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  1. how to lower ceiling
  2. to lower your ceiling put the 12" air gap in the ceiling finish not the ceiling structure
  3. Well I think you have done really well doing what you have considering it your first go probably best to post your plan you have come to the right place this is a place of help not a place for business there are other section in this forum for that
  4. how did you spot this feature as i can not find it in help whats new did you stumble on it or was it in videos it should be useful
  5. the beams under the house disappear because you stole them from the deck so rebuild deck framing the draw new house floor beams then draw your stairs see if that works
  6. you should be able to just draw the steps and for grass under open terrain and un tick hide terrain intersection buy building plus rebuild deck framing it will raise as you have already altered the floor level
  7. Have a look at this file you need to set floor under this room on first floor room auto buid joists and you should be back in action also i would draw draw a wall on foundation level to cover beams i try not to pull down walls Apartment_Plan.plan
  8. i will see private message with Skype
  9. I can do a Skype call and try and sort It I am not sure what you are saying is your model heights wrong it looks that way to me I ned to do this now not latter in the day
  10. see if that is any better Deck (2).plan
  11. This video may help those struggling with terrains
  12. Not sure chief can have trouble with things like that you could try lowering terrain smoothing or check your elevation data if you like post your plan and I can look and try to spot what is doing it
  13. You would not be the only one they are hard for most when learning
  14. I have done a video trying to desribe how i did your terrain it might help you understand
  15. I don't like typing so no can't give details of every step, but do often help people with specific problems and that is a good way of learning by screen sharing look and play with that model it will need a bit of correcting probably and there free training on youtube and chief has some good videos
  16. Have a look at this file it may be a bit wrong but it should give you a place to start from Deck.plan
  17. I did not read your post right I thought you were asking for it to be done, just raise the top elevation region might get you moving in the right direction
  18. I can have a go at it but can you get some site photos that would help
  19. You need to keep elevation data simple never put elevation data on top of other elevation and its a good idea to change the elevation data layer color to blue or other that stands out in floor plan view open the attached plan see if it give you some clues Deck.plan
  20. you have lost your room definition but to fix it you need to unlock the layers and turn them on in floor plan view then check your walls out the see were the problem is
  21. See if that is what you need just extended the existing wall also you want to change there wall type to cladding unless they actually brick French.plan
  22. Very smart and useful tip well done Micheal