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  1. RobUSMC

    Temp Dimensioning Issues

    Got it... thank you
  2. RobUSMC

    Temp Dimensioning Issues

    Hello all. I hope all are remaining safe and healthy. I have a question with dimensions. Normally in plan or elevation view when I single click on a cabinet the dimension will show so you don't have to open the dbx to see its dimension. I was working in a plan and in the master bath while in elevation view the dimensions showed ok but when I went to the guest bath the dimensions no longer showed when I selected a cabinet in elevation. See attached. The cabinet is selected but no dimension. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. RobUSMC

    Dallas Fort Worth

    Anyone out there
  4. RobUSMC

    Cursor Disappearing

    Installed a clean copy of X-11. The HD was just completely wiped and Windows reloaded last week and all has been working fine. Here is a video of the issue. This occurred with a completely new plan with only one wall drawn
  5. RobUSMC

    Cursor Disappearing

    I completely reloaded X-11 for the second time to see if it will solve the issue
  6. RobUSMC

    Cursor Disappearing

  7. RobUSMC

    Cursor Disappearing

    Maybe not a common issue
  8. RobUSMC

    Cursor Disappearing

    For the past few weeks when using my laptop I have had the continuing issue of when I open a plan (any plan) all looks fine. However once I open a camera view, library or dbx. I loose the cursor when it is in the drawing field. When I move the mouse outside the drawing field back up to the top or side tool bars the arrow cursor returns and I can select icons. When I do Ctrl / Alt / Delete to look at the processes it does not show Chief as not responding or locked up. I have to completely close CA and reopen and as soon as I open any dbx, camera, etc. the same happens. Anyone have any thoughts? I dont thinks its a plan as it happens with then all on the laptop. Never an issue on my desktop.
  9. RobUSMC

    Pocket Door Opening Direction

    Thanks bunches
  10. What is the best way to change the opening (sliding) direction of a pocket door? I've tried to grab the edge of the door and flip it like a hinged door but not working. I've selected the "Change Door Swing" tool but that does not work either.
  11. RobUSMC

    Dimensioning Issues

    Thank you. I did not not know that was over on the side as an option
  12. RobUSMC

    Dimensioning Issues

    I used a remote designer to complete a set of as builts for a small kitchen remodel. When I got it back, I can not figure out why I can not get any automatic temporary dimensions to show. When I select one interior wall I usually will get automatic dimensions the another parallel walls so it can be properly moved into place or just to get basic room size. I also don't wall wall lengths when a wall is selected (interior or exterior). When I select a door, window or other structure object I do not get dimensions to the surrounding wall such as from a doors edge or casing to the corner of a room, outside corner or another door or window on that same wall.. Attached is a screenshot and the plan. Any thoughts please. Thank you very much. Anderson_Kitchen_FINAL_DESIGN_3-5-2020.plan
  13. RobUSMC

    Reversing CAD block

    Yes and thanks
  14. RobUSMC

    Reversing CAD block

    To save time i used a previous kitchen plan and selected a few walls of cabinets since the layout is similar to the new plan Im working on. Im made them into a CAD block and saved them in the library then pulled it into the new plan. My question is, is there a way to reserve this CAD block like reversing a symbol as I need the right and left wall cabinets flipped. See attached. Thanks
  15. RobUSMC

    Plan Import

    Thank for the help