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  1. Sorry if this has been answered before. I searched the threads but didn't find one for missing library folders. I opened an existing plan and all library folders (Core, Mfg., Users) were listed. While working, I noticed the folders disappeared and I cant figure out what happened. I have all boxes checked when I right click in a panel. Even when I select a tag I get nothing.
  2. Rene do you have a PDF copy of a project layout that used the templates that we could look at and see what we can expect. Thanks
  3. Yeah Ive got those. I was trying to clear up the workspace.
  4. Is it possible to create a custom toolbar and have it have a parent and child list? Example, create a custom cabinet toolbar with a single icon and once selected all cabinets in that toolbar would be visible in the tool pallet or drop down list. Exactly like Chiefs default
  5. I use an Epson ET-16600 Eco Tank. Ive used HP and Brother but they just used a ton of ink. I fill this up about twice a year
  6. It was where it was supposed to be. I installed it for the 3rd time and seemed to work except none of my library tags were brought over from my desktop to my laptop when I imported my desktop user library to the laptop.
  7. Has anyone had the issue of installing X-15, the installer dbx says all files and libraries were loaded satisfactory. However, the program did launch, but the user library did not load but the weird thing is there is not X-15 data folder. Yes I made sure in preferences it had the correct folder path. I've uninstalled rebooted and installed again twice with the same result. I just let the installer do its default thing and didn't change any install directories paths. Hopefully the third time is the charm
  8. Does anyone have a symbol with a single shaker door or drawer head that has a center vertical stile so it creates two panels. My cabinet company wont build a 5 piece door / drawer greater than 22" wide and I use several RAS pullouts that require a 22"-24" wide opening making the door too wide and some pullouts just don't work pulling out between 2 open doors or pullouts meant to have the door mounted to the face of the pullout. I just took a shaker door and added a 3D solid to the front but wont work when opening the drawer. Thanks
  9. A few I use Cassette 1.calibz Cassette 2.calibz
  10. I'm doing a custom pantry and want to add pantry items such as canned food, bags or chips, cereal boxes. I have found some grouped items on 3D WH but Im not great at SU when there are multiple items. It seems when I explode the group it messes up the package labels. The grouped models from 3D WH are larger than I can upload. Below are links. Can someone help we with these please. Also if you have any pantry items to share would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thanks Rene. I just sent you a message
  12. Thank you very much. I looks like in the cabinet schedule it is including the 1.5" countertop thickness on top of the 34.5" actual cabinet height. Is there a way to have it ignore the countertop without deleting the top so it shows the 34.5" cabinet box height versus 36"?