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  1. it was there for me just looking at it now
  2. just a thought with out reading this whole thread check to see you don't have your snaps turned off that can play a role in base lines getting messed up
  3. Sorry no help it sounds like a good feature suggestion as brick just don’t float on there own
  4. It’s not set wrong in preferences architectural to select room before wall
  5. i had a play with your file it might be enough to get you going if you need other change i can do it as i have chief x6 install on old laptop as that should be compatible with version 2015 designer 01Feb2019_Project mark alter.plan
  6. Posabiltys walls not connect at intersection one or all walls checked as no room definition in wall dialog
  7. Probly need more info like picture of or sample of tile
  8. those planes popping up are because you dont have the roof edge on the gable at -135 deg they are something like like -135.311666° select the roof plane edge look at selected line tab
  9. Not sure if you have ssa paid but if you do watch some videos on roof building you might even find some on youtube
  10. i cant see a way to scale it with this method correct me if i am wrong
  11. Good idea thanks Micheal I have been struggling with problem also
  12. Sorry scott that was wrong but it does work in win10 firefox
  13. the arrow top left of view i think that is what you want
  14. improved takeoff capabilitys where did you here that
  15. Mick is right I did build a new floor level it is just in the roof space also I changed your landing to a floor platform and as for the open below bit just define it that way with walls all will be good
  16. Give that a try i had to build new floor level Ames Barn.plan
  17. If you send me a photo example I will try and make it with genetica
  18. Mark3D


    Yes it does but don't forget it is a plugin to something like sketch up ,c4d or 3dmax so you would need one of those it does not plugin to chief
  19. Can you give a bit more info as chief can do 2d site plans quiet well there are good training videos about this topic or do you mean a 3D model of terrain ? Also what version of chief are using
  20. I might be on the wrong track here but if you have spray painted a new material on a object and change it defaults it won’t change until you tell it to use it’s default material
  21. I had a go at your freeze problem and got it working in x 10 but was a bit tricky I would give your wall asbuilt layer like bricks and render so yo can see if they are facing the right way as they are mixed up because the were not drawn clock wise , also those complicate walls on the lower story are giving chief a hard time to start with I would delete some of them and replace with soffits so the walls are smooth from lower to first floor also I think it helps if you give the roof a bit more over hang like 14 “ i have all my previse versions of chief but are missing my key code to x6 so can’t send a file with it working you may be better getting that bit working with molding lines and just push on with rest of your roof as it is tricky to trouble shoot
  22. what version of chief are you using its good to put that into chief talk signature so people can fix problem and send the file back to you and you, will be able to open it if there version is correct
  23. give this a try i think its what you want Britton.Roney.plan
  24. You could make the parking lot floor terrain in a seperate file just that area export it out as a symbol and import in to your file or you could maybe use roof plains as the floor