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  1. But you're not the answer I'm looking for. I'm looking to answer the question if custom commands are possible in chief.
  2. Is there a way to write a custom command to auto-place lights? I've used chat GTP to write code that I'd like to utilize. I have attached a word file and pdf that I need proof read and corrected. I can have that done. Below is the code, but I'm not sure if it will format correctly: Sub PlaceLights() 'Ask the user to select the room size and ceiling height Dim roomWidth As Double Dim roomLength As Double Dim roomHeight As Double roomWidth = InputBox("Enter the width of the room in feet:") roomLength = InputBox("Enter the length of the room in feet:") roomHeight = InputBox("Enter the height of the room in feet:") 'Calculate the square footage of the room based on user input Dim roomArea As Double roomArea = roomWidth * roomLength 'Determine the recommended lighting level for the room based on the ceiling height and room type Dim lightLevel As Double Select Case roomHeight Case Is <= 8 lightLevel = 10 Case Is <= 9 lightLevel = 20 Case Is <= 10 lightLevel = 30 Case Is <= 12 lightLevel = 40 Case Else MsgBox "Invalid ceiling height" Exit Sub End Select 'Calculate the number of lights needed based on the room size and the recommended spacing Dim lightSpacing As Double If roomArea <= 100 Then lightSpacing = 48 ElseIf roomArea <= 225 Then lightSpacing = 64 ElseIf roomArea <= 400 Then lightSpacing = 80 Else lightSpacing = 96 End If Dim lightCount As Integer lightCount = Application.RoundUp((roomWidth + roomLength) / lightSpacing, 0) 'Determine the optimal spacing for the lights based on the room size and ceiling height Dim xOffset As Double Dim yOffset As Double If roomWidth >= roomLength Then xOffset = lightSpacing yOffset = lightSpacing * roomLength / roomWidth Else xOffset = lightSpacing * roomWidth / roomLength yOffset = lightSpacing End If 'Place the lights in a rectangular or square pattern within the room Dim lightType As String lightType = InputBox("Enter the light diameter (4 or 6):") Dim x As Integer Dim y As Integer Dim light As Object For x = 1 To lightCount For y = 1 To lightCount Set light = ActiveDocument.CreateLight("Recessed Can Light", lightType & """", "General") light.Move (x - 1) * xOffset, (y - 1) * yOffset, roomHeight - 48 Next y Next x 'Generate a report or summary of the lighting plan for the room Dim report As String report = "Room Size: " & roomWidth & " ft x " & roomLength & " ft" & vbCrLf report = report & "Ceiling Height: " & roomHeight & " ft" & vbCrLf report = report & "Recommended Light Level: " & lightLevel & " lux" & vbCrLf report = report & "Number of Lights: " & lightCount ^ 2 & vbCrLf report = report & "Light Spacing: " & lightSpacing & " in" & vbCrLf report = report & "Light Type: " & lightType & """ Recessed Can Light" & vbCrLf MsgBox report Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff Sub PlaceLights.docx Sub PlaceLights.pdf
  3. You bring up a good point about the drivers. Historically, the AMD drivers have been hit or miss. Chief helpdesk wants me to check OpenGL setting and stuff when I get home this evening. I'll keep everyone posted.
  4. Not to brag, but yeah, I used all of AMDs flagship stuff in this build. Put it all in a pelican case and them about 90% done with it. I still have cooling and some plexiglass to add but nothing is running too hot as long as I keep it open for now. I'm able to do fast render passes while playing in VR without any significant quality loss. This was just all a sudden
  5. I have tried 'refresh display' and 'rebuild 3D' with no results. This evening, I'm replying to a helpdesk ticket where Chief asked for some hardware setting specifics. I'll keep this post updated as to what they suggest.
  6. Has anyone had their elevations become corrupted lately? The only fix for me is to open up the elevation and send to layout on some junk page I'm not going to print. This restores the elevation on the elevations page I intend to print. I'm an advanced user and have tried all the visual styles, plot lines, etc.. I feel like this is a hardware issue, driver issue, or software bug.
  7. Jeff, I'm located in Sulphur, LA. I own SWLA Drafting LLC, which has been gone by other names in the past. I've been in the residential house plan business for over 10 years now. Check out my website for a sample of what I can do. My email address is I use X10 if compatibility is an issue. I am also upgrading my hardware to better run renderings, as my computer locks up in physics based mode whenever over 50 lights are on simultaneously. If you need renderings run, I can help there too. Thanks, Jeff Scoggins SWLA Drafting LLC