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  1. Hello all, Is there a way to show this roof to wall waterfall type effect? I can do the roof and the wall separately but its the point at which the roof transitions to the wall. I can't seem to get a smooth transition. I appreciate any help offered.
  2. Thanks Doug, the cross section slider works great. Thanks everyone for responding.
  3. Wondering if there is a way to clip the exterior or even the interior walls horizontally in the orthographic floor overview? For example, would it be possible to show the exterior walls at, say, 3' tall? I know you can hide the exterior walls facing the camera, Just wondering if we can show the walls shorter instead (included the windows and doors) Thanks for any help.
  4. Sorry, wasn't question was about a way to easily position one on each step.
  5. Hello All, Have a client that wants LED strips under the bullnose of the stair treads and along the underside of the railing. Is there a way to do that besides adding each one by hand? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. That was my fear. Thanks for your quick responses Chopsaw and Ben. Luckily the project is in it's infancy and will not take much time to recreate in X13. Was hoping to save a couple hours though.
  7. Is there a way to save a plan file as an older version of CA? Was sent an X14 file to work on but don't have X14. Similar to what Autocad allows... Thanks for your time,
  8. TL DR - Is there a way to import Autocad 3D objects into CA? I've tried and only the 2D objects in the drawing import. When I check the layer display options in CA the 3D layers are imported...just not used. Hello All About 15 years ago I did 3D drawings of log homes in Autocad. At the time I used Accurender to create renderings. This combination worked well enough for the projects I did at the time. Then the need for renderings dried up and I just continued using autocad for the construction drawings for the log homes (no 3D required). I've since moved over to CA for conventional home plans. Now an old log home customer is interested in a reno and would like to see it in a rendering. His house was one of the homes that I did do in 3D so the model is set to go but I do not have Accurender any longer. I can get a trial version for this one off but there would be a learning curve considering I haven't used it in over a decade and have lost all my materials I created specifically for the renderings. I tried to import the 3D drawing into CA and the 3D objects don't import. Is this a limitation or am I missing something (I usually am missing something)? Even if this is possible it may still not be the answer I am looking for. In the end I'm just looking for a way to render a "quick" reno to an old autocad model. Maybe the answer is it would not be worth the time and elevations in Autocad would be sufficient here. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks robdyck, both those textures look great. I have to learn how to make my own textures.
  10. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a material/texture similar to the attached pic? I've looked online and cannot find anything. I figure it has too many different size stones to make a good texture. Thanks
  11. Thanks to all, the options make sense (considering what I have been doing). Thanks for your time.
  12. Hello all, I work for an architect who likes to make numerous revisions, options, etc (I get paid by the hour so I say bring it on). She would like each one saved and labeled in case the client wants to go back to an old version (For example I have 52 plan files for a home we just completed). Problem I have is this is very cumbersome and nonefficient. Also, every time I rename a file I have to redo the layout file. With all the online videos on the Chief website and youtube I can't find help with this...I assume I am not asking the correct questions to find what I am looking for. I have looked for file management. Where should I look? Thanks for any help.
  13. Thanks Michael, yes I should "dust off" the manual. I did end up using construction lines and they did work great. On another note, in two weeks my family and I will be in Montreal. The kids want to go to La Ronde, I want to go to Rueben's for a smoked meat sandwich. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  14. Hello all, I have an issue with one house plan. Whenever I try to align a wall with the wall above (or from the other floor..the wall below) the walls do not align. When I try to align the wall on the main floor with the wall in the basement the main floor wall is aligned with the center of the foundation wall. If I try from the foundation the main floor wall is almost aligned with the inside edge of the concrete wall. This is strange considering I have used the same wall types on other plans with no issues at all. The walls are nontypical as main flor wall is 2"x6" with rigid insulation and stone veneer, the foundation is ICF with stone veneer. The 2"x6" studded wall is the main layer of the foundation wall and the concrete portion of the ICF is the main layer of the foundation. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. Thanks everyone. I will try the suggestions here. I appreciate your time.