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  1. A_Joseph_PE

    Subdivision Rendering

    I have a property that I am selling. About 72acres. I am looking to show, potentially, 5-6 homes on the subdivision in a rendering to help sell the lot. I am also considering showing the rendering as a Retirement Mobile Home Community. This will be 100 units, but very simple boxes. Just wondering if anybody here has had experience with this type of work? When I search, I just get hits for companies that perform the work, but not actual guidance or software used. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  2. A_Joseph_PE

    Subdivision Rendering

    I have a very simple subdivision I am looking to make a photorealistic rendering of. Anybody try this with Chief? Any my thoughts on what software is typically used? Thanks
  3. A_Joseph_PE

    Locking Cameras For Plan View Display

    I tried to make separate views for each view. For instance I made a camera view for a front Left perspective, and another for the front right, named them as such, but they each rotated when I moved the other?
  4. I am sure this question has been asked a number of times, but I can't find the answer.... Thank you in advance. I am creating camera views to show on my plan set. I thought I was doing this correct, but apparently I am not. Once I send the view to the Layout, I mistakenly move the view somehow and it changes my layout view. IS there anyway to lock these views so I can't move them? Thanks
  5. A_Joseph_PE

    Stairs from Garage to BAsement...

    Thanks for the reply. I tried that, but no dice. I think that I have got it. I simply locked the top height 18" below the first floor! Thanks for the help.
  6. A_Joseph_PE

    Lost my ability to snap?

    Thank you
  7. A_Joseph_PE

    Stairs from Garage to BAsement...

    Good Evening All, I am trying to throw a set of stairs from my basement to the garage, but my stairs keep wanting to (when I use the "best fit" option) go to the floor height of the first floor when my garage is set to -18" below that elevation. This must be a simple fix that I can't figure out, just when I thought I had the stair option figured out! Thanks in advance. A_Joseph
  8. A_Joseph_PE

    Lost my ability to snap?

    Good Evening All, I must have inadvertently hit a key last night and now I can't snap. I thought it was only impacting my CAD TOOLS in CA, but I just tried to draw in another foundation wall and I can't snap? I have searched online for an answer, but the term "snap" might be an AutoCAD term not associated with the same function in CA. I'm sure it is simple. Thanks in advance for any help. A_Joseph
  9. I know this has probably been asked a hundred times on here, but I am looking for the best way to wholesale move a structure that I have started to a completely new location on the grid now that I have my property boundary and terrain built (imported from contours) Thanks all
  10. A_Joseph_PE

    Following CA Polebarn Tutorial... snap question..

    Thanks, I'll try that. Much appreciated.
  11. A_Joseph_PE

    Following CA Polebarn Tutorial... snap question..

    Thanks for the responses guys. I am running X7. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there the ability to have more than one "main layer"? Her is a screenshot of my wall type layers... see any issues? This is my first time through this process... Thanks in advance.
  12. Good Evening All, I am trying to follow the CA Pole Barn tutorial on CA articles (https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-01069/creating-a-traditional-pole-barn-structure.html), but I am stumped on some snapping issues. I have created the walls as indicated on the article, but when I try to place my posts and footers I can't seem to snap to the wall layer that has the post placement.... So a little more for the folks that haven't tries this.. I created a all type with a 7.5" Post layer, a 1.5" purlin layer and a 3/4" corrugated sheathing layer. I want to snap my posts to the 7.5" "post" layer but it keeps wanting to snap to the sheathing layer? Any ideas? Thanks AJ
  13. A_Joseph_PE

    Sending Elevation View to Layout.. Always B&W

    Found it. Colors were on in my Layout. I don't believe that I am sending to Plan via image.
  14. A_Joseph_PE

    Sending Elevation View to Layout.. Always B&W

    How exactly do I toggle the colors on and off. Can't seem to find it? Thanks.
  15. When I send an Elevation View to my Layout set, it always come in as black and white, then prints really CRAPPY to PDF? Any Ideas? I can't seem to find in the menu structure any options to eliminate that. Thanks in advance.