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  1. myrtsbnye

    Interactive 3D Options

    Thanks to both of you. Those videos are just what I was looking for!
  2. myrtsbnye

    Interactive 3D Options

    Hello All, Had a real estate client ask if we could supply them with interactive 3D views of a spec house we are working on. I know Chief can do renderings (Interior and exterior) and walkthroughs, etc. Is there any interactive options? As in the viewer can control where they go and what they look at on the real estate agent's website. Thanks for any help.
  3. myrtsbnye

    Elevation Door Labels

    That did it, would like an easier solution thought...oh well... Thanks
  4. myrtsbnye

    Elevation Door Labels

    Whenever I show door labels on the elevations the labels of interior doors are shown as well. This is confusing. The interior door labels are shown whenever the door is seen through a window. Is there a way to turn off the interior door labels?
  5. myrtsbnye

    Created Railing Symbol Continuous beyond Newels

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the time and effort you all took to resolve my question. I ended up going the molding polyline method. There were 5 different decks (small apartment building) and each deck was a different size. Using the molding polyline method was quick and the results were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
  6. myrtsbnye

    Created Railing Symbol Continuous beyond Newels

    No, I haven't tried moldings. Will give it a shot, thanks.
  7. I've attached an image of the railing symbol I've created. What the architect wants is a glass panel centered on the newel as shown. She also wants two rails as shown (attached to the outside edge of the newel posts) except the rails are to be continuous by the newels. As you can see the rails stop at each newel post. Is there a way to get the rails continuous? Thanks
  8. myrtsbnye

    Extending Door Jamb/Window Sill Beyond Main Layer

    Perfect, Thanks Gene. I looked all through the object info and didn't see this option at all. I'll have to update my profile. Thanks again Gene
  9. My exterior walls typically are 2"x6" stud, sheathing with 2" rigid insulation and 1"x3" strapping then wood siding. The 2"x6" stud wall is on the main layer and everything else I've listed are on the exterior layer. This way when I build the foundation the concrete wall lines up with the 2"x6" wall. The drawback is the door and window casings are drawn on the main layer only with the rigid insulation, strapping and siding standing proud of the casings. I would like the casing at the strapping layer. Is there a way that this can be done and the concrete wall still line up with the 2"x6" wall? Thanks for any help.
  10. myrtsbnye

    Odd roof, can I do this in Chief

    Thanks Michael, I'll give that a shot.
  11. I have an odd roof line I would like to show in CA. The attached file shows what I did as a conceptual drawing in Autocad, I used a mesh to draw the roof line. Basically, its a mono slope roof with a twist (literally). The high point of the monotruss on the front is on the opposite side than on the back. There is probably a name for this shape but I don't know it. If this can be done within Chief that would be great. Thanks all for any help. 0216-019 Beaver Harbour Preliminary Floorplan For Roof Autocad Layout1 (1).pdf
  12. myrtsbnye

    Want to change a window number in schedule

    Thanks Don, That did it. And thank you Eric for your help as well.
  13. myrtsbnye

    Want to change a window number in schedule

    Thanks, While that does work for me the only drawback is it then applies different number s for every window even if they are identical. Just wondering if there is a way to manually renumber a window.
  14. Hello all, I have a situation where I have three very similar windows. They are the exact same size and overall construction, a double transom window over a double window. The differences in the windows is one window the bottom double window is op/fixed, the next window is fixed/op and the last window is fixed/fixed. The problem I am having is they are all showing up as the same window in the schedule, in this case are all listed as W20. Is there a way I can change the window numbers? Thanks for any help.