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  1. Thanks - would love to ask you to do a comparison of performance if you have time for such.
  2. Technically I think it could make a big difference with 3D renders but without benchmarks vs theory it is difficult to know.
  3. It's not a hate but I would have LOVED it if CA14 let you walk through a real rendering with the speed of Unreal Engine 5 or other high end rendering platforms.
  4. I thought I'd check out what features I wanted compare in x14 - not that any changes in these areas were really promised. I can open X13 and X14 simultaneously for a side by side comparison on my Windows machine. I only have one plan but no problem opening it in x14. X14 didn't need to convert the plan so it is still capable of being opened in x13 - edit - I stand corrected I'm told it will convert the file if I save it. I didn't find any performance improvement or decrease in rendering real 3D with my graphics card doing the heavy lifting. I didn't find any degradation in the real 3D rendering - e.g. more particles or darkness - or any improvements - better quality render. I didn't find any new items in the library that caught my eyes. The default buttons at the top that I noticed that I don't believe were defaults in X13 are - although I'm a newb so maybe they were easy to access previously Default Configuration - adding walls windows, doors - that were my default 2nd row of buttons before in x13 Terrain Conguration that brings up a different toolbar than default. Terrain tools, fences, railings, paths, roads, driveways plants Space Planning configuration - kind of like a default stencil like you might use in a flowchart for tossing rooms on a chart if you were starting from scratch and wanted to estimate how big the rooms would need to be - then it could assemble a house based on those boxes you've put down.
  5. Hello, I could use some help in a few areas of the roof but if we could start with this one I'd appreciate it. Nutella3rdD23e.plan
  6. After the update, everything on my plan -text, furniture, walls - is black and white. I guess I prefer the colors - can you tell me how to get them back? Whoops - F8
  7. I think everyone who suggests you go with your current laptop over the precision is right. I'd also agree Windows 11 could very well cause a number of issues as it isn't just CA that Win11 has problems with - that is why I won't roll it out for any of my clients. I made a fortune upgrading my clients from Vista back to XP and it looks like I might encounter this again with Win 11 if they don't come out with some big fixes for it soon. Even if you got CA working well on Win 11, I'd probably upgrade it to 10. In a year 11 may be great but right now I'd consider it a beta.
  8. If you go to Windows 10 download you'll find the media creation tool - create the USB bootable option. When you reboot select boot options before it says starting windows (usually F12). Then select to boot off USB and it will start the windows 10 install. Remember this will wipe out any files, software ANYTHING on your hard drive so make sure you can reinstall any software and files you need as they will not be on the thumb drive or the hard drive any more. I'd also suggest before reformatting - go to the downloads for your computer on the support page and get the network drivers in advance just in case they are not a standard part of windows install. Might as well get any drivers in advance. You could try an inplace upgrade that keeps everything but frankly I hate the way computers arrive with tons of "support" files, and mcaffee or norton and other junk slowing it down.
  9. It sounded as if they thought it was just that one file - any progress there? If you can't receive PMs, you could just use one drive or some other sharing site to post the file here. You could try PM'ing me or someone else who has offered to help with the info. The good news is you can upgrade your computer from Windows 11 to Windows 10 if you like for free if you have a thumb drive with 8 or more GB (it will need to be empty as you'll format it for the win 10 install). The downside is you'll need to reinstall your applications and updates all over again.
  10. Gawdzira makes a great point - you'll want at least a 750 watt power supply - also you'll want to make sure the case is deep as the cards are deep. I'd recommend the MSI Trio as it is the quietest of cards. From what I hear it doesn't matter if you get the 8, 10 or 12 GB model for CA - I can't confirm. I think the bang for the buck point is currently the 3080 - not the TI, not the 3090 although those a just a smidge faster - I'm not sure you'll notice the return for the dollar. Rpadge makes an great suggestion as well if you need to move your computer around and bring it to customers. Not a pleasant task with a whole computer and monitor. The only downside is that the CPUs and GPUs on laptops aren't quite as fast on workstations. The reason is they can't fit all the cooling required to have the full blow experience. A full sized 3070, 3080, or 3090 is nearly the size of a laptop if cut in half and put side by side - and that video card doesn't have a keyboard, screen, battery, motherboard, etc so they have to make up the space somehow to make it portable. While you may not see a huge performance gain by going to a new processor yours is getting a little older so you might consider a whole new rig and using your current one as a backup. I'd get a nice large SSD - I prefer samsung - they really are pretty cheap for a 2GB model. If you are building it yourself or having a friend build it for you I can recommend all the parts. There are some very good system builders as well. You could consider an alienware as well. I would not get a system with liquid cooling - amazing to look at if you like looking inside your PC but the pump adds as much noise as it reduces from the fans and you have to worry about leaks and monitoring the fluid (sometimes they need cleaning). Liquid cooling is great for overclocking but unless you are gaming - not really a concern. If noise is your concern, get Noctua fans - they are about the quietest I have ever encountered. I have a raid controller, a 4 port 10gbs nic, 18 hard drives, a 3080 controller and an i7 in my PC and require 11 fans to propoerly cool (most running at low speed) it but from about 6 feet away you literally would have to listen to tell if my system is on. Most of the noise comes from the video card and the MSI trio is the quietest you can get.
  11. I think you make an excellent point that for many people it works fine but for others with different hardware - be it a slightly different video card, motherboard, monitor, drive controller, network adapter or something that CA doesn't play well with, it is frustrating. Some people think if something works for them it will work for everyone. It is difficult sometimes to think outside your own immediate situation. For example when conducting business with somoene in a country where being over an hour late for a meeting isn't considered odd or rude. To us they might seem to be a problem but to them they might consider us a problem.
  12. Posting the file here may help - not that people saying I can open it without problem is ever helpful but someone else having the issue is helpful. Some people say certain monitors cause problems - not sure if you have any attached or not. I'd also suggest if you have a scanner or printer attached try disconnecting them - normally this isn't a concern but just ideas. Also any attached storage that isn't inside the laptop even a usb thumb drive. I'm only posting suggestions as you want to get this resolved as quickly as possible so I'm pulling out all the last ditch efforts.
  13. "The number of lights you have on in the house will slow you down. This means if you are ray tracing a home interior make sure you turn off the lights for all areas of the home you are not ray tracing." - that is a great tip - I didn't think about that. I was going to offer the same if he posted his plan with the camera angle in question but I only have x13 - not sure it would be an apples to apples comparison if I upgraded and tested.
  14. I wish you the best of luck, hopefully they have a quick answer for you. Things support will often ask just so you are ready - Go ahead and wait for their response before doing anything - this is just a prep list so you are ready. Are you using any remote software that isn't part of windows such as VNC or teamviewer as they have virtual video and while you may not be using them they may be loaded. Are you using any firwall product - e.g. kapersky. Also some VPN products have them built in such as sophos. (Not likely to be the issue but they often ask) Your computer may have come with McAffee preinstalled - I just remove it - regardless of CA Defender isn't perfect but a stick in the eye still beats McAffee IMHO - malwarebytes is pretty good. They may ask you to go to MSCONFIG go to services and disable all - when you reboot and go back to msconfig don't worry you can enable all and it will only leave the ones running that need to be.