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  1. If you find yourself struggling with walk throughs, you can always record your screen as you pan around, preferably with a space mouse. Then you can stitch together various clips and even create transitions between clips. The other option is to get acquainted with Twinmotion. It’s a lot easier to create videos with that software.
  2. I think what you have to keep in mind with stairs, is that there should be a "breakline". Anything above the breakline is dashed, or whatever you please. Where's the breakling, you ask? Well, if you look at your floor plan and can see an opening where the doors are then the "cut-view" is a little below your door headers. So if you have 80" doors then you are probably looking at a plan view that has a breakling/cutline at around 78". If you really want to see the effect of this and see exactly how your stairs should appear, then take a perspective floor overview and select a top view. Then use the cross section slider and set it to 78". This is what your floor plan is showing you in 2D. Try to match that with your stairs, as well. An orthographic floor overview would be better but for some crazy reason Chief won't allow us to use the cross section slider in this view for some strange reason. Too bad, because we could overlay the 2D floor plan over this in a layout and get a true annotated dollhouse view. Maybe X16?
  3. I've seen a few videos that show a significant speed increase when going from 250g ssd to 1T ssd. I'm not well versed in all things computer so I don't understand how a larger ssd can have such a dramatic effect on performance? And the bummer is, apple charges such a premium for 1T ssd. It's rather disgusting that even the base pro and studio models don't come with 1T ssd as a standard option.
  4. Hey thanks, Chris! That confirmed exactly what I was hoping for. Handling large plans is the litmus test, for me. It's hard to decipher which systems are fast, because most YouTube videos focus on benchmarks, which don't translate to anything in the real world, for me personally. Now the question is, do I buy now or wait to see if Apple will be announcing the M3 next month, which rumours suggest that it might support realtime rt? Not that I actually have a need for rtrt, but it would be nice once in a while.
  5. I always get this as well with those wine coolers. I bet the solution is something embarrassingly simple. I can’t figure it out, though.
  6. How does it handle large projects? I’m thinking of getting an M2 mini with 32g of ram and a 1T ssd. My current MacBook is sluggish only when handling large multiplex buildings. 32-Plex condo units etc. I also don’t really need super renderings. Here is a typical multiplex if you don’t mind taking the time to see if your system can handle it? Where my MacBook lags is just while working in plan. For example, selecting any item and opening its dbx takes a full 3 seconds. Funnily enough it actually handles a 3D full overview in standard render without a hitch. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xa9kfs0luwiknoe/>CITY PLANS 32-Plex Carignan.zip?dl=0
  7. Uh oh, … the forum police. Better run and hide.
  8. I think you’re starting to understand how this tool should work. It’s not subjective.
  9. You are absolutely right! Don’t adjust your vision or glasses. A clipping tool should be exactly that, it should “clip”. Unfortunately, many people on this forum have only ever used Chief and are unaware of what a clipping tool should be. It’s not a novel concept. I think Chief has a half baked tool and hopefully will correct it soon. …And not as a new feature in X16 but as a fix for X15.
  10. Chief’s terrain tools have not improved or changed since X6 or X7, when I first started paying for SSA. We’re at X15 now. You’re good with this?
  11. Don’t use Chief to sculpt terrain. edit: Downvote me all you want, but this post will show that there is no solution to what OP is looking for. The fact is we have limited ability to properly and predictably sculpt terrain in Chief, for the moment. Instead of downvoting, prove me wrong. Best way to shut me up, I wont even mind.
  12. There’s also this which is cheaper, although a smaller screen, it’s is still 2560 x 1440. I like that it doesn’t look like it comes with a skateboard like the very gaming Rog Strix. As an apple guy I don’t see the difference other than screen size. Plus I’m cheap.
  13. How about this, then? and the screen is 2560 x 1440. (Thanks for reminding me about resolution)
  14. Hey there, I’m thinking of getting this Alienware X14 laptop. I’m led to believe that it would have much better performance than my current 2019 MacBook Pro. I’m getting it to do the occasional real-time ray trace, both in Chief and Twinmotion. Can anyone comment on this? For the money, is there a better alternative? (Canadian dollars, by the way, so roughly $1450 USD.)
  15. What’s PG? I mean, it doesn’t exist. Keep it simple, like 4/7 for drawing #4 on page 7. Or if you’re going to use lettering then at least stick to the established drafting conventions. And only use lettering if your plan sets are so numerous that they are divided by discipline, like A for architecture, S for structural, etc… I hope I’m not offending you, just trying to help.