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  1. Made some improvements to your file i change the color of your terrain data layer to make it stand out it can really help to trouble shoot what is going on when having problems and did a bit more general clean up 914751603_Conceptplan Mark.plan
  2. see if that file is helpful its a guess so could be wrong and it needs more work 914751603_Conceptplan.plan
  3. have a look at this file i fixed a few issues with curved walls auto built roof except front porch it is a manual roof also alter roof overhang and curve wall segment roof to 14 deg as Glen spotted and i think it looks a lot cleaner CHF_Christian 117 Lakeview Drive_08-10-20_AS-BUILT Mark.plan
  4. Try doing a auto roof there some strange things happening in this model the top story builds the roof to a point and stops all the way around it might give you clue
  5. I would ask tech support on this one as I thing the program has hit a situation it can not handle
  6. Thanks for all your helpful input it seems to me that did not go all the way with the coding of the software on the metric side of things
  7. Trying to get cabinets to how they are made in Australia its what i think is known as euro style around the world or frameless Toe kick shown in picture below Also would like cabinet box to be different like in below picture its is set to frameless but chief is still adding a frame to the front of the cabinet or have i got a setting wrong Cabinet issues.plan
  8. If you use a room molding set to the height rafter gap and a negative offset to its thickness it will fill the rafter space on the exterior walls also paint it with wall material for the interior not a perfect way but bay be usefull
  9. I had a try at setting foundation heights first i set the foundation defaults to suit the new work then made sure they were set to defaults in the rooms then i manualy set the existing to the different heights it always good to get the defaults correct for the main part of your building with the fire place those walls are set to railings untick railing and use shelf ceiling as david point to in video also x12 can now select doorway with no casings that is one of x12 new features Waltner Addition 2020 Updated.plan
  10. Could you cheat and put a poly line solid over the top so you elevation looks correct
  11. open the exterior wall it sits on, under roof tab un tick upper pitch you must have selected it and forgot
  12. Here is a file it maybe what you are trying to achieve it is in X7 Pool House v4.plan
  13. What version of chief are you running I played with the file but it seems like it is very old version
  14. Here is a link to the file you will see i just put elevation region set to zero to flatten the terrain under the building
  15. Could you put the file on drop box or google drive and share a link
  16. Try deleting the plants and trees then see if the file is smaller you will have made a mistake with terrain elevation data also you could try changing the layer colour for elevation data in floor plan view to some thing that stands out to help with trouble shooting
  17. try posting your plan, your base line might be off angle not in line with wall
  18. Also i forgot under rail style you can select follow terrain
  19. try fence and set to balusters
  20. Try this file it might be what you want if you want the roof fixed you need to show what is required you may have some plans or photo to help explain Shire_copy.plan
  21. check this file and see if that is what you want bath.plan