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  1. Does any offer or knows someone that does training on how to get produce better realistic renderings with better light settings.
  2. I spoke to tech support today about the GTX 960M and he said it would rum X-14 but may struggle with heavy rendering but dont be surprised with more X-14 updates it may stop working.
  3. Ive always struggled with lighting settings. In this case I have rope lighting on the bottom of floating cabinets and under a set of uppers. One bottom light shows in rendered view but its brighter one one end that the other, It doesn't show at all on the bottom of the other floating cabinet or the undercabinet string. Attached is the plan. Its just a simple family room. Thanks
  4. Thanks. Like I said in my post, Ive search #D warehouse and didnt find anything close
  5. Would anyone happen to have a loop pendant light that looks like this? Ive searched 3D WH and no luck. Thanks
  6. In the library it states to go to the CWP website to download the catalog but the only thing I can find is for the 2020 design software. We are even a dealer but I cant find a CA file. Has anyone else downloaded this?
  7. Mark, That was perfect. Thank you so very much. If I owe you anything please let me know.
  8. Thank you so much Mark. Can I adjust the rail width. The default "framed" door looks to have a little narrower rails probably 2.5"
  9. In the past after Ive drawn a polyline solid on a wall like for wall tile in a shower I just drew another polyline solid on top of it, opened it and selected "Hole in polyline" to cut out for a window. Im using X-14 for the first time trying to do the same and when I open the second PS there is no box to check to select its a hole. I looked in the user manual and it states the way I was doing it was correct as its always been. See attached from X-12 and now X-14. Can someone tell me where the check box is now located to convert it to a hole? Thanks
  10. Has anyone seen a plain double stacked shaker style door in the library. We build all our own in house and with tall pantry cabinets the lower area doors are usually a single shaker door with a center mid rail. I found one close but it has an inside beaded profile and wont match the other doors. I know I can split a door horizontally but I need them to open as one and be a single area behind the door for rollouts or other. See attached. Thanks
  11. Thanks. I think I'm taking everyone's input and not going with the 4090 and getting the 3090 over the other option of the 3080Ti
  12. Thanks for all the input. Again I am not a tech guy or a gamer. However, Other than having a design build company, I'm also a pediatric trauma flight nurse and absolutely love helicopters and is what I did in the Marine Corps. so from time to time I do play around with a helicopter flight simulator. Just a few more questions... Again the system I have now that I will move to one of my designers is also an alienware and the GPU is the RTX 3060 with an intel i-9 CPU (was the fastest when I got the system a few years ago) Using an online comparison benchmark webite the 4090 seems to blow the 3060 away. I guess my question is if I go with the 3080 Ti or 3090 now, will I see a significant difference in speed, renderings, camera views, raytracing, etc.. compared to the 3060? I don't know if it matters but I do use a 3 monitor system... 32" and two 30". Last question... I see the "Ti" with some chips... what does that mean? My only other two options I have if I dont go with the 4090 is the 3080 Ti or the 3090... Thank you SO much for your help. I'm WAY out of my zone for sure.