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  1. Has anyone ever created a new shutter type other than the ones in the window dbx pull downs? If so how did you create it? I need some that have raised panels similar to raised panel door. "Inquiring minds want to know."
  2. Does anyone know how I could change my railings to walls on my winder landings? 17-287 Smith.plan
  3. Can anyone help or tell me why my wall dimensions are not the same from foundation plan to the first floor plan? It's a full brick veneer so I have the dims set to the exterior of my CMU foundation which lines up w/ my framing wall above and my walls are aligned (supposedly), but as you can see there are discrepancies w/ the dimensions from one floor to the next, some match and some don't (not good). 17-204.plan
  4. Glenn - I assume you are you suggesting I draw a polyline over the walls in elevation view and fill it w/ 20-BRK hatch pattern? Is there a way to get the pattern on to the actual wall type?
  5. Has anyone ever created a wall type w/ Flemish bond bricks? If so how did you create the Flemish bond pattern?
  6. Just started it, do I need to define the rooms above?
  7. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get it to work. Here is the plan if you want to take a look. 17-056 Husson.plan
  8. Eric - When you go to the structure panel of the room spec dialog and change the ceiling height it changes all of the ceiling heights of every room on that floor.
  9. I just started designing a house that has multiple rooms that have different types of trey ceilings w/ different heights above the floor. Is there a way to control the ceiling heights in an individual rooms that won't change the heights of all the other rooms?
  10. I'm designing a house with the 2nd story tucked under a hip roof and have added some dormers with windows. The problem is on the rear of the house, I have a large shed dormer that is cut right through the main roof. I added a roof opening to the main roof but I can't seem to get it to show up properly, it keeps putting the opening on the upper shed roof. Is there any way to control this? When I first designed it I had it perfect w/ no issues but as the house had gone through various revisions somewhere I have lost the ability to control which roof plane the opening is actually on. Uggh! Davidovich.plan
  11. Yeah Alaskan_Son you must have the "Midas Touch", I'm not sure what is going on still can't get it to show. Works fine on the garage portion of first floor, the entire second floor and entire foundation plan. Auto dim layer is on and all my walls are connected. STUMPED!
  12. When I select the automatic dimension tool it will only dimension my garage portion and not the main house floor plan (only on the first floor, second floor works fine). This is house we designed previously for a different lot and when we decided to use it for another lot I had to rotate the plan, which might have something to do with it. FYI I'm using X7. Walk Residence.plan
  13. Perry - They are all separated by walls and/or room dividers and when I do that it changes all of the ceiling heights.
  14. Is there a simple way to have 2 different ceiling heights in 2 different rooms on the same floor level? I have 10' clg in my kitchen area (left of the stairs) and 9' clg in the rest of the house. Bozman.plan
  15. Well as far as I could find (or not find) X7 does not have an automatic birdsmouth cut in the roof DBX. I just had to de-select the frieze boards on all the roof planes and than just go back in and turn 'em on. Looks good now! (go figure)
  16. Perry - is there a way to make the birdmouth cuts the same w/o re-drawing the roof planes?
  17. Does anyone know how I can get my frieze boards to line up? Some portions are showing up aligned and others are not, and some don't show up at all. All my roofs have the same frieze board size chosen for eaves and gables. Any tips would be appreciated! Bozman.plan
  18. Has anyone ever crated or designed a brick water table? If so how?
  19. Dear Chiefs - Does anyone have any ideas on how to trim your foundation/basement walls below a grade line in an elevation view. (I know you can export it to a dwg and clean it up than import it back, wishfully hoping there is an easier way).
  20. Design your second floor first then design your roof after, you can lower the baseline heights as needed to get your second floor under the roof area.
  21. Michael - Awesome, I've been wrestling with that for an hour. Much obliges!
  22. Anyone know how line weights are controlled in orthographic and elevation views. My brick, siding and roof material barley show up when printed.