screen capture odd shape

    When I do a screen capture of a rug that is 8x10, it's an easy way to add it to my library. Now I want to capture a rug that is round. How do I do that, since the capture tool is all straight lines?
  13. stager386

    Edit window lites

    Is there a way to edit the number of lites in the upper portion of a double hung window, and create a different number of lites in the other portion? Seems I can only get the same number in the upper and lower.
  14. stager386

    Material Painting not Proportional

    Robdyck THAT WAS THE FIX!!!!! Thank you!