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  1. Most of the objects tool bar items if they have a default setting just double click the tool that will open its defaults
  2. Could you put your chief version in your signature so we don't have to try and figure out what version you are using, and you must not have your file not open in chief when zipping as it zips a corrupted file with no data
  3. Your roof has a heel height of 12" i think that is making that small wall above the beam
  4. With the wall not going to the ceiling, open wall structure tab select default top height As for sharing the file google drive works for me you just need to set sharing to anyone with link
  5. My method use the material eye dropper on the material that has the wrong angle then select copy selected material on the lower tool bar then go to texture tab and change texture angle and you should be done. You might need to do the same on stringers at a different angle this will work in x13 and above please do your signature as it is often dependant on your chief version
  6. It sounds like you have the setting to turn off exterior walls in your camera settings
  7. I never got any errors I did see under room structure tab roof over room turned off
  8. Cross section camera I drew a cad triangle the shape of the roof got the length of the short side and subtracted it from the default ceiling height
  9. Change your verandah rough Ceiling height to 87 15/16" WatersMark edit.plan
  10. See if that is what you are looking for. Peck Final CDs (Reduced 4-4-24)MB.plan
  11. See if that give you some clues to get you moving in the right direction. I edited this post and added a file with drain Peck Final CDs (Reduced 4-4-24)MB.plan
  12. Check out the edit area tools in the edit menu
  13. I figured out how to share with out email
  14. Spent a bit more time on your terrain if you still need it let me know maybe private message so in can share the file on google drive as its now 24 meg zipped
  15. Watch a training video on manual roofs then you will not be at the mercy of missing information
  16. On the small gable roof plains you have the base lines on the inside edge of the main layer to me they should be on the outside edge of the walls main layer i the reconnected the roof edges and the stray siding went away See if that is any good 1866557940_RoofwallissueMark Edit.plan
  17. I have it working but file is to big so I put it on google drive It was building walls set to retaining walls elevation data crossing retaining wall
  18. You have uploaded a file that is open so it has no data , save the file close chief and upload again.
  19. See if that is any better i got rid of gable line as it was stopping roof on soak tub room and used Make roof base polyline and tweek it at the problem wall intersection, so now auto roofs will only build to roof base polylines so if you change your model you will need to change roof base polylines BASSETT 2 -
  20. See if that is correct i just added a gable line so auto roof are good others may have a better way BASSETT 2 -
  21. Not substance i did it with a program called genetica as substance could not fix the bad lighting, Genetica has slider to try and equalize the lighting
  22. See if that is good enough
  23. The image you have found is not any good bad lighting and has no grout it will not work you need a image with even lighting and has half grout joint around it edges.