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  1. have a look at this file i lowered the porch ceiling by half inch and joined the roof plans over that corner PORCH
  2. There is something very strange there i can not see what is causing it
  3. try copying the gable line to the front side
  4. with that glitch un tick upper pitch on the skillion gable walls
  5. Have a look at this file and see if it is what you want there is a little glitch in the corner where the skillion roof meets i would clean it up manually buy turning off auto roof after you have your roof right and manually adjust LenhartPlan09142021.plan
  6. Reply to keep current
  7. this is a old thread from 2014 i have the file and it is not doing it in x13 i deleted my last reply as i did not realize it was old thread
  8. upload your plan some one might do it for you
  9. This is a roof that you can get 95% there with auto roof tool by changing the bedroom area roof group to 1 then most off your problem are gone with off angles and just some minor manual roof work at the end
  10. My guess is you have turned off one of your snaps and you are drawing of angle, you may have turned off by mistake and forgot
  11. the edge of that roof plane is off angle check its selected line 1 roof plane is over 90 and the other is under 90
  12. How i fixed i just selected the gable attic walls then just auto re built them and the side triangle walls i had to pullback the lower roof plains as chief stops walls below roof plains
  13. See if that is getting better i think may have setup your exterior walls wrong unless i am missing some thing to me they should be a single wall unit Also that small image is a bit to small to see
  14. No problems for me amd desktop and laptop both good
  15. upload your file you will most likely get a fix
  16. Help with getting terrains working or complete terrain model Minor fixes or a tip to get things working free Major fixes ask about fees private message me Complete terrain model ask about fees private message me
  17. open this plan i have put some instructions in it to follow Sloping Block 2.plan
  18. Here is chief file with cad in it to help with showing house position Sloping Block.plan
  19. the hatched box is a copy of your terrain is that how you would place your house or if not can you explain
  20. Are you using x7 or have forgot to update your signature in chief talk
  21. Ceiling height needs match
  22. Would that be close enough if so it is just using railing panel from core catalog and the hand rail can be set to what ever you want
  23. try this file i put the roof at 25 pitch Huis_mei_2021.plan
  24. Have look at this file see if it is on the right track Huis_mei_2021.plan
  25. Have a look at this file it is working a lot better i added a terrain break set retaining walls to default top and bottom heights and tweeked the terrain data to help 24wc_left_7ft_exp2.plan