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Anyone have any good ideas on how to draw a indoor slide?  It's the latest craze and unfortunately I have a client that wants one :) I'm trying to crate a 10' high tube w/ cad shapes just a little difficult to get the slopes and turns or elbows.

Should be interesting!


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I had a client that wanted one in their custom house and I had to use Sketchup with a rotation addon in order to get it just right.  Once the symbol was created, it imported just find and looked great.

The rotation as the stair rounded a stairway could only be achieved with this tool


It is basically a molding profile in the shape of the slide, but CA will not rotate molding polylines, whereas SU does have macro's which allow for that feature, so as it is turning around the outside curve of the stair landing, the outside edge needed to rotate to keep both side level with each other.


This is not the first request for indoor stairs either.


And yes Washington is a Legal Marijuana State.



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A spiral staircase would be an option. It will produce a smoother extrusion for the handrail than a similar 3d molding. You can then delete all the surfaces from the spiral stair to make it a fixture (good for vector view) or just make all other materials Opening (no material) which will show up fine in standard or pbr views. 

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1 hour ago, joey_martin said:

@rlackore can I get that symbol? Have a project where they are asking for one of these...


here is the slide as shown in my post: helical slide.calibz


here are the sketchup files with different landing configs: helical slide.skphelical slide negative balusters.skphelical slide 4-inch cutouts.skp

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7 hours ago, joey_martin said:

Thank you! 


I found one in the 3D warehouse but it's no where near as good as yours. 


Big thanks!




The slide I uploaded was based on a DunRite. Lessons learned:

1. It's absolutely crucial to fully understand DunRite's terminology and specification for the Entry and Exit directions and number of degrees of rotation. I got it wrong and we had to extend the landing to meet the entry box, as seen here:



2. The DunRite slide had horrible aluminum welds - we had to send the slide out to have them ground down, then have the whole slide re-powder-coated. The slide with shipping cost $13,600. After the extra work the cost was about the price of a stainless slide with polycarbonate cover from Wiegand Sports for $19,000. The deal-breaker with Wiegand is that they require you to pay for a supervisor to fly in from Germany and pony up for expenses and accommodations.


Screen Shot 11-29-21 at 04.41 PM.JPG

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Would have to look for the specifics but there is a company in upper wisconsin that built one of these for one builder of mine who built it out of wood and copper.  It looked pretty cool from what I remember.  No idea on cost.  They went and templated/measured the site and designed and built the slide.

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