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  1. The plan I have attached is currently a mess and I am in the process of cleaning and finalizing, however I am having issue with creating a foundation wall that allows a 24 inch floor truss to be set inside the foundation wall along with using a 8inch block and then using 4 inch block on the top 2 courses. Has anyone ever accomplished this? TIA, Mike 2021-10-13 Curtis Plan to Chief Help.zip
  2. I appreciate everyone's attempt to help, despite me not sending the files. I will remember to do that in the future. I had a void between the 2 decks and when the stairs were put over the area they would not support the snapping. I enlarged the deck and it immediately fixed my issues. Thanks again.
  3. Friends, this time I am adding the plans! I have attached 2 screenshots of my issues. I have a soffit area on a roof plane that is drawing differently than the rest and I cannot find anything in my settings that are different. If someone could drop a line as to what I am doing wrong to cause this it would be greatly appreciated. I also have some alignment issues on an area of my exterior walls and foundation exterior coverings not aligning. I am still fairly new at this and am afraid it will cause something to be built incorrectly even though it appears my walls and foundations are aligned. Thanks for any insight and help. Curtis New layout.zip
  4. Stair snapping around a corner worked flawlessly on the original creation and I used the material eye dropper to match the deck materials and color. (maybe that shouldn't be done or done another way?) When I did that it unsnapped the corners, I thought I would finish with all the steps then resnap them together! Well it doesnt work now and when I used the undo option it removed the colors and materials to original but did not resnap the stairs. I have deleted the stairs and drawn new, however they still will not snap! I also just added a link to a video here so you can see the settings and that they are not snapping together. https://www.loom.com/share/22e0ba8e0c6447a49829732290fc6d5a Anyone know what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it? Thanks for your help, have a great day!
  5. I just updated the tags on this thread so if someone thinks I should do something else to make it more visible just let me know. Thanks
  6. So just to update everyone on what we discovered with this error. I updated my signature to reflect the current system I am using! With that being said I was using a Dell Thunderbolt docking station prior to receiving the 49" Dell Monitor in November. The limitations of that docking station would not allow me to have the 3 monitors connected at all times, so I then purchased a Startech.com docking station that would support this setup of monitors. Unannounced to me at the time the station uses Displaylink technology via 2 display ports that when running everything I use besides Chief Architect was working fine. Due to holidays and covid, I returned to work yesterday, and when you open CA the program detects the system is not meeting the minimum requirements to operate. If I disconnect the monitors from the display ports and only use the HDMI connected monitor the program loads and I can then connect the other 2 monitors and use the program. However, I was told that if I tried to render or do some other tasks it would most likely crash the program and would have to restart, thus lose recent work as well possibly. So if anyone is looking at using a docking station with their setup, I wanted to bring to your attention, the possible limitations of such a setup and a costly miscalculation! I would be glad to discuss further if needed and am going to start another thread with this information for easier finding in the future for others who may be researching uses of docking stations in their setup. Hope this helps someone, stay safe, and thanks!
  7. Yeah I have never had a problem like this either. I will be calling when they open. Thanks I have restarted several times, I have been out for 3 weeks so it hasn't been used for a while. Unsure if any updates to windows has caused it since it has been so long. Thanks anyway, I will just wait on support to open.
  8. unable to open any plans, can't even open the program to start a new plan.
  9. Friends I went to open a plan this morning and have found a glitch with the program. Whenever I try to run the program or open a plan it simply does nothing. I have tried to run as administrator, repair the file, verified the update, uninstalled and reinstalled and I am still unable to open the program. No error codes, no dialogue boxes, or any notifications. Support doesn't open for another couple of hours so I thought I would see if anyone here may have a fix or another thought on what I should check to get it running. Thanks in advance for your time. Mike
  10. If I turn all layers off nothing shows on the screen?
  11. No laughing! Im no professional at this!! Thanks bobbit plan.plan
  12. Yep thats what Ive got as well! See my frustration!!