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  1. Michael_Gia

    Lowered Joist Floor even with top of green plate

    You’ve discovered the secret with working with Chief. To be fair though, is it really necessary for the model to be identical? Detail notes are so much easier and it’s what people will look at who are building from your plan. Nobody is zooming into your 3D model anyway.
  2. Michael_Gia

    X13 release

    X12 was released February 28, 2020 and a new features list was put out months before. Although we’ve had some snippets via video training webinars there’s still no new features list for X13 even. They're obviously late. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.
  3. Michael_Gia

    Menu bug

    I have an idea! Everyone on SSA unanimously stops paying their SSA subscription until they fix this very basic and fundamental problem. Let’s see how long it takes them to fix it then? I mean, this isn’t some feature like, gee I wish stairs had independently adjustable stringers etc… This is a toolbar issue. EDIT: I will continue my assault on the Toolbar Bug, damn the downvotes, full speed ahead!
  4. Michael_Gia

    Roof Trusses Not Showing

    Just opened your plan and took at "Orthographic Framing Overview". Seems like the trusses are displaying just fine?
  5. Michael_Gia

    Wing wall strategies in X12

    Check this out... https://www.loom.com/share/e5290d224b814346b438e34041cca56c
  6. Michael_Gia

    Stair Layout

    Very nice, but what is your preference for manually creating stringers? Material region or p-solids, or other?
  7. Michael_Gia

    Showing pocket door fully open in render

    I guess your cold water feed is coming up the floor on that one…
  8. Michael_Gia

    why does my raytraced pool look like a catacomb

    Here is a PBR from your plan file. Standard view looked the same. The water is reflecting the sky. Presently you have no sky and you have a grey color in your retrace settings for the sky. Chose a sky background for Raytrace. By the way, you should raise your patio doors at least 3/4" or even 1.5". You're getting z-fighting with the floor finish and you also need some breathing space under those sills.
  9. Michael_Gia

    Cutting a wall to create 2 different materials

    check out this video. skip to 1:38 https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/303/using-the-break-tool.html
  10. Michael_Gia

    Cutting a wall to create 2 different materials

    Sometimes the wall will rejoin. Copy the wall definition and give it another name so that the program won’t re-join it. That is, use the break wall tool to divide your wall up in plan view. Then click on one part of the wall and go to the wall definition. Copy it and give it a different name. Then it will stay disconnected and you can change the material to what you want.
  11. Michael_Gia

    Mac Rendering - TwinMotion early Test

    Check out Rabbit Design's videos on Youtube. Especially the tips on "decals".
  12. Michael_Gia

    Thea Rendering Software

    If it’s for exterior, then I would check out Twinmotion. Not sure if it’s still free however.
  13. Michael_Gia

    Drawing tablet - Wacom or other

    I’ve always just loved the look of vectorworks. really nice work!
  14. Michael_Gia

    auto-create line around shape?

    There’s quite a few sites that have downloads for all kinds of street markings in cad format. Just import those into Chief?
  15. Michael_Gia

    Why do roof planes in CA hate me?

    Your fascia top heights should match if you want a clean roof plane join. If you drag your soffit in plan view by stretching the soffit edge instead of moving the roof plane then you'll change your fascia top height. Move the planes so they line up where you want in plan view first and then join the roof valleys. This way you won't be changing the fascia top height.