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  1. ...and Eric I was on site all day yesterday, so did not get a chance to thank you for the second look and a resolution. Mark
  2. I managed to correct my model, but if I draw new walls off of this .plan, the issue will repeat. Since it is grayed out in defaults, how do I uncheck it? Thank you. Mark
  3. Room Definition Issue I managed to get the Great Room to have room definition in the plan attached here. I still cannot add the bay I require in the first attached plan, also shown as a reference floor from Level 0, though in the Basement, you do not see the bay, so I assume that the bay is a foundation only area. It does go to grade as can be seen in the photographs of the existing residence. To exacerbate the issue, I need to draw a Garage that has a slab that is 21.25" below the subfloor in the Laundry Room. The garage walls are gone as this is where the fire originated, but the pad remains. When I created the framed wall type I wish to use and drew out the space, it too has no room definition. I do not know what is going on. I will give this another shot before I head back to the site in the morning. It would be nice to finish this up in Chief and not turn to AutoCAD to input the dimensional data so I can return to my office and try to make the building work. Any help I would truly be grateful for. I tried duplicating what Eric did in a short video I created. As-Built2.plan
  4. It seems persistent for me. As you will see, I followed your method. Puzzled...
  5. I created a short video
  6. Bobbie brought me dinner. The bay has a different wall type as they are built different. That appears to have been the issue. Do you think it could have been resolved with the actual wall type, or do you feel this was the best solution. I certainly agree that it will work fine here as I do not need the bay to be to the inch. There will be no change there. If it were a crucial issue, I guess I could have added a furred wall inside to make up the added thickness. Agree?
  7. So, it changed, but did not close. So, I took it back to here: Didn't work to just close the wall straight for now: Thoughts?
  8. I am attaching pictures of the home damaged by fire that I am sitting in as I write this. The Surface Pro 7 Tablet, however handy, is slow for CA15!!! Faster response may allow me to try some things to find a solution. When I added the bay to the Great Room, the room was no longer a room. Prior, I was also having difficulty getting the roof to cooperate.I am not concerned about the dormer on the front of the house at this time, but do wish to retain the 2:12 shed pitch on the added CMU Laundry at the read that took the main hit. The Detached Garage caught fire, loosing her Subaru with a full tank of gas. The fire was electrical, but spread to a gas heater that blew, leaving the gas line wide open to blast furnace the rear of the home for over an hour. Sear n Roebuck Kit Home. It held up surprisingly good, lathe and plaster walls inside are all but intact less a small leak from water sent to extinguish the attic. Insurance tip: Had they not connect the Garage to the house with 2x4s and a roof to keep snow out from between the buildings, the house would not have been covered in the"garage" fire.
  9. Thank you Eric. Crazily, this is my own home and the walls below are not walls, but T&G only, floor to ceiling. I live in an old mining town and many homes are oddly put together around here. Usually older ones as mine was built in 1950. I am doing plans for my Electrician to show him what we want added as nothing is grounded, and all wiring is crispy, first rendition of Romex. Many homes around here are not so well built as my own, so I am actually fortunate. The whole house is being shown as in a few years I hope to tear out the fire place to relocate the stairs to that location and expand the tiny Kitchen and Bathroom as I am no longer a bachelor as of the last 3 years. I appreciate your time and always have. You have been quite helpful on a few of my projects. Thanks again, Mark
  10. While I was able to resolve my previous issue with getting the Basement to properly build on Level 0 with floor joists, etc., I am still unable to get the Auto Stairwell Tool to work. The bottom tread extends beyond the bottom wall and post in the basement as shown and does not quite reach the door opening at the top as tile work from the Kitchen extends over the top tread as shown. I have tried to resolve this by dragging the stair to the wall, stair side, at the top; but this does not resolve the issue. To add interior walls to the basement, it forced me to turn off "Automatically Rebuild Basement". I am not certain why this is and therefore do not know if this is the reason for the issue. Any help is welcome. Farrar-Hagan As-Built
  11. If anyone is working on this, thank you. I found a video that covered what I do not want to do, leading me to the answer. I got it. Thanks anyway. Mark
  12. I drew Level 1 first and wish to add a proper Basement to my plan. I manage to cut a hole in the floor as using the tool to automatically create an opening above the stair was not functioning. I contribute this to the fac that I am having an issue creating a new floor from Level 1 to swap to below. I then created the basement using the stem wall and footing tool and gave it the room type "Basement". When trying to frame it with 2x8 floor joists (old existing construction), it does not want to frame automatically. When I try to add a ceiling plane, it puts it on Level 1 and cuts the wall height about in 1/2. I could use some pointers as to how I should have created the Basement properly so that I can frame it, etc. I have done this in the past from memory, but have not been using my CA as of late and don't recall how I did this. Thanks to any contributors, Mark Farrar-Hagan
  13. Chris, I did manage a solution of sorts as well. I pulled the angled portion of the roof more into the wall. This does screw up the ceiling inside, but I just have to render interior shots where that won't be seen if I cannot find a legitimate solution. Mark
  14. Chris, When you manually changed the wall, did it give you any warnings? I have roofs set as "edited" as I still need to rebuild the automatic roofs once more before moving forward. I also will be using the automatic framing tools to create the basic framing layout. Mark