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  1. I had a go at it but i don't think it is quite right but the idea is there i would start again with a single stair unit and landing you have 2 stair sections and i am not sure why Pergola.plan
  2. can you show all 4 elevations
  3. See if that is getting you on the right path Pergola.plan
  4. Select all the walls that control the roof over those 2 rooms and set roof settings that should fix the problem is you have multiple pitches 3 in 12 and 4 in 12 also you have some walls set to extended down slope the just need to be set to hip and 3 in 12 possible
  5. solver has some good videos on dormers
  6. Mark3D


    See if this is what you want its done with auto roof planjune9.plan
  7. I opened your file in x14 rtrt and x13pbr and don't see wall color problem
  8. I built your terrain see if you can make use of it , it is my best guess as to what your are trying to achieve Step 30-Plex
  9. I had a look at the file Your short cut of not building the terrain correctly is haunting you the negative value in terrain feature does not work build the terrain correctly and your problem should be fixed
  10. To trouble shoot I change the color and line weight of the elevation data so it stands out then look to see if you have overlapping elevation data or even turn all layers off and just show elevation data and study it my guess is you will have elevation data set wrong to cause the problem
  11. You have posted a dwg file they need your .plan file
  12. Watch some training videos on roofs railings and rooms
  13. Have a look at this file it should get you moving in the right direction As-Built.plan
  14. Terrain imported you just need to move it across to your house as you gave me no info as to placement and set the height as described in above post remember to rebuild terrain 21-144 Floor Plan Final
  15. The merged cad if you are going to try 13159-BNDRY & topo.dwg
  16. The terrain does not copy it converts to cad, so either you can watch the video and i can share the merged cad, or you can or share your plan file and i can re import the terrain
  17. i had a go it might get what you want , I had to merge the to files then did the terrain import as shown in this video also to raise and lower the terrain to suit building height adjust subfloor height above terrain in terrain specification dialog Import a Surveyor DWG file for a Site Plan or Terrain Perimeter ( Terrain import.plan
  18. Here is a file with auto roof it may help you 1467467882_existing-dormer-fix(1)Mark.plan
  19. Watch this you tube video
  20. Have look at this plan i rebuilt the roof with some other changes noted in the plan, its like you have found a condition that is tricking chief 1467467882_existing-dormer-fix(1)Mark.plan
  21. If understand set ceilings to 9’ and lower your roof planes to 60” and that should cut your walls down
  22. if you give me a plan with your model i will put the terrain in it if you want i also had no end of trouble with the cad file i think it has something to do with the contour line being blocked not sure
  23. upload your home designer file and i will have a go at it