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  1. It gets my search back but isn't displaying anything below
  2. Thank you for the reply, can you please direct me to that tool? there is something I'm doing in 15 that I keep losing stuff.
  3. Hello, I did something and now my library browser does not work the same. I lost my window to search or see what my options are. I would greatly appreciate some help!
  4. Hey Michael, that is super helpful! The fuzz is a brain melter!! It’s really hard to explain and it’s not really a color thing as it is that part. Thanks!!
  5. It is super odd that when I drag out over and it gets all dark and fuzzy and then bring it back and its now that way. If I close down and open it back up it returns to what Im used to,
  6. That is a good question and the first thing I will look at tonight. I will report back, thank you for the help.
  7. I was also wondering if I jumped on the cheaper version and that could be the issue. Yes on the retna display so the color is off. The odd part is when I drag it over it gets dark like that and when I pull it back it’s dark on my computer.
  8. Yes I did update it, I did it on my phone so I’m not sure why it’s not there. the lighter photo is my MacBook and the darker one is the HP. It’s just a zoomed photo I had on me. Appreciate the help! X13 Macbook pro 16” M1pro HP27h display
  9. Ok I updated. also here is the difference
  10. Ok thank you, I will update it when I can get to my desk.
  11. Thank you for the reply, Im just working on a plan set on my 16" and loading onto a 24" HP
  12. Looking for some help on this. I have just purchased a HP monitor to run with my MacBook pro, I just do basic plan sheets and site plans. When I open up my plan on my computer it looks normal ,when I drag it over to the monitor its much darker and almost blurry. Now when I drag it back to the laptop its the same darker and blurry. This part is the most confusing for why does it change on my CPU? Amy help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Hello, This video was very helpful but sadly I'm running into some scaling issues and this thought just occurred to me. If my plot plan is in decimal ft does my scaling of say my building to property line work in normal ft? for when I pull over there dimensions for this its off. Thankyou!