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  1. Ok. I now know how. If I zoom in all the way it picks up the Center. Thank you all
  2. Hello, How can I have the dimensions from centre to center of the wall... Going crazy. trued everything.. I'm sure it's so simple but I cannot see it. Thanks
  3. Cook top cannot be placed on top of counter top. I changed the Y position to 34.5"H it will not move. Thank you
  4. Thanks. I'm following a video:
  5. Thanks so much.. Im sure I did something wrong. Erica Schultz 2.dwg
  6. Thanks a lot! I added my signature. Didn't solve the problem yet tough.. the 3D not working
  7. Hello, I should Strat in: I'm working on a Mac... While trying to create As Built and Remodel Views, I noticed when I click on a wall it doesn't come up in the Active Layer Display Options - I have search for it). Second Question is, after creating the Demo Wall Layer and then Hatching the walls, I'm able to see them only on the 2D view but not on 3D view. Thank you, Estee
  8. MarkMc: Wowowow I just saw it. What a treat for KD. I would love to attend...(though leaving that evening for a trip but I'll organize myself so I can Make it). I started using CA on Feb this year. I have used AuCad and 2020... Thanks! Pls add me to your list:
  9. hi, had two versions of colour cabinets that I sent to layout. one version overlapped the other. now I cannot change it back to the one I want. I tried changing it with the Painter or open the Object and change the texture, but it didn't work. at the bottom of the screen it says: Painting: Glossy leather... Target: Glossy leather... I run out of ideas how to fix it. any idea how to correct it??
  10. I do have only this schedule though....thanks
  11. Thank you for your efforts... I just purchased this program, so my files are a mess...