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  1. Thanks DB, or should I call you Dan? I am using the CA "Lake-Point" plan on CA13 and reconfiguring it so Im not sure where Scott built the stairs but I am guessing the 2nd or lower floor. I will try your suggestions later tonight and let you know what I come up with. Thank you.
  2. Ok well that KINDA worked. I cant seem to eliminate or pull back the flooring so the first step is about 14" and as you go down the stairs, you will bump your head. How can I move or adjust that landing\flooring?
  3. Actually I think I found it by moving the stairs from the lower floor, not the upper.
  4. Seems like this should be pretty easy but when I try I its not working so I am sure I am doing something wrong. I would like to select these stairs and move them to the right, where the top of the stairs is flush with the wall (green line). What am I missing? Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
  5. I cant figure this one out... I am buliding a little shack and was going to use 2"x6"x10' for my walls but keep ceiling height the same at 8ft. Allowing about 1.5' remaining on the walls with a vaulted ceiling in the "attic" or storage area. I've tried two methods; the 10ft studs I stated above, as well as 92 5/8' studs with a second floor and shrinking the second floor walls. Neither work for me, they always show the ceiling at the joint of where the wall meets the roofline. Hope these pix help...
  6. Hey Brett, where are you in ID? I have a place in CdA and live in Spokane Valley. Im not an Architect, but can help give you some ideas if you are in my area. Do you need this engineered also? Will you need site survey? (GEO tech?). Im asking because I have been shopping all these same people and have a good list of who to use and who to stay away from. Let me know if you are near Coeur d'Alene, ID Jerrell
  7. Sorry this happened to you. Ive actually had people argue with me that my computer setup that works 100% perfect with all Tracing, Win11 and other combos is not recommended by Chief and to not use it... yet it literally works flawlessly. They are on every board though... Reddit, Chief, etc. Just block, ignore and move on... :(
  8. Also, this thread should be moved to General. @Dermot
  9. Tammy also, for future reference when making changes on a draft, always choose to Save As and rename the file you are working on. For example: Snell_House-001.plan Snell_House-002.plan Snell_House-003.plan This way if you ever make a mistake you can go back to a previous save and lose just a little bit of work, as opposed to the whole file. Additionally, its wise to make your default SAVE area on a cloud folder like Dropbox. This way if you accidentally delete, damage the file or get a virus the cloud account will save 15 iterations of your file. (Depending on cloud service). Redundancy and recovery should be of your highest importance.
  10. I dont know how busy they are but Mark Kartchner at Kartchner Engineering in Spokane, WA. Very nice guy, good company, well establishd and reputable. I did a site survey for the IT infrastrucure and the entire office was pleasant to work with. Engineering Consultant - Kartchner Engineering 509-922-0383
  11. MTL Were you able to clean up your C: drive? Oh and Happy Easter everyone! JSnell
  12. @mtldesigns Sounds good. It's all really simple. I have both HDS and CA13 installed on my Arch and CAD "F: drive" with zero issues. I defaulted all my PLANs and Libraries (calibz) on my cloud "E: drive". Ya just need to know what you're doing or you will have problems. As for cleaning C drive, you can redirect your, desktop, pics, movies, music, downloads, etc, like Mick said... All cake, you can also run a few commands, tweak settings and adjust power consumption to clean up space, pretty simple. Thurs is a slow day, shoot me a call JSnell
  13. (Somehow only half my post went up...) I'm sitting here laffin' tonight... Thanks Mick, needed it. Wednesday and already been a week... If anyone is writing only 5gbs of data a day, you need to box up your machine and send it back. Thumbs.db, browser cache, AV active scans, system, app and other event logs written sometimes by the second, temporary and swap files, etc, etc, etc all cause writes all day... writes happen when you are sleeping if your computer is left on... Sentinel and Crystal are both good programs to look at writes; minute, hourly, monthly, lifetime etc. We literally have a stack of bad SSDs in our lab. Many reached their write threshold and although some still work, they are HORRIBLY slow and\or error out... If anyones SSD lasts 76yrs, let me know, Ill buy the lunch you choose the place, Ill meet you in 2098... LOL JSnell
  14. I think you would see better performance with CA (and other programs) installed on the second drive. To keep your boot drive as clean as possible really is a huge help. Now will it be night and day... no. But it spreads out your read\writes across multiple drives which is beneficial and we all know our SSDs are limited to a certain number of read\writes so longevity also plays into this. (I really should have mentioned this above also.) "The downside of SSDs with the NAND Flash based chips is that they have a limited life span by default. While normal HDDs can – in theory – last forever (in reality about 10 years max.), an SSD lifespan has a built-in “time of death.” To keep it simple: An electric effect results in the fact that data can only be written on a storage cell inside the chips between approximately 3,000 and 100,000 times during its lifetime. After that, the cells “forget” new data. Because of this fact – and to prevent certain cells from getting used all the time while others aren’t – manufacturers use wear-leveling algorithms to distribute data evenly over all cells by the controller. As with HDDs the user can check the current SSD status by using the S.M.A.R.T. analysis tool, which shows the remaining life span of an SSD." JSnell
  15. Lots of comments here and I am going to agree with most but differentiate on some... Your fastest hard drive should be your OS drive. You definitely want that to be NVMe. It does not however need to be huge. I would recommend getting other drives as your "storage" drives. There is zero reason to store old, archived, data on a large NVMe drive. A seconday SATA SSD should suffice for that. Whether you have a mechanical hard drive or SSD, there is always "SEEK" that has to happen. If its on old mechanical, its looking at spinning platters or an SSD looking through the different chips. If you have large drives as your OS Drive you're creating longer SEEK times. With that said you also want to install as many programs on a second hard drive for those same seek-time reasons. Let me show you my laptop setup. OS Drive is only 500GB and Im only using 181GBs, and thats with Windows 10, Windows 11 and Ubuntu OS options in multi boot. Programs Drive is where I have all my Office 365 and IT Tools installed, VMWare, Hyper V, etc. Apps and Cloud are just that... I have all my importan files and program installers on this drive, which syncs to my One Drive Arch and CAD drive is where I have Revit, Blender, Bluebeam, Chief, CAD, PlanSwift, SketchUp and other construction based software installed. (but all my data files from them are on my Apps and Cloud drive again). I just said a lot and I apologize, but what I am trying to say is. Keep your OS drive lean and have multiple drives for each task and your performance will blow away all your friends. I come from the angle of being a Systems and Network Engineer and have had decades of experience, testing and building machines for clients and customers. I admit Im not a GPU afficionado, I will leave that to Mick and others but having a fast OS Drive, another for programs and a third for long term archival storage will make a world of difference. Good luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. JSnell