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  1. Korel_Design

    Removing old versions of CA from HD

    I deleted the program files of the old X3 through X7. I moved the Data Files from the Documents Folder to a special folder on my D Drive where I have tons of space, just in case. Is there a way to have CA point to the new location of the Data Files without having to someday maybe move them back? Or is it easier to simply move them back?
  2. Korel_Design

    Removing old versions of CA from HD

    Thanks David, So true about the size of the C drive. It's a SSD and not a partition so it suppose to be super fast or something. I think I can actually pick up maybe 25 to 30 GB by deleting the older versions. I don't do others work and only my own so having an older version is really not any issue. Next time around my C drive will be at least 500GB. Later Dude, JK
  3. Korel_Design

    Removing old versions of CA from HD

    My "C" drive is a 250GB SSD. While doing some PhotoShop work last night I ran out of space on my HD. I had the "C" drive set as my "PS Scratch Drive" (temporary storage). I presently have 65GB of free space on the "C" Drive. I have now set in PS Preferences my "D" Drive as my Scratch Drive. Drives "D" & "E" are both 2TB Hard Drive with plenty of space. I looked at what all I have installed and I have all versions of CA all the way back to X3. The X3 Data Folder in Documents is over 10GB in size itself. My Question is; Would it be non-prudent to remove the older versions from my machine if I never use them and have no plans to ever use them any longer?
  4. Korel_Design

    Coping on pony wall

    That is sort of what I've been doing. I thought maybe there was a more easier way. Thanks You All.
  5. Korel_Design

    Coping on pony wall

    Can I add that in the Wall Specification DBX? or after the wall is there on the plan?
  6. Korel_Design

    Coping on pony wall

    Is there a short cut method of adding a coping or trim on a lower pony wall?
  7. Korel_Design

    Base Line Height

    Thanks. I'll figure something out. Never-the-less....... the framers in the field will just call me a knuckle head and do it their way.
  8. Korel_Design

    Base Line Height

    Your detail is a bit different:
  9. Korel_Design

    Base Line Height

    The term "Base Line" takes getting use to. I grew up framing houses where the bottom of the rafter was notched (Bird's Mouth) where it was teetering on the inside of the plate height.
  10. Korel_Design

    Base Line Height

    If the eave (overhang) of a 12:12 roof is the same as the eave of a 8:12 roof then they have to be on different plate heights. The intersecting roofs the are 90° apart. The left to right pitch is 12:12. The front to back is 8:12. Therefore, the eave depth and the fascia height can not be the same.
  11. Korel_Design

    Base Line Height

    The the Baseline outside of the stud wall where it seems to apply itself automatically. Of course the Fascia Heights are the same, but the roof eaves will also vary.
  12. Korel_Design

    Base Line Height

    If you were drawing a hip roof that had a combination of two different roof pitches, such as 12:12 on the left to right slopes and 8:12 on the front to back slopes, shouldn't the Base Line Heights be the same?
  13. Korel_Design

    Looking for somebody in Washington State

    Thanks Sageland (what's you first name or full name?) I just forwarded your information to the client. I hope it works out. Jerry K.
  14. I have a client who really needs somebody local to him to draw his plans. Kennewick and Zip code 99336 is his location. Too involved for me to do him proper good being long distance and I am six weeks out. Contact me.
  15. Korel_Design

    Explode Slab Foundation

    Eric, That looks like what I need. I will work on your list of things to make it work. Thanks, JK