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  1. Often you only need the major contours from the cad plan
  2. Delete roof baseline polylines go to edit menu delete objects. then select roof baseline polylines.
  3. Start with auto roof then with tricky bits adjust manual edit roof plane.
  4. Its not like a cheap price has been paid to use the software over the years has been paid it was fare money and then to be told it is now worth nothing thats what it looks like when big business has it way and says stuff you to its existing
  5. A screen shot would help as i cannot see problem, plus update you signature to x14 it will help save time for those trying to help you There is framing blead through if it is that turn roof framing layer
  6. Has anyone found 3d plants and trees to buy that are not to high surfaces and suitable for chief i have chiefs bonus items but would like more
  7. This is what I am getting, I don't know your software, but you may need to turn off auto roofs if you can in your software
  8. Have a look at this file and see if its works for you 419 old sherman mod 2.plan
  9. If you are ever struggling with 3d model side of things just send me a private message, I can zoom or other to help
  10. When exporting use a higher resolution like 2048 you will get smaller grout line
  11. Here is a quick go at it to help you pool room.plan
  12. what version of chief are you using
  13. I had a go at it but i don't think it is quite right but the idea is there i would start again with a single stair unit and landing you have 2 stair sections and i am not sure why Pergola.plan
  14. can you show all 4 elevations
  15. See if that is getting you on the right path Pergola.plan
  16. Select all the walls that control the roof over those 2 rooms and set roof settings that should fix the problem is you have multiple pitches 3 in 12 and 4 in 12 also you have some walls set to extended down slope the just need to be set to hip and 3 in 12 possible
  17. solver has some good videos on dormers
  18. Mark3D


    See if this is what you want its done with auto roof planjune9.plan
  19. I opened your file in x14 rtrt and x13pbr and don't see wall color problem
  20. I built your terrain see if you can make use of it , it is my best guess as to what your are trying to achieve Step 30-Plex
  21. I had a look at the file Your short cut of not building the terrain correctly is haunting you the negative value in terrain feature does not work build the terrain correctly and your problem should be fixed
  22. To trouble shoot I change the color and line weight of the elevation data so it stands out then look to see if you have overlapping elevation data or even turn all layers off and just show elevation data and study it my guess is you will have elevation data set wrong to cause the problem