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  1. Ah, It’s nice when it works. Kind of a hit or miss on a Mac, for the moment. I often get a black screen.
  2. What is grey mode? I have the beta downloaded. Didn’t notice a grey mode. Or do you mean Standard view with grey line over top? looks great, by the way.
  3. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00777/working-with-light-sources.html for the illiterate.... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/2430/light-sets.html
  4. I don’t see anything for polyline labels. Are we able to control labels independently now for polylines? Or is it still one style for all…
  5. If these are the new features but there are no fixes for existing problems then I'm not impressed. Actually, I would prefer no new features and instead, fixes for the list of existing problems. We'll see once it is released.
  6. I had signed up but missed the video. In the past there would be a link to the video after the event, but now that link just redirects to paid training webinars page.
  7. I think Brittanyb22 is having a much better weekend than the rest of us nerds...
  8. Looks like you have walls that are not defaulted, top and bottom. Also check that the exterior walls are vertically aligned.
  9. I know they are not made from containers. I was referring to the concept of stacking prefabricated boxes.
  10. Well, I live very close to the original shipping container model housing complex, Habitat 67 in Montreal. Originally conceived as a solution to affordable housing, was a complete failure in that respect because it cost a fortune to build. Still a neat design, though. Credit to the architect. This is what happens when architects and city officials get together to figure things out in a bubble. Had they just asked any of their contractors they would’ve first laughed off their chairs and then told them why it was a dumb idea. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habitat_
  11. It’s really the dumbest idea ever. You need to build out furred walls on the interior to run wiring, piping etc. You need to add furring on the outside to add air space and insulation onto which you need to add exterior cladding. You still need a decent slab to place them on. Give me one advantage. And don’t say, because they look cute or they are a recycled product, they’re not as most municipalities will only accept new containers for residential use. So what’s the point? What did you save? Somewhere, somebody is laughing their a
  12. Archicad users have some comparisons with the M1 chip to see how it compares, if you're willing to do some searching on their forums or on Youtube. The consensus from what I've seen is not anything to write home about. Upgrade if you're due but don't expect anything remarkable. Chief was predominately cpu driven, but now with X13 that might not be the case anymore. If you're looking for a true bump in performance I think you'll have to consider the dark side... Sorry that I don't have any real world experience, just trying to point you in the
  13. Couldn’t agree more. Revit for single user residential stick framing is like using a bazooka for fly fishing. I only had issue with the comment regarding structural and mep capabilities. I feel your pain though.
  14. I don’t want to be that guy but I think you’re the one who doesn’t comprehend. The capabilities of Revit versus the incapabilities of Chief with regards to this topic are immense. There are absolutely no clash detection tools or collaboration tools in Chief as there are in Revit. I don’t believe we’ll ever get those either. It’s just not Chief’s client base. All you have with Chief is a quicker road to a realistic 3D model complete with cabinetry and mouldings etc… Working with Revit to produce the same “finished” 3D model would take a million