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  1. I have a floor plan that is too long to fit straight on the layout so I need to rotate it. Only , my dims flip to the other side of the line. I really want to keep the dims on the side of the line I drew them on. Is there something that can be clicked to prevent the dims from flipping when rotating in layout? Yes, I did look. X12 in Win10
  2. I've been thinking of making use of the M.2 SSD that's available, for what I understand, it's right in the bus and the read/write is much faster. I also edit videos and that is a resource hog. The page Dermot shared has a lot of good information. Thank you for that.
  3. Typo Yes . . . 3.6 and not 9.6. One thing I did notice, if I have numerous cameras open, that seems to slow things down. No lights on (yet). No 3D plants. (yet) Thanks everybody. Plenty of advice and things to check here. When I chose this machine I chose not to get cheap here. This machine is very popular with the 3D gamers for its "Speed". That was about 3 years ago and you know how it goes. Six months later it was yesterday's top of the line computer. Hard Drive is: Seagate Desktop HDD ST2000DM001 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive I've been
  4. I've notice as my project and CA Plan File grows, my computer seems to slow down. I have a MSI MAG Z3990M Mortar i9-9900K CPU @9.60GHz with 32GB RAM. GPU is a GeForce NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti. I've order a 64GB RAM Upgrade kit hoping to speed things up a little. My CA.PLAN file is now at 25MB. Example, when editing a roof, when I click on a roof edge it takes a few seconds for it to select the edge. Then after the edit, a few seconds for it to complete the edit. It's aggravating waiting on it.
  5. I was hoping for some more insight on the line between the Garage and the House and to get it to automatically locate in the correct location. Actually, if I take the camera tool and snap a photo of that wall, the resulting image has the drop in the slab at the correct location. But, on my foundation plan it is not in the correct location. If only I could explode the foundation drawing then edit it using CAD lines that would work. Call me nuts, but I made a layer called "CAD, White Out" that has a color of White and a line thickness of 55. I actually White Out the unwanted lines then redraw th
  6. Actually by Kbird1's post, I was able to create and save a "Saved Plan View" that took care of the hatching and shading and footing issue. My only issue now is getting the step from the house to garage to locate in the correct place. It's a work around but defeats the Auto-Rebuild function. I clicked on the foundation wall between the house and garage. Broke (#3 on keyboard) the wall right at the spot where the rear garage wall and the front garage wall met it. Then clicked on the remaining section and moved it to the left 5 1/2" so the line was in the correct location. But I really don't like
  7. Good Question. Most of the time the perimeter wall around the Garage is 2x4, then the "Curb" would be 3 1/2". Sometimes the perimeter wall around the Garage is 2x6, especially when we have several floors above or I have plumbing coming down those walls, then the Curb would be 5 1/2".
  8. Thanks KBird, I watched a vid about that sort of thing. I will study up on that. Jerry K.
  9. Hey Guys! A lot of great progress. If I ever run into you at a CA event remind me I owe you an Adult Beverage. Thank you! There are still a few minor issues. When I Turn Off the "Walls, Layers" I lose the hatching on the Floor Plan. Is there a workaround for this? More importantly, the line that depicts the drop in the slab from the house floor is in the wrong location. See Screen Shots. How can we adjust it so the line shows where I have it drawn in red? Jerry K. garage problem.plan
  10. Greetings everybody. I've been trying to figure out the settings so my Slab Foundations would come out the way I need for them to. Attached are a couple of screen shots and an example plan I quickly drawn up. First, all I want are the lines of the foundation surface only. No footing or hatching to show. Also, around the garage walls, if I use 2x6 stud wall, aka 2x6 Brick wall, I want the (what I call the "Curb") to be the same width of the stud wall above it or in this case 5 1/2". If I have a 2x4 Stud with Brick Wall then a 3 1/2" curb. Most appreciate of any suggestions and
  11. That helps. Thank you very much. (When I'm watching videos, my wifey thinks I'm playing and not working).
  12. Where can I find tutorials on flat roofs? Working on a Modern/Contemporary Design. Here is an image my client sent to me:
  13. Actually, Andersen Windows have them and I just downloaded the CALIB.