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  1. A different version i changed the parking area to a room it removes the troubles the retaining wall cause, it needs a bit of cleaning up to suit your needs Help_Plan_3.plan
  2. give this a try i cleaned the terrain up so that you do not have elevation data fighting i have changed a few things to make it easy for me to clean up the terrain it should either give you some ideas or get you moving in the right direction i hope terrains are tricky thing to do Help_Plan_(1).plan
  3. this should get you started i would need more photos and info to get better, but it should give you the idea, i did it part auto roof and part manual roof Back Elevation Design v2.4 Help Mark.plan
  4. Home designer has a limit of one layout sheet I think so this would make it useless for drawing plans correct me if I am wrong about this as it may have changed
  5. I had a go at it i really need your plans if you have them but it will give the idea Feb_5_Update.plan
  6. i might be able to make you a good texture if you can show me example image
  7. I am wondering if a good normal map and good texture would get you by with this i have not tried it but see what others think
  8. I would be really good if you chief people could share us a example file with multiple formulas place in the material list so we can see what can be done so we don’t have to spend a year learning ruby just some to get us started, I am sure it would get more people using the new material list section could be good for the beta period
  9. a few more fixes i noticed that i missed ,also there is a small gap at the front door porch right hand side shift the room divider wall that buts in near the gap Permit_Plans_Rus_Res_HEIGHTS.plan
  10. Try that i maid some fixes there is a note in the plan Also if you can put your chief version in your signature as i have guessed you are using X 9 but if i am wrong you wont be able to open the file one other thing you had a symbol like the eave bracket out in space that stuff can mess with you just delete it if you don't use my file Permit_Plans_Rus_Res_HEIGHTS.plan
  11. read there names they should give you clue let your mouse hover to see there names
  12. it depends on the height setting when you set it up
  13. Make room molding poly line that is the tool name 2nd last tool
  14. Is that not what you are after
  15. Select just out side the building to select exterior room then make room molding poly line add your molding
  16. post a screen shot for best suggestion maybe a poly line solid depending on your situation
  17. a screen grab showing the wall would help
  18. The wall on the second floor that continues past the little short wall is is set to attic wall untick no room definition the gap will close because chief thinks there is no room it wont build floor structure this is for the file with auto save in its name i think that will fix all problems
  19. Sorry I though I posted a reply last night to say the problem was fixed but I must have forgot to click submit it was because of that material bump plus the user had toggle texture of and he was trying to explain it over the phone so it got a bit mixed up but we got it in the end so thanks for all the kind help
  20. i checked that there is no bump or normal file loaded in materials but thanks though
  21. Any thoughts on why the textures are looking so bad in render view second image first image is from x7 showing all is good it not just on old files it is all files with a new X9 install windows 10 machine radeon video card R9 200
  22. those are small images render out at bigger size
  23. A possible way of doing it Mountain Starx8 Mark try .plan