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  1. I just updated the tags on this thread so if someone thinks I should do something else to make it more visible just let me know. Thanks
  2. So just to update everyone on what we discovered with this error. I updated my signature to reflect the current system I am using! With that being said I was using a Dell Thunderbolt docking station prior to receiving the 49" Dell Monitor in November. The limitations of that docking station would not allow me to have the 3 monitors connected at all times, so I then purchased a Startech.com docking station that would support this setup of monitors. Unannounced to me at the time the station uses Displaylink technology via 2 display ports that when running everything I use besid
  3. Yeah I have never had a problem like this either. I will be calling when they open. Thanks I have restarted several times, I have been out for 3 weeks so it hasn't been used for a while. Unsure if any updates to windows has caused it since it has been so long. Thanks anyway, I will just wait on support to open.
  4. unable to open any plans, can't even open the program to start a new plan.
  5. Friends I went to open a plan this morning and have found a glitch with the program. Whenever I try to run the program or open a plan it simply does nothing. I have tried to run as administrator, repair the file, verified the update, uninstalled and reinstalled and I am still unable to open the program. No error codes, no dialogue boxes, or any notifications. Support doesn't open for another couple of hours so I thought I would see if anyone here may have a fix or another thought on what I should check to get it running. Thanks in advance for your time. Mike
  6. If I turn all layers off nothing shows on the screen?
  7. No laughing! Im no professional at this!! Thanks bobbit plan.plan
  8. Yep thats what Ive got as well! See my frustration!!
  9. I appreciate both of you and didn't mean to cause anyone to have to diagnose the problem, as I have worked on it and struggled for several days with it. My auto dimensions are locating it seems nearly everything for whatever reason 75 % of the home? Why is it doing this? How can I get it to stop? I have used auto dimensions to easily toggle them off on and not draw manual dimensions all the time. That's why I wanted to just get it back to the default and I could stop searching for a fix. If you have a fix I am willing to try it.
  10. Here is a screen shot, I dont need all of these measurements and cant get any changes I make to get them off!
  11. Friends I have done something to our program that I cannot seem to figure out in regards to our dimension settings and showing things by defaults and preferences, and I just want to reset everything! Basically, I would rather just start it all over and begin again fresh with the entire program to the defaults it came with new! Can this be done? If so how? Should I just uninstall and reinstall? Thanks for your help.