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  1. Hello - I have my plan laid out, but I'm looking for some new ideas when it comes to the roof design. The way the roof is right now, there is a lot of wasted space. To give you an idea of what the floor plan looks like...see attached. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
  2. To create the terrain, this is what I do (see enclosed photos) 1. Set the Z-BNDY to Terrain Perimeter 2. Click on the property line (took a few times to click on it), then when it shows up (all grayed out) 3. Selected to close the perimeter 4. Defined the grayed=out area as the terrain perimeter. It shows up, but just no elevation.
  3. Hi Mark....I appreciate any help you or anyone else van give me. What I did was just create a new plan (which would be blank) and import the DWG file and I see no elevation. I don't think you need the HD plan, but if I'm mistaken, please let me know.
  4. Everyone give up on me? I have tired selecting what I think is the elevation much so, I had to create a list...and I still can't get the elevation to display. Can anyone with Chief try to load the DWG file (see enclosed) and tell me if they can see the elevation? And if so, is there a way to export it, send it back to me, and see if I can open it up? Or would I be in the same spot? I contacted the company that created the file and they told me they are too busy. I reached out to Technical Support and they said I would have to upgrade to get help...I have upgraded multiple times and I can't keep dumping money into upgrades for my one project. Elevation Civil-base-050319.dwg
  5. What I was trying to explain is that I didn't see a specific menu to "open the layers display"....that is why I posted the screen shot to show where they are. I didn't know if perhaps Chief Architect had a specific menu to open up the display layers for the plan, camera, elevation...which would be nice. Regardless, as I said, the terrain layers are selected as shown and thus still not seeing the terrain elevation.
  6. When I uploaded the DWG file in the free AUTOCAD program (see enclosed photo), I see the elevation...the hillside and valley. So, the elevation data must be there...right? Am I not understanding what you are saying?
  7. You said, "open the Layer Display Options"...I'm not seeing a "Layers Display Options". What I have done, is just import the DWF file information and labeling what I think is elevation data. Then in the plan view, I go to "Tools -> Display options" (Properties for working set) and all the terrain is checked to be visual. (see screen shot 1) I then take a camera view and look at the I see the perimeter of the property, but it's flat. (see screen shot 2) Then I go back to the plan view and take a cross section and look at those layers (see screen shot 3) All show the terrain is checked. One can see in the terrain perimeter in the second screen shot, but it's flat. Argh...
  8. I just uploaded the DWG file in the free viewer, and I can see the elevation. So, it's obviously there. Now I just need to figure out what parameter is the elevation data
  9. I think the first thing I need to do is get the elevation data to show up. If I can't get/extract that data, it's not going to matter if I can align the DWG file info. I could always hand copy the data onto the HD program, but that would be very tedious and not as accurate. I'll check out that free AUTOCAD and see if I can make sense out of it.
  10. Hi Eric...if you look at the screen shots I provided, you can see the "layers" that are locked...but they are only visual as far as I know. Unless I am mistaken, are no "layers" in HD Pro or any HD.
  11. I can move and rotate the DWG file information, the problem I'm having is that everything else that I don't want to move, moves and I'm not sure how or if I can somehow lock all the info I created in HD and just move all the info I imported that is in the DWG file.
  12. Apparently, I cannot create a layer and import the DWG file on that layer...that would be nice. From what I have read online; HD Pro has only a "Layer Display Options Dialogs" one for plan view and one for each camera type view...that's it. I'm at a loss here...I have tried to 'edit area" only selecting the DWG file elevation data within the perimeter and rotate that to line up with the perimeter in HD and if I have to adjust it, everything that I created in HD will also move. Maybe I just can't do this in HD??
  13. Hey Chopsaw...I happen to have a 12" Dewalt. I was cutting thin wall pipe and the blade caught the pipe, bent the pipe, and this caused the left side to raised up...that's what I think happened. It happened so quick, I really didn't see it. I just knew something happened and my finger hurt like hell. When I was in the ER getting sewn up, I said to my better half...I have no idea where that pipe went and I was just hoping it wasn't sticking out of the windshield of my classic corvette. She said...leave it up to you to worry about your car while your finger is hanging. When I got home, I noticed blood splatters on the side of it..and the pipe on the floor...whew! Anyway... When you said, "select everything" and rotate it...when I select everything (the DWG file information) and rotate it to align with the perimeter in HD, the house and perimeter in HD also rotates. I can't figure out how to "freeze" everything I created in HD, and just move the DWG info.
  14. Chopsaw...not a good omen here. Last week I was cutting a piece of pipe with mine (metal blade) and it kicked up the pipe, pinning my finger against the saw pretty much ripping of the tip of my index finger. 5-hours in ER removing my nail (that was mostly hanging and it sewed back far looks like it's healing. I have Home Designer and I don't see "NG" labels. Perhaps if I get the AUTOCAD free viewer, I can see what you guys are referring to. This is what I see in Home Designer...wish there was a way to just copy all the fields...instead I had to take snippets (see screen shots layers1-6). Another problem is, when I load the DWG file, the perimeter for the property is not aligned to the perimeter outline in Home Designer. (see last photo). Is there a way to get the elevation data in the DWG file into the Home Designer perimeter? Is there a way to import the DWG file with perhaps some rotation feature??
  15. Hello - I have tried to import an AUTOCAD file (DWG and DXF) in Home Designer Pro 2020 with no success in displaying elevation terrain. The problem is, I have no idea what values in the file are elevation data, so I'm just guess, and each time I take a camera view, only to see that the terrain is flat. Is there a way to tell which values are elevation data? Chief Architect technical support recommended that I reach out to those in ChiefTalk claiming more people in this forum would probably have more experience with DWG files than those in HomeTalk. I have enclosed a DWG and DFX file. Hopefully someone can help me. Elevation Civil-base-050319.dwg ACAD-Civil-base-050319.dxf