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  1. But is the box ticked as it won’t change if not
  2. See if you can make work it with this file all dimensions hooked to the 6 bolt holes 199751048_Level2.plan
  3. Not sure what you mean Try watching a training video on manual dimension see if that helps
  4. Check out the 290 dimension 199751048_Level2.plan
  5. What chief version are you using so i can share the file showing working
  6. End to end snaps to its centre shift away as there are so many things and it could be snapping to other things it worked for me
  7. Additionally, there are multiple objects present, such as another circle and dotted lines. I shifted the circle over and then connected the dimension to it.
  8. use end to end dimensions as point to point snaps to its own marker not to objects its so you can place a dimension anywhere
  9. Explode the block and remove the dimension labeled '225' that's using a marker. I believe you should use the point-to-point dimension tool instead of the end-to-end dimension tool.
  10. also i notice that a dimension is connected to a marker
  11. I'm uncertain about what you're attempting to do, but is it's blocked, perhaps a screenshot with a note explaining your intention might help.
  12. Upon reflection, it is correct to say that the chief will only attempt to shift it and not alter its size.
  13. I am not a expert with this stuff, but delete your dimension and see if auto shown dimensions will work
  14. Clicking on the dimension that displays an object's size does not reveal the move type selectors; however, clicking on the dimension that extends to another object will display the handles.
  15. Do you use these options as shown in image
  16. Do you have photo examples
  17. try zip or compress the file see if that gets it below 14meg right click the file compress to zip file
  18. see if that helps there is still some problems with stairs
  19. Mark3D


    See if that is what you are try to do 1432567310_davidNixonplan1.plan
  20. Mark3D


    When i try to download i get a message unavailable, you try to download its, like something has happen when you uploaded the file not sure.
  21. Mark3D


    Up load your plan I am sure someone can get you going in the right direction
  22. Give this file a go its a bit rough I think it will be good enough i drew over the pdf in a app concepts with apple pencil then exported it to dxf you just need to import scale it and give the lines elevation heights elevations.dxf
  23. I if you do trace the contours I would try tracing every second major contour and see if that works often less is best you can always add
  24. Sorry i should have looked at your pdf those dashed lines are the problem i am trying a convert on my end just to see what happens