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  1. mscpbd

    Wood burning Fireplace - X11

    It's still showing under the "Build" tab in the X11 help file. Thanks for answering my question everyone! It would have been nice if they would have undated their help file to let us know to add it! Debra
  2. I'm not sure what is going on but a masonry fireplace is not showing up under the build tab of X11 for me. Has it been moved or am I looking in the wrong place? Debra
  3. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    Not sure but I will say that it is weird. I'm installing everything on another laptop and it works fine. Thanks guys! Debra
  4. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    I just installed X11 on my new laptop and apparently there is some kind of issue with x11 on my older one. I'm just glad to find out it's not the program and that my drawings will look correct. Thanks so much! Debra
  5. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    I'll check it out and see... I'll post what happens.
  6. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    Yes, and I created a new file in X10... tested the linestyle and they work perfectly. I'm wondering if this version has been corrupted or something, it's very weird?
  7. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    I really appreciate you looking at the file. I have no idea what is going on; I've never seen this issue with Chief before on this computer. I guess I'll be digging more. Thanks again, Debra
  8. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    You have got to be kidding me... now I'm really not sure what is going on.
  9. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    Same location as X9 X10 and X11 - different folders of course.
  10. mscpbd

    Line Styles

  11. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    I'm just not finding anything that looks unusual; I might have to post it to the chief techs. Debra
  12. mscpbd

    Line Styles

    I'm sure I have to be missing something but I can't seem to get the linestyles to show up right in X11. The dashes, centerlines, etc all look like solid lines; I've had no problems in any other version in reference to line spacing/styles. BTW - the thickness works fine, it's the line spaces. Debra
  13. mscpbd


    I just found it! Fantastic... there is always something new to learn! Thank you for responding Larry, I had them all on and didn't notice it.
  14. mscpbd


    I love the new note feature but I'm really wanting to create notes for different sheets and not continue with the same numbering and schedule. I'd really like to be able to have a note like A1 to appear on the elevation sheet A2... A3 E1 to appear on the electrical sheet E2 etc. Maybe I've missed something but I can't figure out how to do that, everytime a add a new note it just adds to the same schedule. I would like to have the notes on the page needed, only. Debra
  15. mscpbd

    Imported lighting in schedule

    Thanks Mick, I missed that one!