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  1. Mark3D

    Cheat siding courses?

    Export to cad detail then adjust to suit
  2. Mark3D

    slanted ceiling planes and roof

    maybe this file will help you roof skylight.plan
  3. Mark3D

    second floor remodeling issue in attic

    front wall over the garage has no room definition selected
  4. Mark3D

    Bonus room over garage

    Designing a Cape Cod Roof Bearing on 1st Floor Walls (
  5. Mark3D

    Raised porch

    here is a rough example raise porch ceiling first auto build roof and that had to manual tweek a bit to finish it roof.plan
  6. Mark3D

    File - Back Up Entire Plan-New Data!!!

    that is good information thanks
  7. Thanks !!! YOU KICK ASS!!

  8. Its working but i have no idea what fixed it it may only be tempory have a look
  9. can you upload sketchup file then i can try reimporting it
  10. Mark3D

    Help Please --Missing wall portion

    i think that is what you want D plan help.plan
  11. Mark3D

    Sawtooth Roof and Attic walls missing

    i would turn that fence of in camera layers as it is really slowing things down, it was on my end anyway
  12. Mark3D

    Sawtooth Roof and Attic walls missing

    that should give you some clues just some manual roof work 1658890952_existingmodel Mark.plan
  13. Mark3D

    Walls and siding....

    Check wall structure tab make sure wall top and bottom heights are set to defaults
  14. Mark3D

    Creating a room in attic, gamerrom wall.clg issues

    i had a go at this not sure if it is on the right track also the roof needs some clean up witch is causing it to be messy 693753679_MichaelHackRemodeling.plan
  15. Can you post the plan it sounds like you may have elevation data on top of elevation