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  1. Thank you so much, you're always great help, the one I can't get to do that is the one on the left elevation, it doesn't have a roof under it and the roofs are parallel and the wall is even.
  2. I wasn't able to find it
  3. Because It wasn't connecting properly at the top, there was gaps basically
  4. I unlocked the roof trim and started connecting the frieze board manually but I can't get it to blend at the top.
  5. How can I add trim under board on batten?
  6. Anyone know how to add brick flairs only on top of the garage door?
  7. pdiaz4


    Thank you so much, finally got it!!
  8. pdiaz4


    So the left corbel is correct but still isn't blending in.
  9. pdiaz4


    Here's the plan. Sandcrest SPEC.plan
  10. pdiaz4


    All of them are turned on
  11. pdiaz4


    So I did it exactly how the video was, I tried f12, I tried rebuild walls and it doesn't work. I drew another plan to see if it was me not doing it correctly and it worked, I'm assuming it's because of that second wall kinda creeping out but the walls are the same sizes.
  12. pdiaz4


    How do I shape it in the elevation view? I try creating breaks and it won't allow me to break and manipulate it
  13. pdiaz4


    Thank you! Did you use poly line and make it a solid as well?
  14. pdiaz4


    It is thin like the wall