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  1. I had a play with your file but i must admit i am not sure what you want so it is probably not what you want but it might help, if you want i could do a screen share with to help you to get it wiorking send me private message if you want to screen share TERRAIN_HELP_POSTED_TO_CHIEF-TALK_12-26-19.plan
  2. it looks a lot like you have put a break in the wall at the point where the double post are try and deleting those small peaces of then drag the larger remainder to meet
  3. i had play with this problem and could not see what was wrong give it to tech support you they will spot it in quick i would think
  4. if you can get me a good front on image with even lighting i could make it tile able for you
  5. Got rid of a few more problems Test_060619_mark.plan
  6. I have it working a lot better still a few problems but way better it is with single story and attic you will need to check some of the ceiling heights i will keep trying to get it a bit better the main problem was ceiling plains they where stopping walls Test_060619_mark.plan
  7. I changed it back to single story with attic but is still not working wright i think its maybe a bug send in to tech support unless some one else can see what is wrong if you find out share the fix as i would like to know
  8. See if that is what you are looking for file attached Test_060619.plan
  9. Not sure if this is what you mean but have a look at this file DuranRemodeling Mark Edit.plan
  10. That should show what he means by points I think it is chiefs way to try and promote polite replys
  11. That may be what you want for your balcony as you called it a deck must have correct name as for posts make walls invisible Shoal Exterior Model 052119.plan
  12. it sound to me you are changing the defaults not by opening a single room and changing its ceiling height
  13. with a little bit of messing with roof planes and rafters i think it could be done
  14. my first post was wrong so i deleted it another try at this roof with a lot of guessing so it still maybe wrong as doc are confusing and not enough info but it might be a help to get it heading in the right direction SHOAL OUTDOOR Mark PDF removed.plan
  15. have a look at this file and see if that is what you want WinstonRanchCt mark.plan
  16. Just for a bit more info i fixed those small triangles in the sidding by turning off Sil plate in the wall foundation tab and adjust the default wall heights in the structure tab
  17. hear is the file with some of those issues fixed i tried yesterday to post the reply but must have missed a step and it never happened DeMuro_Ranch_Plan.plan
  18. some of your problems skinny sidding at bottom adjust pattern vertical offset, Eaves hanging below facia check your structure tab of roof plains faica is to small
  19. i think you must have deleted the attic walls the software warns you when you do it i put them back SHOAL OUTDOOR.plan
  20. not sure what is causing it but editing the wall in 3d fixes it
  21. have a look this might be a fix for that ceiling
  22. Not sure what is wrong but i just deleted the railing wall and copied one from another area and it worked must be setting some where but could not spot it
  23. try changing the floor hieght of the open below area to match the hall at the top of the stairs that seems to fix i think on the 4th floor
  24. i put a new door opening and it worked