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  1. Its working but i have no idea what fixed it it may only be tempory have a look
  2. can you upload sketchup file then i can try reimporting it
  3. i think that is what you want D plan help.plan
  4. i would turn that fence of in camera layers as it is really slowing things down, it was on my end anyway
  5. that should give you some clues just some manual roof work 1658890952_existingmodel Mark.plan
  6. Check wall structure tab make sure wall top and bottom heights are set to defaults
  7. i had a go at this not sure if it is on the right track also the roof needs some clean up witch is causing it to be messy 693753679_MichaelHackRemodeling.plan
  8. Can you post the plan it sounds like you may have elevation data on top of elevation
  9. Is that right i just copy the correct heights cooper
  10. what is ceiling height of 2nd floor ment to be
  11. Post your file you should get some help more focused that way
  12. see if that is getting closer to what you want Terrain_Nov_27_20Mark.plan
  13. i had a quick look at your file you cannot put terrain data on top of terrain data so elevation region must not have other elevation line over it
  14. Chief has some good training videos on this topic also you can put things on different layers and on those layers you can be turned off for material calc
  15. With x13 the new real-time ray trace won’t work it only works on windows
  16. I did after you pointed it out thanks, also there 2 coming webinars about framing one is hinting at roof purlins and the other is hinting at horizontal wall framing like multiple rows of noggins as that dialog shows
  17. I am pretty sure i have seen chief reply on forum with this question and they said upgrades are done manualy so my guess would be after weekend
  18. this is what i set it to you may need to further adjust 1893632772_MuhsExistingMark Try.plan
  19. Have a look at the attached plan i think it is what you are wanting Your where on the right track, what i did was copy the terrain and elevations to your plan then i had to convert the terrain perimeter from a poly line to a terrain then i scaled it by 12 transform replicate tool then you just need set the height of the terrain to match your sea levels open terrain and set subfloor height above terrain 1893632772_MuhsExistingMark Try.plan
  20. I played with this problem I got it working in very manual way i remove railing settings and room definition and draw post and beams manually to get it working, also edited the wall to shape of railings manually and drew a floor slab manually this might be a way out of this problem Harco1.plan
  21. Have you had any luck getting this file to work did you submit it to chief support I would be interested in the outcome I got it to work better but the one thing I could not fix is the peace of wall coming out at the corner of hand rail
  22. I had a go at it but could not see what was causing it that section of wall that seems like a post seems to have a mind of its own plus that strange beam I got the ceiling working but it still has wall problems