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  1. Sorry that file is in x9 i will upload a x7 version
  2. try this file it might help its looking clean Mountain Star.plan
  3. just be patient there are lot smarter users than me they will have a better idea
  4. Brick ledge is for monolithic slab so the outside brick skin goes below the floor suface like one or two bricks or more if needed it take the bricks down to ground level
  5. White bleed thru I fixed it by changing the brick ledge step down in wall type define dialog from 48 to 0 not sure if that is a problem in other area but it fixed it
  6. the L shaped deck has ceiling turned on that maybe the gap you are talking about turn it off that gets rid of that gap
  7. There is still a white material blead thru not sure about that yet
  8. To start with your top story walls don't line up with lower story walls turn on reference layer and you will see , you can align them manualy or use align with lower wall tool in the selected wall toolbar
  9. I have one more little glitch related to pony wall is also has me stumped
  10. Thank you Chopsaw that worked perfectly and on the texture model i did not get that little clitch either so very happy
  11. Thats strange that it worked on your end
  12. Dragging the bottom walls up seem to work i could not see any change trying Balloon Through Ceiling Above
  13. that did not help but thanks anyway
  14. Sorry i think i uploaded the wrong file i have just re up loaded the file you should see it now
  15. Does any one now what is causing this hole Beach_St_Units_3D_model_.plan
  16. share the plan file it will get you a quicker awnser
  17. I like where they are going with drones in this area
  18. Depending on how complicated your lot shape is you could just get a builder or other how haw a laser lever and get a prity good idea then create a model from the levels he give you from the level. Way cheaper
  19. Thankyou for your reply but i have tried that with no luck the text style is connected to the layer its like i have hit a wall with its limits but i might be missing some thing
  20. I have a layout view with a scale of 1 :1100 its a services plan drawn on a satellite image and using my custom line type -P.- to show a power cable in my custom line settings the the P text is set at 20 mm size but it shows to small in layout when printed is the a way i can get the text bigger or is this a limit with chief
  21. I can help you now if you want do a screen so I can see what you are talking about I use mikogo all you need to do is click on a link
  22. not sure exactly what you menn but you cannot have 2 terrains just copy the file and change the terrain
  23. I may be of help I do renderings and interior panoramas but have been hoping to find interior designer to help pretty my scenes up and I am very skilled with 3D modelling in chief maybe we could swap services on job I could help you with chief screen sharing is very easy now days just to let you know I am located in australia my email if interested