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  1. RobUSMC

    Time Tracker

    The csv did work but has to be totally reformatted to move into Excel. I didn't know if there was a better way to quickly look at the time versus exporting a complete report then formatting into a usable spreadsheet
  2. RobUSMC

    Time Tracker

    Is there a way to run a time report to show how much time has been put into a plan by different designers? Designer 1 is X, Designer 2 is Y. Also when I try to view the time from one date to another (Start to end) I select the start date but when I then select the end date the start date also changes to whatever end date I have selected. (See the attached screenshot)
  3. RobUSMC


    Thanks for all the comments and help
  4. RobUSMC


    Brown Tiger, Ill take this as constructive criticism... I realize they may not have good defaults and new and do not understand yet, These practice plans were their first only after about 6 hours of overview and a few videos. I got that the default are not correct but that is why I have posted for help to figure out what are the correct default settings. As far as casings, I can measure from the corner of a room up to the side of a casing of an opening. As long as I know what the width of the casing, the reveal and frame width, I don't see the problem. For this a casings depth does not matter. Along with those dims, I will also measure a door / window from outside casing to outside casing to get the overall width of the door unit. Here are a few of the ways I do site measures, along with photos and a comprehensive 15-30 minute video walk thru to make sure anyone could draw the as built. You can see I identify casing sizes. If i'm measuring from a corner of a room up to a casing I write C-T (Corner to Trim) If no casing then I write C-O (Corner to Opening) However, I need to figure out what needs to be changed to get those reference points I need.
  5. RobUSMC


  6. RobUSMC


    Agree pretty frustrating. It seems I have three machines with three different dimension setting and now Im not sure which to change. Again, with a remodel, during initial site measurements, I am measuring from drywall to drywall because depending on wall locations without an opening in that wall it may be impossible to determine the wall thickness or the drywall thickness. Some projects the existing drywall may or may not be removed so that is my reference point. I did measurements on a few current projects in December that haven't ever started yet so some of our dimensions are a guess based on experience. Example was a bath we did recently where drywall to drywall measurements were taken and during demo for whatever reason when the house was built in 1992 one wall had one layer of 5/8" drywall and two layers of 1/2". This was only found out during demo. I've attached several screen shot of the different dimensions or settings... some are the way I want them others are not. I DO apologize for all the descriptions, screenshots as Im not sure of the exact terminology to use where
  7. RobUSMC


    Thanks Gene, For remodels during site measurements I measure to the casing so yes I do want to dimension to the casing or openings if no casing is present
  8. RobUSMC


    I did load my default settings and imported to their machines. This is not an issue on mine. Very strange
  9. RobUSMC


    Eric, I show all dims to be turned off and they still show in the plan
  10. RobUSMC


    Here is the other issue. When a door, window, opening, fixture is selected it should dimension to the drywall not to the outside of an exterior wall or the opposite side of an interior wall.
  11. RobUSMC


    I hired two new designers that are new to chief. I purchased additional licenses for them and have been training with them all last week. I gave them some measurements from a previous master bath remodel project for them to start practicing on a small project to draw the as built. They both have the same issue that their temp interior dimensions are not always working. They select one wall and it will dimension across the room to the parallel wall as it should however another wall can be selected and it dimensions from one end of a room to another ignoring any walls between those two points.The other issue is the reference points in which it is dimensioning to. Some are dimensioning to the exterior of an exterior brick wall, some to the interior drywall surface which is what we want for interior remodeling measurements. When a door, window, etc is selected it gives dimension from the casing or opening to the drywall into the corner of the wall it is on. I compared my default setting to theirs and there are both the same. They're are on two different machines with fresh installs of X-12. The only thing they are sharing are the default preferences I exported from my machine and imported to theirs. The other issue is when only one interior wall is selected they get dimensions for ever wall in the entire plan. (See attached) I have attached both of their plans to see if anyone can see where the issues are. Thank you. Practice Plan Gemma.plan Practice Plan Keith.plan
  12. RobUSMC

    File Management Library Sharing Help

    I have put OneDrive on three PC's and one laptop. I have two designers plus myself. I want us all to be able to access the same User library. when one of us adds a material or symbol we all can see and use it. I had someone help me in the past set up two two pc's sync'd thru a network drive however I think he is super busy and I hate to keep bugging him. We are changing to OneDrive to store and access all plans and libraries. I am leaving town the beginning of the week and when I get back having rotator cuff surgery so I have to get my staff setup asap.
  13. RobUSMC

    Wall Material Issues

  14. RobUSMC

    Tool Bar Issue

    Yes I do realize each view has an independent toolbar. When one gets messed up they all do
  15. RobUSMC

    Frustrated But Thankful

    I am a former US Marine, a firefighter / paramedic, a critical care nurse, a pediatric helicopter flight nurse for 17 years but also have a successful design remodeling firm I started in 1995 so I feel I have some intelligence. I have used chief since 1999, version 8.0 (not X-8) and I still feel I have only scratched the surface of the programs capabilities. When it comes to computing and a programs inter workings such as CA I usually have limited knowledge or clueless and it is frustrating as hell. When I have called support, they start asking have you done this or that and when I tell them I'm not sure what you are referring too it seems that frustrates some of them and they just want to tell you anything to get you off the phone by giving a long list of things it could be.... try this or that then call us back if those don't work or the go to "it must be a system issues" that they will not address. You hang up more frustrated than before. I wish they would just try to help work through issues such as screen share, remote trouble shooting, etc. in an attempt to help. Even though some experienced user on here give some very in depth over my head explanations to solutions (I am NOT complaining about their input at all... I just don't have the technical knowledge), I do get a lot of help here. If it wasn't for Chief Talk I would be lost a lot of times. I do appreciate all the help I have received over the years. Thanks to all.